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  • ME WANT ubercool plaything!

    Which caliber? Decisions… decisions…

  • A childhood dream come true, literly.

  • jellydonut

    That thing is obscenely cool.

  • SpudGun

    Ugh. Click on the ‘Mare’s Leg’ link for my previous opinion on these types of firearms.

    At least this time, there’s no video of an idiot twirling it about like he’s on ‘Gunsmoke’.

  • kljasdf

    Why does this gun exist?

    Also, why did American Rifleman publish that preposterous advertorial?

    • JJ

      It’s a great brush gun, or to slip under the bed for home protection

  • Spade

    “Why does this gun exist?”

    Because it’s cool.

  • Dave P.

    With a 12″ barrel and a rifle-spec reciever… I’d love to see what the handloaders do with this.

  • Jesse

    I’m trying to figure out how on earth that one isn’t considered a SBR? Is it because the stock is so damn short?

  • Jim

    Is there any evidence that this type of gun was used historically?

  • Matt

    I wonder if they are SASS legal. That would make for an interesting stage.

  • Trent


    The American Rifleman article claims that the big loop is to easily accommodate gloved hands.

    Sure, a lot of people will want to attempt their best Ah-nuld Terminator 2 impersonation, but certainly no range I’ve ever been to would allow that to occur.

    However, the “gloved hands” accommodation makes perfect practical sense, and if you’ve ever worn heavy leather gloves while doing outside work and needed to be armed, I’m sure you see the utility.

    • JJ

      John Wayne made the loop lever famous

  • Dingo

    That gun makes absolutely no sense to me and I can’t wait to buy one.

  • Mount

    Interesting that it’s not considered an SBR by the ATF with that pad on the end of the grip. With this price it’s definitely going on my list!

  • Greetings from Texas,
    This weapon is not a SBR because the reciver was intended by the manufactor to go on a “handgun” rather than a rifle. If you cut down a Winchester 92, like the prop masters on Wanted Dead or Alive did, you get a visit from ATF, like they did. From what I’ve read the Hollywood lawers earned their money that day. For a time they thought they were going to have to film with non-firing props. They were finally able to get permission to build a couple but they were registered and tracked like Machineguns.

  • SpudGun

    @Trent – Working in the cold with heavily gloved hands is certainly a factor, but not enough for me to justify the usefulness of this particular firearm. If you want a big looped lever action, then by all means please purchase one, hopefully one that comes with a proper stock and a decent barrel length.

    As for the ‘woah dude, it’s kewl’ brigade, it’s a free country, blow your cash in whichever direction you see fit.

  • John Callahan

    I don’t really get the point of the mini buttstock. Also, is the Terminator flip-cocking thing even safe to do? I would think you would end up with a bent lever.

    • Brady

      Its safe for the working parts off the gun but very unsafe for you if you attempt it while loaded trust me there is a hole in my basement wall

  • Bigus Macus

    James Arness, Chuck Connors, John Wayne are all smiling! So is Woody Harrelson. All it needs now is a scabbard.

  • Cymond

    Interesting. I started researching this unusual style of firearm after watching Firefly several years ago. I discovered the JB Custom rig described in a previous TFB entry and mentioned by several posters above. I just discovered that Puma makes a version as seen here:

    However, the Puma costs more than 2x as much as the Rossi, and the JB Custom version is more than 3x the price of the Rossi. This style of firearm apparently has enough demand for a third manufacturer to enter the market. I’m not sure I see the appeal of such an arm. True, the 12″ barrel should be more accurate and give better velocities than a typical handgun, but the entire package is just so large and bulky. On the other hand, some of us are only allowed to carry handguns in our backpacks, so any handgun that can come close to a rifle is welcome. I don’t think I’ll buy one, but I’d love a chance to try it.

  • Somewhere in the Verse Zoe is smiling. What a silly thing.

  • Alan

    “That gun makes absolutely no sense to me and I can’t wait to buy one.”

