Boberg Arms subcompact XR-9S

Oleg Volk made this video of the Boberg Arms XR-9S pistol. The gun shoots as good as it looks!

Arne Boberg designed this “bullpup” pistol (see for technical details) to provide a long barrel in a short gun. The barrel length is the same as in Glock 26 but the pistol is 1.5″ shorter. Because of zero-degree feed angle and fully controlled feed path, it works with almost any bullet profile. In my hands, unsupported this pistol grouped 8″ at 50 yards thanks to the smooth trigger and excellent balance! Rotary breech allowed very light recoil spring weight, making the slide easy to rack.

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    I’ve keeping a lazy eye on the Boberg for a while now and I’m wondering when it will go to market. Does anyone know when it’s going to be fully available and what the MSRP is likely to be?

  • Kurt

    Their web site says “soon”, and the price is $849. If this pistol is reliable, it might be worth it – looks like a nice alternative to the little .380s and Kahrs. Very thin, light, and a little more rifling in the longer barrel. They say that at first they are only planning to build in batches of 100, though. I hope it works the way they hope and that the guy’s dream pays off!

  • Dan

    I have been waiting for this pistol for two years now. So excited that they finally look to be starting up production.

    And as a reply to SpudGun, it looks like the MSRP is going to be in the $850 range. When I last talked to Arnie last summer he said he would like to keep it under $900, which seeing as how it is a new design and their first try at a pistol seems very reasonable. I would guess production will probably start in the next few months after the last few bugs are worked out and we should hopefully see these popping up on gun broker around Christmas?

  • RJG

    From the website, the MSRP will be $849.00.

    Price seems to be in line with these sort of high-end specialty pistols.. Reminds me of the rohrbaugh bred with a keltec physically. I like it, but it appears to be a bit of a handful for rapid fire.

  • kcoz

    Spudgun, There’s another video on u-tube that said it would cost under(Which i take to mean close to) 1K. Very interesting design but sounds a little pricey for me.

  • ericire12
  • kcoz

    Looked at Bobergs website. MSRP for XR-9S $849.00. No word on when they would be readily available.

  • Bryan S

    Thats an interesting concept! I would love to see a torture test, and how to clear if a jam does occur.

  • Zach

    Spud, the Boberg website ( lists an MSRP of $849. No mention of release date.

  • Andrew

    As soon as they come out with the XR9-L, it’ll be the smallest restricted firearm in Canada. Can’t wait!

  • probe
  • Andy

    I am also keeping an eye on this one. I just poked around their site and it look like it’ll have a MSRP of $850ish so It’ll be up there. Too much for me. I’ll just wait until I can find one used.

  • jody

    been watching the development of this handgun, on and off, for 2 years. i think arne boberg is trying to start manufacturing in july.

    of course we cannot know when it will start to happen until it happens, but he said on his site that he is losing money now every day they are not building and selling, so you know it is urgent for them to get to production.

    it would suck if 2010 comes and goes and they are still not building and selling these handguns. they look interesting.

  • SpudGun

    Thanks for all the replies regarding the MSRP and possible on sale date. The look and design of this pistol really appeals to me, so I’m hoping that it will be a reliable little pistol.

  • f-stop

    I would think the best outcome for this guy would be to produce a few, prove the design and sell it to S&W or somebody (with royalties) for full production. He could make serious money without the grief of becoming a small arms manufacturer. Yes? No?

  • David H

    I recently got on Arnes pre-order list and am excited about the opportunity to own one of these beautiful little guns.Nothing excites me more than a startup company that has a totally new product that represents quality, beauty and perhaps genius all wrapped up in one package not to mention made in the U.S.A. with american hands.We need more Arne’s in this country and I will gladly patronize his passion…….Can’t wait.