American Rifle Company M3 Scope rings


The American Rifle Company is manufacturing an interesting ring design which is designed to put less stress on the scope than conventional rings.

Steve Johnson

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  • DaveR

    I don’t understand the concept. Every scope ring I have has the screws tangent to the scope (??)

  • See for a complete explanation.

    All other rings have a screw axis that is parallel and offset to a line which is tangent to the scope tube. American Rifle’s rings have a screw axis that truly tangent (no offset) to the scope tube. Thus, the top half of the ring (cap) is pulled down over the scope tube and works more like a strap rather than like a traditional ring cap having corners that are forced into the scope tube, often damaging it.

    American Rifle’s rings make sense in a world where $1000+ scopes are not uncommon. Marring or denting a Schmidt & Bender tube would be rather disappointing.