    Thank you, that sums it up for me pretty well.
    Also, my step dad would like this alot, as his hands are reminiscent of a bunch of bananas, and the large loops suits him pretty well.

  • Aurelien

    “@Trent – Working in the cold with heavily gloved hands is certainly a factor, but not enough for me to justify the usefulness of this particular firearm.”

    Well just a thought : you work in the mountains, with a bunch of big ass bears running around in the wild. Its cold. But being a working man and all, you cant go around with a full-sized lever action/semi auto rifle. So you get a 44Mag revolver, or this short barreled “lever action pistol”.
    Not saying i would do that (well, being French i legally cant), but thats an option. Technically, being that its using ‘revolver ammo’, it would be exactly the same category as any revolver.

    Here in France, that gun would be in the exact same category as the full sized one, and you could modify a full sized Winchester-type without being bothered by the authorities. Sometimes BATFE rules are weird.

  • Rick

    The country needs this for the same reason we need sports cars, million dollar man-children who throw balls thru hoops, and motorcycles with over 150 RWHP.

    Because we can, because we want. Because the fact that idiots are out there and misuse things is no reason to deny the rest of us who are responsible.

    Add another vote for a smaller loop for Zoe’s Mare’s Leg. I’m seeing aftermarket potential…:)

    if CA doesn’t find a way to make it illegal like they did the Judge (any excuse they can find) I see one in my safe by next summer 🙂

  • DaveP.

    The thing looks mondo cool, would match my Rossi .44 lever-action rifle, and probably would be a blast to shoot.

    Let the haters whine. Let the whining swell to a mighty chorus of sulk. I’ll be buying one next year, and looking forward to it.

  • Dingo

    Apologies if it is wrong to shift the subject, but what is the goofiest gun currently in production?

  • paul chrisney

    If this is considered a pistol, it is NOT a short barreled rifle. You tell me why you can put a stock and a scope on a pistol and it is legal, but this wouldn’t or shouldn’t be legal.

    There have been numerous cut down rifles and shotguns for many reasons, some physical.

    As for someone handling this like in the movies, there are the idiots that shoot a pistol sideways, they learn. I am sure that we will NOT see these in Calif, I would really like to have a cut down shotgun or a .410 pistol for home security, and that is a big no-no also.

  • Chris Garner

    Checked with the manufacturer and these will not be sold in California where they are illegal. Bummer.

  • Bryan S.

    I think that what Cymond said was lost, so I will say it again.

    It gets around the technicalities, by the definition of a pistol by the ATF, for those who cannot carry a rifle while hiking, and want more than what a pistol round offers.

    In many states, walking around in the forest with a rifle will get the game commission doen on you for ” hunting out of season” even if you are not. This would at elast pull you out of that leagalese.

    Any time you think something like this is silly, think back to the last lawyer you elected and the laws they helped write.

  • Uncle Mike

    Man wouldn’t it be cool to have one, I wish it came in a 410 or larger, perfect snake gun for the 4 wheeler.

  • I believe Steve McQueen carried one similar as Josh Randall as a Bounty Hunter in Wanted:Dead or Alive.
    How do I know this?? Ummm my Dad told me !! Yeah thats it! I ain’t that old!!

    I want one the heck with all you naysayers!!

  • Matt Rahuba

    There are a couple posts on here about the necessity and historical implications of this rifle.

    Whether this specific cutdown version of a Winchester was actually historically used, I am not sure. I am not a historian, just an Old West enthusiast and gun freak.

    It is not unrealistic to believe a gun like this WOULD be used however. Cut downs and personal modifications were commonplace then as firearms meant protection, but also livelihood. One of the main reason to modify a rifle to a cut-down version was for easier use in the saddle (hence the ranch hand moniker). It allowed it be come out of a scabbard easier, but still allowing 2 handed stability like a rifle (try firing a hand gun one-handed while holding the reins of a full-speed horse).

