Return to blogging next Monday

I have to take a week off from blogging. I will return on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Work is killing me and I have some tight deadlines coming up fast.

Steve Johnson

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  • Python

    You are not only one killed by work, believe me 🙂

  • Zulu

    Good luck with those deadlines!

    JAH wi’yuh.

  • Y-man

    We have a saying in my country: “Kill work too!” (Before it kills you! Preferably: with a few well-placed keyboard strokes: BAM! Right between the eyes!)

  • Ghostwolf

    I purchased a Chiappa 191122 about 3 weeks ago and here is my experience…using good ammo (CCI mini-mags) no problems. With Winchester I had several mis-feeds and 2 stovepipes out of 20 rounds. EVERY case was misformed (meaning there was a bulge in the case). When I contacted Chippia I was informed by their resident tech, that this was designed into the weapon because of the “accute feed angle”. What bothers me is that no other weapons manufacturer seems to have this problem with the feed ramp. The bulge is caused by the extra milling at the bottom of the chamber which causes the spemt case to bulge. I wish them luck with their design, as I returned the gun to the dealer I purchased it from and got a SigSauer Mosquito to replace it. I know there have been some issues with the Sig, but at least I won’t have to worry about it blowing up in my hand.

  • We’ll be here, smokin’, drinkin’, and carryin’ on in a shameful manner…

  • Big Daddy

    Your’s is the best gun blog on the internet. See ya next week.

  • I am sure you’ll have a full e-mail inbox once you return !

    • I always have a full inbox. Currently 66 emails waiting in my blog email account. Any number less than 80 is considered good.

  • Out of curiosity, what is your day job?

    • Federalist, I work in IT

  • reaganrepublican

    Good luck to you. Thanks again for all that you do.

  • Best of luck finishing everything that needs to get done! Waiting for a good return!

  • Pd

    The week is gone, the clock goes by, here we are, still waiting and waiting and waiting…….

    • Pd, you won’t have to wait much longer 😉

  • Hey Steve, where you at?!

    • Connor, I am alive. New posts will be online soon.