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  • Lance

    Just in time for the M-27 right??

  • Martin

    Good heavens! It’s bigger than an actual 200 round SAW box! No thank you.

  • Bryan S

    Here is my question, what are the effects on the rifle from the extra weight? Now what I would love to see is a good, simple, and affordable belt fed 5.56 upper.

  • JoeB

    I agree with you Bryan. A belt fed 5.56 upper would be a plus over these massive box mags

  • Burst

    An absolute must-have item, for when you-
    When you-
    Wait a moment, it’ll come to me…

  • SteveS

    A $grand each!

  • B Woodman

    Big, bulky, heavy. How does it affect performance?

  • Vitor

    Well, it surely reduces the muzzle kick. =D

  • Ooh, look, a built-in sandbag rest!

  • CMathews

    for a grand it had better come with a better magazine catch for my lower as well. I could 150 rds breaking that rather quickly due to the weight.

  • mike

    a magazine fed 5.56 on an AR doesn’t have the stroke to be “reliable”.
    not to mention, you don’t need a squad automatic all the time, a MOLLE attached SAW is all that is really needed.

    take a look at some youtube vids, it has a steel tower and no it isn’t going to a compromise a hardened steel mag catch, it doesn’t hurt the aluminum or polymer lower either, you’re way overhthinking things, one primary lower was used for years of testing.

    This is the ultimage plug and play squad suppression device, it is big but it is very robust and doesn’t require lubricating.

    The MSRP is 389$

  • mike

    a magazine fed converted to belt feed on an AR doesn’t have the stroke to be reliable