    Now, chances are, they would historically still have been chambered as a rifle since they were just cut down rifles. But, there is NO WAY the ATF would allow Rossi to sell a rifle load in a cut down due to all the reasons already stated above. I read the article in the current American Rifleman about this gun and it is sold as a handgun and is chambered for the hand gun loads.

    Hope this helps

  • Eric S

    “That gun makes absolutely no sense to me and I can’t wait to buy one.”

    Thirded. And to make it absurd++ I will attach a bayonet to it.

    And as for all those ‘how is it a pistol’ a pistol by ATF definition is ‘any combination of parts designed to be fired from one hand’ or something.

  • Enzo

    What laws would make this ‘pistol’ illegal in CA?

  • FWIW: Prior to the enactment of the National Firearms Act of 1934, Winchester did make some M1892 and M1894 with barrels shorter than 16″.

  • Mount

    But it’s got a stock. Even though it’s small and short, doesn’t putting a stock on a pistol make it an SBR?

  • Eric S


    But it’s got a stock. Even though it’s small and short, doesn’t putting a stock on a pistol make it an SBR?

    But it does not have a stock which ‘is designed to be fired from the shoulder.’ Devil in the details and all. As a side note, there is a special clause that exempts Mauser pistols with the stock/holster from the SBR restrictions (for being too awesome).

  • Hill Man

    I fell in love with this Rossi Ranch Hand the moment I saw it in the American Rifleman. I did wonder about practicality, however. I tend to only want firearms with a practical purpose that I will employ. My conclusion was that it would make a good saddle gun–just as the moniker would imply. Open carry when riding (yes, legal). Similarly, it would be nice in the MegaCab. As someone who purchased the Judge back when no one made holsters, I think I’ve learned my lesson and I will wait to see what the leather makers do with this.

  • kalidas

    Ok, here are a number of responses to questions or comments by various people,

    As “Eric S” said, this is not considered an SBR because it is not “designed to be fired from the shoulder.” The grip on it looks to be about 3 inches longer than average hand length. Try holding your hand 3″ from your shoulder and imagine shooting something like that, it doesn’t work so much.

    To “paul chrisney”: You CANNOT put a stock on any pistol other than a mauser (due to the exemtion) and not have it considered an SBR. Yes, I know that you have seen these stocks for sale but unless you also have a 16″ barrel on the pistol or a tax stamp this is a violation of the NFA laws. Granted changing a pistol into a rifle and back to a pistol has it’s own legal implications, but that’s a different conversation.

    To “Matt Rahuba”: Yes the ATF WILL allow a pistol in a rifle caliber. There is absolutely nothing illegal in that. ATF does not use caliber to define a firearm as a rifle or a pistol anywhere. This is what makes AK or AR pistols legal. Basically, if it is not designed to be fired from the shoulder it’s a pistol no matter the caliber, unless you are talking shotshell, but again that is a different conversation. The only thing that the ATF cares about when it comes to caliber is when it get’s bigger than .50 and it becomes a destructive device.

    To sum it all up: This is completely legal in the ATF’s eyes as a pistol, this is not an SBR. There is nothing illegal about it unless you live in a state that makes it illegal.

  • Enzo

    What would make this illegal in California?

  • Tom Roman

    I think it will be fun to shoot. Not a practical weapon for my use, however i see potential. Can’t wait to get one. I looked at the Puma, but too costly for recreational shooting.

  • Oodin

    @Enzo – “What would make this illegal in California?”

    Probably because They said so. Do They really need much of a reason out there?

  • Jim March


    1) Order from an out-of-state dealer to your local FFL.

    2) Pay said out-of-state dealer an extra $20 or so to have him cut a length of wooden dowel rod filling the mag tube…turning the gun into a single-shot.

    3) Import the gun under the “everything is legal if it’s a single-shot” exception.

    4) Once in your paws, pull the dowel rod. (Yes, that’s legal.)

    Upshot: this gun is unusually easy to convert to single-shot.

    This is being discussed already at

  • Here in Michigan we have areas that during deer season you can only use a pistol or shotgun for hunting, and other areas that allow you a high power rifle, pistol, and shotgun.
    Is this gun a pistol so I can hunt deer in the pistol/shotgun area or do I have to go to the high power rifle area?
    Just wondering about that.


