SIG 751 SAPR get polymer magazines

SIG Sauer is now making polymer magazines for the SIG 751 which are patterned after the SIG 550 magazines. The SIG 751 SAPR is essentially a scaled up 7.62mm version of the SIG 550.

© Aurelien

UPDATE: SIG has told me that the SAPR has never been in production. So it is more correct to say that the latest SAPR prototypes have polymer magazines (the older prototypes had metal mags).

[ Many thanks to Aurelien for proving the photo and information. ]

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  • Rusgunnut1

    They need to make it green, less sig 556 like and more 550 like before I’m interested. Which is a pity, ’cause I’m a real sig fan.

  • AK™

    Can I get one for Christmas? 😉

    Looks really good.

  • SpudGun

    Wow, the trend for piston driven 7.62mm rifles is really starting to build up a head of steam. I guess the M-14 and FAL faithful were right all along. 😉

    Nice looking rifle though.

  • CharlesA222

    Huh. Hadn’t even heard of the SIG 751…is it new?

  • Aurelien

    “They need to make it green, less sig 556 like and more 550 like”

    Well thats basically a 7,62×51 Sig 551, i guess you dont get more 550-ish than that. They put the 556 “classic” stock on it because, well, to be frank it’s way better that the one from the 550. You can retract it a short way.

    I’m the one who made the photo, and i can tell you, without the mag you can put it right next to the 551LB and not be able to spot the difference.

    Charles, the 751 was presented late in 2009, but at that time they had an old school Sig540 all steel mag on it.

  • Nooky

    It’s not new, it started as a Swissarms/Brugger & Thomet prototype, like, 6 years ago, but the idea is more like 15 years old.

    I could hold one in Sammlerbörse Luzern, very nice. The lower is now machined instead of stamped like on the 550.

    Same ergonomics, that will be a great rifle.

    I don’t know why they didn’t made translucid magazines like the 550. Maybe they didn’t bother for show guns…

    The model I saw looked pretty “final” to me , right now sig must be producing those rifle for special forces around the planet, before getting into civilian sale.

    I which they made a 7.5×55 version, nice gun, cheap match ammo.

    I also heard rumors about a new 9mm SG55x (kinda like the famae SAF)

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I’m guessing it’s based on the SIG SG 542 which came out in the 1970’s. the 751 entered production in 2009.

  • Is it sig usa?

  • CharlesA222

    Well, it’s cool; what’s the msrp gonna be?

  • snmp

    in 70’s SIG-Manurhin SG542 in 308 and you could found Chilian FAMAE SG542

    You Could found the price (Around 5000 FRS include 5% of VAT ) in Swiss for civilian :

    BTW : Mag of SG540 & Beretta AR70 .223 are the same, and you could modding mag of SG540 fot fit SG540 & AR70 .223

  • So are these going to be released stateside? Something we can hope/expect to pick up in the next year or two?

  • bealaskan

    Where can I find a Sig 751 and for how much? Are they even available in the US?

    • bealaskan, they are not and have never been available in the US.