1911 with “Tactical Impact Spike”

This is for all you pistol bayonet fans (Ed, I am looking at you!). The 1911 Black Window from Reeder Custom Guns features a big skull-crushing spike.

This pitch black beauty comes chambered in the ever popular 45 ACP, features a full custom Caspian slide with Novak Tritium front sight and low profile Bomar rear. The frame is a custom STI frame with a Tactical Impact Spike milled into it. After the popularity of Kase’s Vampyre Slayer he figured he needed something for all the rest of the less than desirable creatures of the night, thus the Tactical Impact Spike. Run out of ammo? No big deal, just drive the Tactical Impact Spike right between the slimeballs beady little eyes and you have instant creature sushi.

The price is $2395 and there is a 5 month lead time.

[ Many thanks to Mehul for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Black Widow or Black WiNdow? Some Bill Gates fan here?:-))

  • Mike Kelly

    Because just hitting a guy with a 1911 doesn’t do enough damage?

  • Such a spike is actually great for destroying car windows.

  • SpudGun

    I assume it’s called ‘The Widow’ for when the ‘Tactical Impact Spike’ gets snagged on your holster and the bad guy shoots you.

  • Hobbnob

    Anyone else think this looks like a 1911 version of the m9 off of equillibrium?

  • Redchrome

    Too bad ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’ are off the air. Seems like just the thing for those shows.

  • Clodboy

    I was going to mention “Equilibrium”, but someone beat me to it. Now if only somebody made a grammaton-style flash hider to go with this thing. 😉

  • Jesse

    Hobbnobon that’s exactly what I thought it was until I inspected it further.

  • DavidR

    Reeder Custom is making the NAA mini-revolver bayonets look less-crazy.

    I didn’t think that was possible.

  • DRod

    I had read about this one a while back. Its screams Mall Ninja, but some points are good. The “spike” could serve well for use as a standoff. Preventing a contact shot from pushing the slide out of battery.

    I’d consider one if it wasn’t spider webbed and polished.

  • subase

    It’s called the ‘Black Widow’ because by buying the gun you would have reserved yourself to never touching another woman ever again.

    That’s the main complaint I have with the ‘1911’, nothing against the cool name, fancy engravings, that it’s a double stack polymer 1911. My complaint is that the ‘impact spike’ was only made that way to look cool not actually be useful in any way.

    They could have made it look like like something from Judge Dredd and actually made it into a useful impact device but they instead chose for it to look cool. super lame.

  • John Waters

    This thing is hideous.

    I think that Nighthawk got it right with the T3’s magwell.

  • Sian

    I’m a fan of the strike plate for combat pistols. This is just strike plate+massive style. 😀

  • bullzebub

    Hobbnob -> my first thought too ! i like the cleric sidearm more though…

  • Vak

    Looks like the kind of guns that could be sold at hot topic.

  • Old Windways

    Hobbnob, +1 on the side arm from Equilibrium, that is exactly what popped into my head the moment I saw it.

  • WJS

    I thought of Equilibrium too when I first saw this! Clodboy is right – we need a Grammaton-pattern “flash hider” (though it seems more like amplifying the muzzle flash) to go along with this bad boy!

  • Clayton

    I actually know the reeders and they make really beautiful guns. Their shop in Flagstaff is also really fun due to the herd (really) of jack russel terriers that infest the place. Kase is kinda an odd duck but makes really good guns, these are kinda just a what the hell do i make today gun, their whole line is fantastic and Gary (Kase’s Father) does really intricate engraving. Kase also makes a line of shotguns and a line of less obnixous 1911s and has even made some custom Hi Powers, you should check out their other work

  • Steve,

    It is always a pleasure to write to you about something different – I don’t know of anyone who is as passionate about chronicling the different firearm designs that are available as you are.

    I am in agreement with Clayton on the Reeder guns. I do not own one but I know people who do, and their reputation is golden. Those who have any criticisms should check out the Reeders’ work. It would be nice if someone would do this and then write in here with their assessment.

    Good shooting, everyone!