  • I really wish that some of these short barreled rifles could be available in .45ACP instead of the Thompson machine gun which is very heavy and somewhat unwieldy.
    Many say that a .44mag would be better and that may be true but the .45ACP has the hitting power without a lot of kick, I say that because I can shoot my .45ACP auto pistol with one hand if necessary with very little kick.
    Possibly the .45 colt would be good also but is the ammo cheaper than .45ACP?

  • coon hntr

    I don’t know about all those laws and stuff, but I do know what it can be used for.

    If you’ve ever been bear or coon hunting in the mountains of western North Carolina, East Tennessee, or North Georgia you know how dense the Mountain Laurels can be. Then throw in a pack of 10 to 20 hunting dogs running a 400lb bear in 15 degree weather. When those dogs tree that bear you have a matter of time to get to the tree before the bear jumps out and “whoops” the dogs, and you dont want to be trying to fight through the underbrush with a full sized rifle so this is the perfect gun for us in the mountains. Plus the 357mag is the perfect calibur for taken out a bear.

  • Have these ordered and due in Nov. Preordered about 2 doz
    Check or
    357 Mag/38, or 44 Mag or 45 Long Colt

  • Skip Campbell

    To those sourpusses who don’t “get it”–Many thanks. That just means I get to buy one sooner to take to my farm and shoot copperheads at close range.

  • Dan

    I’m thinking that this would make a great pack or vehicle gun. I also would love to try hunting in the shotgun/handgun zone in Michigan. Another thing that has me interested is the fact that I could carry a revolver AND the ranch hand in the same caliber.
    In the back country, think of having one of the Taurus 45/.410 wheel guns on the hip and the mare’s leg close at hand on a pack. The wheel gun can be loaded with heavy hard-cast 45C loads for protection and carry some .410 for small game or wild dog deterrent. The ranch hand loaded with “hot and heavy” 45 Colt loads out of a 12inch barrel should be on par with a .44Mag 4inch revolver. That said, the ranch hand loaded with .44Mag would simply be amazing.

  • john swetish

    I was a first person to order the ranch hand at Prescott Valley Guns Inc.
    They do not seem to be available at this time. Could you give me an estemitate for availibility PLEASE??

  • Magnumman

    I’m going to have to have one of these in a .44 magnum. It’ll be a blast to shoot, and I even ordered the complete series of Wanted: Dead or Alive w/Steve McQueen for grins.

  • Don Wilson

    When I saw this gun on the cover of American Rifleman, I called my gun dealer and ordered one in 38/357mag. I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

  • pat coburn

    This is exactly the right size for my short-armed wife (no jokes allowed). Full length rifles, and calibers of .30-06 and up are just too much for her to enjoy. Her quote? “This is the next gun we can afford.” Of course, I’ll have to give it the test drive. Next on the list is the Taurus Circuit Judge. Pray for California legality.

  • Matlock

    This gun is way too cool not to own.

    Pistol, rifle, whatever, I’m the guy with the gun!


  • Rick II

    If this is considered a pistol, how does that affect we Texans for carrying in a vehicle without a CHL? Especially since it’s not exactly concealable.

  • toadold

    I think I could see one of these stored out of sight on my motorcycle. It is short enough to store in my current tail luggage. Mount a red dot forward of the ejection port and load up with a hot .357 mag and you’d have a good combo of penetration, stopping power, and control. The rate of fire wouldn’t be all that great but that first round might sting a little.

  • grumpyplumber

    Rossi has just upped the cool factor…gotta get one…we all want to be cowboys when we grow up

  • Bill

    Okay guys, I don’t know about ya’ll (pardon my Texas drawl) but I’m at a stage in life where everthing I buy ain’t got to be practical or have a particular purpose. Some things are just fun and this’ll be one of’em. How many of you really need that class 3 weapon? Fun though, ain’t it! I’ve wasted more money than this on worse things and will probably do so again. How ’bout ya’ll?

