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  • ZomBkiller

    This is big news, now we can finally engage terrorists in their favorite hiding place, underwater. Serious waste of time and money…

  • JoeB

    America: WE WILL BOMB YOU BACK!!
    Russia: Yeah, well, WE WILL SHOOT YOU UNDERWATER!

  • HerbG

    Just as we thought the Cold War was over, another arms race begins! I’ll bet the Pentagon has issued a contract to study how to develop our own version.

  • f-stop

    But aside from torpedos, what weapon works underwater? I can see a use for this.

  • so can any one translate?

  • bucho


    Are you saying Jar Jar Binks is a terrorist?!?!

    Meesa gonna kill yous!

  • Redchrome

    There is a Western counterpart. The HK P11.

  • Teknix

    This is an old cold war era weapon developed in the 70’s to defend soviet seaports against attack from frogmen. This isn’t something to fight the taliban with. :-p

  • Liz

    i cant wait to go fishing with that!

  • anonym

    this is a old new. this vid is from end of 1990s

    now Russia has new “ADS” dual-environment assault rifle which is much superior

    • Lemming

      Yeah ADS is a great rifle. Heard the naval infantry and the VDV are getting their hands on some of those

  • Bozo

    I remember, many, many years ago when I was a young lad, watching an episode of “Sea Hunt” (how many of you remember that one?) where Lloyd Bridges was running some tests firing a revolver underwater. My memory is that it worked OK, with a severely reduced range. I seem to recall him swimming a few strokes downrange and picking the spent bullets off the sand. He was probably using a S&W .38 Special. That’s one of the very few specific memories about that show I retain.