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  • Alan

    Sooo, its a really awkwardly placed shell holder, doubled up? With confusing marketing images that also feature a traditional shell holder. Not sold.

    • Alan, it allows the use of a regular shot holder as well, which I think is an advantage.

  • ZomBkiller

    In my opinion this is dumb dumb dumb…why not get the sleve that goes on the stock for $5? Looks to me that it would get in the way. Just my $.02.

  • me

    Interesting concept, with the 8 rounder holder, and that side saddle as pictured, means some time in the gym doing some upper body strength training. My 870P has a 6 round side saddle loaded with 4 00 and two slugs, plus 6 + 1, and it aint light.

  • Bill Lester

    I’ll betcha it raps the hell out of the knuckles on your shooting hand under recoil.

  • Nadnerbus

    I find pockets work just as well, and are much less expensive while not adding weight and size to the firearm. Seriously, six in the tube, one in the chamber, six more in the side saddle, and eight in this gizmo hanging off the shotgun is overkill. Another four in the speed feed-stock? You can have twenty five rounds on the firearm at once, but you still have to load everything past the first seven rounds by hand. The other fourteen to eighteen rounds are just dead weight until you use them.

    I keep my 870 clean, no extra shells stored on the firearm, and I love it that way. Practice rapid reloading if you are worried about keeping your shotgun fed.

  • highdiver_2000

    I am not a shooter. I thought the rounds are stored pointing down to prevent them from falling out?

    The first photo has the battery compartment on the pistol grip. Does the wiring break easily? I wonder if the battery can kept inside the pistol grip.

  • MrMaigo

    Interesting idea, but way too many awkward movements to load from it

  • Crabula

    I am particularly fond of the way that each of the shells is pointed at your face and all those exposed primers are pointing foreward. I know ignition of one of those shells is unlikely, but if it did happen while using this system, it would be pretty messy.

  • Alan

    The ‘battery’ you see on the grip in the first shot is actually an on/off switch for the light that is mounted on the front of the gun. Its there so you can squeeze it with your thumb as needed. The battery is in the flashlight. I have not heard much about cords getting broken or ripped. I think if they did easily, they wouldn’t get used as much.

  • 6677

    I personally don’t like this idea. The way i see it you either dont need to reload any quicker than you can pull shells out of your pocket. I guess for military use you could reload from a pocket but then when you run out or need to reload especially quick then take them from the holder. But then the classic style holder would suffice. Anyone noticed that in CoD4 one of the shotguns (cant remember which) has a holder on the side with shells in it even when it says you have no ammo at the bottom of the screen???