  • Critical J

    hey, here’s my big niche for this gun: I keep a .38 snub on me at all times and the way I see it, a mini-rifle of the same calibur that I can leave loaded in the Jeep at all times (since it’s technically a handgun) is a big plus in the state where I live, Alabama – not the most dangerous critters anywhere, but enough stray bobcats and more than enough wild coyotes up and down the highways. That all to say nothing of the fact that our capitol city is the biggest “south central wanna-be” anywhere and there’s just too many baby gangstas running around trying to find excitement, us normal people need a gun for every practicality that arises around here…

  • Found one of the Ranch hands at a gun show and just had to have it. It feels good in your hand and looks awesome. Thought the price was well in reason and affordable. Now i need to find a holster for it at an affordable price. Again ther weapon is awesome. I am old enough to remember the TV show with Steve McQueen in it . Wanted Dead Or Alive

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    Still waiting for mine in .357…Checkout COCHISE LEATHER (Tucson, AZ)website for a great handmade holster at a great price…$140…ordered mine yesterday…

  • Jdun1911

    On the issue of big loop. If you have a choice between big and small loop, 10 out of 10 times the big loop is the way to go. It make the firearm faster and easier to handle. Trust me I used both type and big loop is superior.

  • Jdun1911

    It is a pistol. It does not have a stock. You might consider it a stock but the ATF does not. It is almost the same reason why shotgun with overall length greater than 26 inch with pistol grip and barrel less than 16 inch is legal to buy without any tax as long as the receiver was virgin to begin with and your state allows it.

    I’m typing on an iPad and it suck at editing. So you have to forgive me for the run on sentence.

  • Bountyhunter

    Practical shamactical ! This gun was designed and built to be cool…Thats it. And they hit the nail on the head. I can’t wait to get one, and I’m all ready to build a really tricked out leather drop leg for it….

  • roger

    I got a .45C Ranch Hand 2 weeks ago. All suppliers are sold out so the Gun Broker is about the last hope if you want tone. The law suite might slow down more being imported untill later 2011.
    They are really nice for the buck. Deep blued finish. The wood is Brazilian hardwood so no grain wood. Cleaned off the excess dye. Looks better now.
    Love mine. Even bought the booxed serians of Wanted : Dead or Alive to get in the mood.
    If they start to ship again I think I’ll get one more from Buds Guns. Because i can and they are so darn neat.


  • After multiple request we have designed a scabbard for the ROSSI Ranch Hand and PUMA 92 Bounty Hunter. We shortened the BCS tactical shotgun scabbard to support the shorter weapon.



  • Here are a few pics of the scabbard that support the Rossi Ranch Hand and Puma 92 Bounty Hunter.

  • c. patch

    i love it grew up on the rifleman show,wow i will have one in 357 cal. though would be my pick less recoil,yes,can;t wait hope they make enough of them to go around ,could be the biggest thing since toilet paper !thanks rossi ,keep up the good work,

  • Ronnie Bob

    Finally got mine in .357 Mag./38 Special. Action was rough but I degreased it and worked the action dry for about 800 cycles and put some dy-slide lube on it and this slicked the action up but still not as smooth as an old 92. Shoots great with 38 specials. No recoil until you start popping some .357’s thru it and then its a pussy cat. I put a small low-profile green laser on the magazine tube end and you can crank out all the rounds you want and hit great out to 50 yards without using any sights. Using mine to protect my hog dogs when cornered. This isn’t a hollywood trick flipping gun shooting blanks, so it demands a lot of respect, handled responsibly and it can be both useful and fun without anyone getting hurt. Found a small dacron padded zippered soft case for packing it around. It goes everywhere I go. Wish there was one in .22 . Heard that Henry is coming out with one in their Henry line. Great.

    • MIKE

      What type of laser sight will clamp to bottom barrel of this gun and where did you get it at

      • GARY

        What type of laser sight will clamp to bottom barrel of this gun and where did you get it at?

