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  • Wow! That’s a very cool use of lego.

  • Vin

    I have SO got to get me one of those 😀

  • Ewan

    Now that Is cool! I wish I had the parts to make something like this when I was a kid. The best I ever made was a pump action shotgun.

  • SpudGun

    This really brings a smile to my face. Well done on making such a practical and entertaining toy out of Lego. Kudos.

    It’s also made me very nostalgic for when I was a kid. We all had one friend who’s parents wouldn’t allow them to have toy guns, so the solution was to breakout the Legos and build our own.

    Ha! Take that hippy peace loving parents who want to raise their kids in an environment of nuturing, mutual respect and understanding without societally imposed gender specific roles involving the play acting of violence, aggression and bloodshed. You just been pwned by the Legos.

  • Matthew S.

    Very cool! I want a go.

  • Don




  • 1371/E-5

    Dont let the dumb-o-crates see that, they will out law legos

  • Harald Hansen

    Seems to even be “cock on close”, like the original, IIRC.

  • curtis

    wow that’s clever. I honestly would not have thought that possible.

  • Travis

    Coolest Lego build EVER. Very impressive!

  • Komrad

    Very cool. I wonder how long this took to make.

  • Cameron

    Why has he not got a milling machine!? That is talent right there.

  • El Duderino

    Battery operated full-auto anyone?

  • viper5552

    my goodness! what creativity! we know who shall be going to engineering school.

  • glenn chin

    cool. this thing is probably illegal in canada. watch out for the rcmp!

  • Aces n 8s

    wow i thought it was just a mock up which would have been awesome enough but a working lego rifle….bad ass

  • Justin Grigg

    I made a lego pistol when I was about 10. I used the cutaway diagram of a 1911 I found in an encyclopedia for operation ideas. It had a workable slide, working trigger and hammer, and of course a removable magazine. Just legos and a few rubber bands. Too bad I didnt keep it intact.

  • 6677

    I made a semi auto lego pistol firing rubber bands once. Looked rubbish but worked well

  • Airrider

    That reminds me, I’ve done stuff with K’Nex kinda like that.

    Although I dismantled it, once I modified a design for a pistol I got off Instructables so it had a magazine. It looked like an oversized Mauser C96. I could get 13 rounds off it in a single crazed barrage by fanning the

    Seeing this guy using a rubber band action to fire this Enfield inspires me. I should go back and build a new, sleeker weapon based on the data this design gives me…but I don’t want to dismantle my huge Foxbat model to do so…*sigh* Oh well.

  • Unfortunately I don’t expect the see this Lego kit being on the shelves any time soon. Very cool, though! Does the guy offer plans for build your own?

  • Entropy

    Hey, I know the guy who did this. Small world, huh?

  • Mike G

    Please, Please put a set of plans together for this . I want one so bad!!!!!
    Mike G