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  • SpudGun

    I’m probably just being my usual stupid paranoid self but there’s something about these photos that seem a bit ‘off’. I don’t know if it’s the helmets, the gear or something else, but it just doesn’t look right.

    I’m hoping someone who knows their military stuff will come on here and prove me wrong and that these photos are indeed legit.

  • Tylermar

    It’s hoofing

  • Hobbnob

    spudgun, it might be the mtp camouflage, I didn’t realise they were british first time i saw it.

  • viper5552

    well, those appear to be British soldiers in mulitcam as opposed to their regular camouflage. but yea, the new L129 looks nice, its the right weapon for the environment.

  • SpudGun

    @Hobbnob and viper5552, I think you’re right and now that I’ve done a bit of research, the Commandos in the pics are wearing a new helmet design as well, which I think threw me off the scent somewhat.

    Anyone know what the beefy scope is on the rifle?

  • Innovation is dead.

  • thomas

    These things were fielded fast. Didnt they just announce that LMT won the contract?

  • Lance R. Peak

    Actually Viper, it’s not multicam, it’s the new British MTP camouflage which makes it their regular camouflage now.

  • MOose777

    i agree the helmets and the camo are different there not the usual round helmets or the beige camo its mtp and what looks like PAGST helmets maybe there special forces well anyways its nice to see the AR-10 make a comeback

  • Lance

    Nice looking sniper rifle. But the collasping stock Id perfer a fixed one.

  • Big Daddy

    I want one….

    In testing it beat out the HK 417.

  • Crabula


    These pictures, and the rifles in them are, indeed, very much hoofing!

    Any ways, after reading the post from last week about the feasability of a new nato rifle cartridge, I’m sure these will be pretty popular.

  • Hello guys – yes change is always a bit of a shock at first – but this is how Brits will look in Afghanistan soon with the new MTP camo and the new enhanced Mk. 7 helmet.

    I hate to be frivolous, but it’s kinda nice to see that (finally) we Brits are catching you Yanks up in the ‘coolness’ stakes as far as uniforms are concerned. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    …In fact I know a few of my American friends who are actually a bit envious of the MTP. LOL

    The enhanced Mk. 7 helmet replaces it’s predecessor (Mk. 6) which was much maligned because of stability problems (note the new strap system). Like the newer American MICH variants the new British helmet also takes into consideration better accommodation for headphones.

    It will be a while before MTP is universal, and expect to see a transitional period where MTP and the older desert DPM are intermixed (expect MTP BDUs with dezzie DPM Osprey body armour).

  • Hobbnob
  • Redchrome

    it looks like a 6x ACOG to me.

    Never used one, but I’m told they’re nice.

  • shockfish08

    They are wearing multicam uniforms and helmet covers thats whats not right with the picture! I don’t know of very many armed forces that have ordered it outside of ours (course I’m basing this from what I know). My guess is that these may be some publicity shots.

  • Hobbnob

    it’s got some sort of eotech or something on the top of the acog as well, bit of a strange configuration for a marksmans rifle isn’t it?

  • SpudGun

    Redchrome – I think you’re spot on. I must remember to get one when I buy my new H&K 417…just after I’ve won the lottery of course.

  • 6677

    @hobbnob, Redesigned osprey has just been deployed with the paras last week. Osprey assault they call it. Same protection but more comfortable and fixes the issue with the straps wearing through and the armour generally falling apart. Quite a few news reports showed them being held together with cable ties and gaffa tape as in the field repairs

  • @shockfish08

    Hi Shockfish – if you read up a post or two you’ll see it’s not Multicam (er, kind of!) it’ the new British MTP.

    The pictures will, of course, be posed photo-ops ‘in country’ – probably for something like the MoD News. However, this *is* the new format for British troops in ‘Stan’. We are already seeing MTP being issued and this photo-op is likely one of the ones done to announce the new kit…

    As far as I know MTP will not be a ‘universal camo’ – I am led to belive that the British Army will still be using Green DPM for Northern Europe and jungle zones and ‘Dezzie’ DPM for arid zones.

    But if it keeps getting the positive feedback it is getting they may just decide to go the whole nine yards and issue it universally (that would save a LOT of money).

  • Clodboy

    Hobbnobb: “itโ€™s got some sort of eotech or something on the top of the acog as well, bit of a strange configuration for a marksmans rifle isnโ€™t it?”

    That’s a “Docter” Red Dot – significantly smaller than an Eotech – which Trijicon offers bundled with the ACOG.
    The idea behind it is that the shooter can use the ACOG at longer ranges, and quickly switch to the red dot in a close-quarters situation. Because of its small size and light weight, the red dot isn’t much of an encumbrance, not to mention being quicker to use than flip-up iron sights.

  • Hobbnob

    fair enough

  • Big Daddy

    That’s another part of the package that makes it so sensible and effective, the optics. It’s well thought out for a specific purpose and not designed to do too many things. I think it’s also semi-auto. It’s not supposed to be a lot of things just a marksmen rifle with a CQB ability. And for that the gas impingement works fine for a semi-auto, the barrel length is fine and the optics are fine, one fine weapon. Simple and effective, of course nobody in the DOD would ever think of issuing something like that to the troops of the USA. Of course it had to have much more uses like having a special opener for MREs designed by DARPA, add on laser targeting for ICBMs, translator from English to Arabic and costs 3 times as much yet did not work as well, that’s the DOD way.