  • peppers

    I can not wait. Shoot from the hip and bust glass, friends will wish they had one.

  • Paul

    It’s all about nostalgia !!

    For those who loved Steve McQueen, and his bounty hunter movies (I have all of them), and was a big fan of all Steve’s movies,as well as knowing him as a pilot at Santa Paula Airport.. this Mare’s Leg takes me
    back to earlier days.

    I LOVE this so-called pistol..and hope someone comes out with a belt
    and holster for it, as they did for the shoulder holster that Clint Eastwood
    used for his SW .44 Mag. Ahh, the good old days.

    For those who don’t understand, there is no explanation possible.

  • Bill

    There is a decent looking scabbard especially for the Ranch Hand on right now, at $105. Made somewhere in Montana. As may have said here: “Gotta get me one!’

  • I’m old enough to remember watching Steve McQueen as Josh Randle in Wanted, Dead or Alive. My dad and I set time aside each week to watch that show. I have wanted a gun like that for 50 years. Is it practical? Probably not, but I am old enough to treat myself to something I have always wanted just because it is “cool.” Sometimes, you have to look past the practical and have fun just for the Hell of it. I have ordered mine in .357 (and bought a holster for it, too).

    • Ann

      Where do you buy a holster for the Rossi Ranch Hand? Also do you know where you can buy a long stock for it?

  • Greetings. I am the proud owner of two, yes I said two. The first is in .45 Colt and has turned into a nightmare. The second is .44 Mag and is a true joy. When you purchase examine rhe gun very closely while still at your dealers counter. Some guys don’t like you to work the actions a lot on new guns but with the Ranch Hand this is vital. Either due to different production runs, quality control or something, the 45 Colt was so hard to work that the lever broke! Hence the second gun. Smooth as butter!?

    I am in communication with Braztech (Rossi) and hope their Customer and /or tech services can shed some light on this issue. When I know more I’ll comment further. As for the question, “Is it practical?””, who knows? One thing for sure, don’t try your John Wayne with it! The fulcrum on this short little beast is not, repeat NOT a ’92 Winchester and with a loaded chamber, open trigger, and safety off you just might shoot a part that you don,t want shot. Also, that big loop is tender. If dropped it will bend and could very well break! Rossi won’t sell you one!
    And if you break it by going Hollywood, they won’t fix it under the warranty. But it sure is fun!!!

  • joe

    Anyone who thinks this is an SBR hasnt held one. When you get it in your hands you realize very quickly why it is considred a pistol. For you strange left=wing gun control advocates who are into guns, pull your hand up as close to your shoulder as you can uncomfortably get it, and then multiply it by 3, and that is what it is like to try and shoulder this firearm. I got one in .44 mag, and had a friend with a wood shop cut that sill stock down and round the butt off, and put checkering on the grim and the forearm, and I now have a wonderful weapon that fits nicely inside of the vest I wear when I am riding my big mean Harley-Davidson. I have yet to set it up to try and do a “T2” gun run, but just give me time and I will post the video of me either being supremely triumphant, or you will see one of the funniest “why you dont shoot guns while riding a motorcycle” video EVER.

  • Russ

    This is just a cool gun. I am way too young to remember Wanted: Dead or Alive, but daggone, after seeing this thing on Firefly, it is definitely on the list of guns to buy.

  • Raul G

    Thank God I live in Texas. Went to Academy put $429.00 on the counter and in less than 15 minutes walked out the door with my Ranch Hand in 357 cal. and a box of shells. No worries about ATF or other BS restrictive laws

    • Paul Subbie are really missing something, because this series with Steve McQueen is one NOT to be missed. It is American nostalgia at its best.
      What a cool guy Steve was, and this series really shows his character.
      This series is still available, with all the shows on DVD. Get it, watch it,
      and see why it was so popular.

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    FINALLY got my .357 Ranch Hand yesterday…I don’t care what anybody says about the “uselessness” of this gun…it just looks and feels awesome…

  • EPWrangler

    Mine is getting a laser so shooting from the hip is more accrate.

  • Bill

    Just got the new Rossi Ranch Hand 357/38 fun gun to shoot, low recoil. had to replce rear sight with a lower version, gun shot about 8 – 9 inches high just out of the box. also leaves blow-by on spent scell (38spcl) haven’t went to town to get 357s yet. smothe crisp lever action, exelent quality in manufacture, to the eye. don’t know about the blow-by.
    Bill in Ar.

    • Stuart

      I have the same problem. What brand/model replacement rear sight did you use?

      • Bill

        I bought the pair of fiber optics for the winchester 30-30 over the counter at the local sporting goods store. Fit like they were made for it.

    • Bill in Ar

      Love this little gun, Ranch Hand in 357/38. shot my deer with it this year. I replaced the sights with a set of fiber-optics (red front green rear) could have saved that second shot if I had done that before deer season. Origional sights in the woods are to hard to see with 69yo eyes. thinking about the lazer. I also have the Henry Mares Leg. in 22lr same problem. Hard to hit crows with the factory sights on either gun. I put a point dor sight on he 22. still not great but, like I said Im 69yo so what do I expect? Like the lazer idea but where do you mount one??
      Bill in Ar.

  • Rick

    This is an inspired bit of marketing. Buying a rifle and cutting down the barrel is illegal if my understanding is correct. But buying this thing as a pistol is and adding a rifle-suited stock perfectly legal. Soon, there will be an entire aftermarket full of sotcks and stock extensions to make this thing what it should be in the first place. A sub-carbine length, compact, maneuverable rifle for dense growth or home defense. I want one so bad, it hurts. Watch for other manufacturers to follow up.

  • Rick: Adding a rifle stock to the Mare’s Leg “pistol” will have the same legal result as chopping the barrel on a full-sized rifle to under 16″. It creates a Short Barreled Rifle under the NFA.

    • Ann

      Where can I get a rifle stock for the Rossi Ranch Hand?

  • John Routh

    Just purchased mine today — what a beautful gun!!! Thank you Steve McQueen. I plan to put it in my gun case– probably will never shoot it. Just stand there and look at it.

  • John Routh

    Just bought mine today and it is absolutely beautiful. Put it in my gun case and will probably never shoot it. It is so cool. Thank you Steve McQueen.

  • I have sold 62 of the Rossi Ranch Hands on, I gave back 10 refunds for people that couldn’t wait. I have never gotten I complaint about this gun. After 1 1/2 years I finally own one myself. What are you waiting for, this gun is a blast to shoot and would be a great backpack gun for Grizzly country.
    Safety First

  • Just got it a the gun show today.Waited a while for the 357 one, seems hard to get here. Dealer was a little upset because it wasn’t even out for more than 5 minutes, but that’s my good fortune.
    I do a lot of deep woods hiking and jeepin and this is great for protection against all dangerous wildlife. (two or four legged types.)

  • Rudy

    Just ordered mine. Not a Rossi but a Henry .22. I also plan on purchasing a Rossi 357 or 45. Cochise Leather has a couple of holsters and a scabbard for them. I did find another Old West leather maker that makes a holster like the one McQeen wore.

  • Deb

    My husband is sorry he left the latest edition of American Rifle as reading material in the bathroom along with my ladies magazines. I saw the Rossi Ranch Hand and now I have been relentlessly talking about it…can’t wait to get it! This will be my third gun. Soon my collection will be as big as his, but my collection will be so much cooler!

  • larry b

    i have the rossi ranch hand in 45 long handles and shoots just fine.accuracy is what you can do with it some people good some poor,just like any other is a great little gun for the price and a hoot to shoot.i keep reading where people say they think this or think that,and the only rossi ranch hand they have ever seen is a picture.i stand by an old saying,dont knock it,if you havent tried it.what someone thinks is a long way from what something is when you have tried a nut shell if you dont like it,quit complaining and dont buy it.that leaves more for the people who love it.

  • Champion

    Normally the guns that I buy are for home defence… I live in Detroit and home invasions and violent crimes are up. I don’t go looking for trouble, but I try to be ready just in case trouble (people who would harm me and my family, just to get a nickle) finds me. But when I saw this Rossi Ranch Hand at the Gun Dealer I go to… I said, Man, this is one of the coolest looking guns ever! This gun would make a great trail gun! It’s lighter than a rifle and possibly more accurate than a hand gun. I purchase this gun in 45LC. The Gun has almost no recoil in this caliber, but is still enough to hunt or deter any black bear when on the trail.

    Now like I said early, the guns I buy are for home defence. But after handling this gun I realized it does fit my requirements for a home defence gun. Its shorter than any carbine I know of and it holds 6+1 in the chamber. It’s great for manuvering hallways and looks so intimidating from the barrels point of view, that you might not even have to pull the trigger. The bad guys would run for the hills! Those with any sense. (smile) In ending I would like to say, the action on the gun is smooth, reliable and a pleasure to shoot. I’m glad I decided to break from the norm and buy the gun.

    One more thing… I know this gun brings back memories of the old Wanted Dead or Alive western tv show, but keep in mind. This gun is not a toy, but a serious piece of hardware. Treat it as such and you will have a lot fun and good memories with it. If not some or some ones will have good memories of you.

    God Bless you and be safe.

  • John Huumphries

    I bought one in .45 LC and this is the single most fun gun I have owned in my 60 yeares of life. I watched Wanted Dead or Alive as a kid and was sick after reading in Guns and Ammo I couldn”t own one. Kudos to Rossi for making an old man happy.

  • joe

    i went to purcase my first pistol today looked at tons of different types, i saw this one it screamed “BUY ME”. i got it in 44mag, low recoil, trouble feeding steel rounds…buy brass!!! But all around cool…finally got me a zombie slayer!!!! *and yes the dealer askd me if i wanted to be steve mcqeen.

    • billy spruiell

      cocked lever slowly and 38spl round failed to feed and got stuck at a 45 degree angle , unmovable …lever is stuck in the open position …how does one get the round out without having an incident ? the round underneath appears to be facing 10 degrees starboard of the barrel direction … brass and lead semi wadcutter …

  • One warning, pray it doesn’t break.
    Got mine in November, tried it for the first time in Feb. Loading gate malfunction, firearm broken. Sent back for repair March, they received march 16th.AND THEY STILL HAVE IT!!!
    16 weeks, countless phone calls to clueless customer service people,and promise after promise for callbacks gone by.
    I think when I get it back i’m gonna sell it and all my other taurus and by a Henry.

    • roger

      What is a problem with the load gate? Get your finger stuck? I did an action job on my RH 45 using Steve Gunz DVD. They do have a lot of parts but not impossible.

      • No bad loading gate spring, bad round extractor, supposed to be fixed. Gonna use backpacking this weekend, we will see. If works out… good.. But don’t expect any kind of speed on anything sent back.

  • Jgriffin

    Bought the .38/357 model!! Probably put less than 100 rounds through it before it started jamming. Called Rossi and after giving them the SN# I was informed that the particular model I have is NOT under warranty. What a crock!! So now I’m stuck with a piece of junk!! Think twice before you spend your hard earned dollar!! Or be sure you get the right one if you must have it!! Oh, they did give me a name and phone number of someone who might be able to repair it but when I called the message stated he was to busy to answer the phone and to send an email and he would get back to me!! I figured his customer service would be as good as rossi’s!! Nonexistent!!

    • gunnut

      read my letter from 2 years ago. By the way, it still jams and doesn’t like .38 special.

  • Ted Wease

    Had a question for anyone who owns one of these. I’ve got the .357/38 spcl on order. I do plan on completely checking out the action before buying. However my question is, why such a small magazine? Is there a dowel inside the the magazine that limits the number of rounds you can load? If so, can you remove and shorten the dowel to allow loading 8-10 rounds?