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  • Anton

    Aw man, Hulu don’t work overseas… 🙁

  • Jesse

    I watched it and it wasn’t bad. Aside from a few people sounding very cocky they were a lot more level headed and a lot less cock then you generally hear on most other reality shows.

    I thought the process where the red team were trying to decide on who to vote for was cool because Mike straight up said, “It was my fault vote for me.”

  • John

    I enjoyed it.. I missed the airing but caught it on history channel’s site last night. I think the voting process is great!

  • I know these people are all much, much, much better shots than I am, so it was really reassuring to see how far some of their hits were from dead-center, even during the close-range voting shoot. A lot of times when I’m on the range, I’m mentally comparing myself to this fictional expert shooter who always shoots 1″ patterns, dead-center, at any range, and I just kick myself. It’s nice to know that even shooters this good aren’t perfect (Mike’s trouble with the 100 yard target). That being said, it’s also really entertaining to watch their skill show through (Kelly’s expertise allowing him to nail the 400 and 600 yard targets by compensating for windage in the elimination shoot).

  • TheAmdMAN

    I think Brad will be on his way out…. That crap about “I’d rather vote me off than vote for you…” He won’t last long, I think he’s full of it.

  • Will W

    Just watched the first episode on Hulu. This possibly the saddest bit of TV trash ever. I literally felt like I lost IQ points by the credits. How the hell can you have a “topshot” competition when they aren’t firing their own guns. Come on. I know if someone just handed me a TOTALLY foreign weapon and gave me a couple of practice shots there is no way I would preform to the best of my abilities. Good shooters are people who know their weapon, ammo, and target.

    This show isn’t about marksmanship its some bastardized MTV cop out made for people who don’t know squat about weapons.

  • Nathaniel

    “Springfield, the longest-serving of the four…”

    Lolwut? Mosin-Nagant, anyone?

    I think that having them vote really impacts their credibility, because the person that gets eliminated is not necessarily the one who has done the worst. Elimination is kind of silly, because it denies competitors further challenges.

  • Daniel

    I agree, that some of the things in this show aren’t really geared towards finding the best shooter, or even that accurately scripted to be about the firearms field, but the reason I thought it was pretty cool was because we very seldom see things going into mainstream media that has a positive depiction of shooting sports and firearms, and I feel that this show has the potential to pique the public interest more. In the long run, the larger the population that understands and has a positive view of shooting, the larger the population that won’t be anti gun, and will make a more positive environment for shooters.

  • Daniel

    but yea, this show is geared a lot towards the team aspect, and the drama. (It IS a reality show after all… I guess we have to take the good with the bad. :P)

  • Connor

    This is too much like a survivor show. And according to it, the Nagant only served in the Korean War. A true marksman has a weapon, ammo, target, etc of his/her choice. A better line up for the first 4 rifles could be: Lee Enfield .303, M1 Garand, SKS, and M-14.

  • Erik

    WTF? Mosin Nagant far outserved/outserves the 1903, M14, SVT-40, or in fact, any rifle they could put up on the show… I mean it’s still a frontline weapon!

  • Aleksandr Mravinsky

    Seems a bit more drama-ish than historic. Wish they did more history on the rifles used. Ah, well. I already know that I want Caleb to win. Most of the others (especially the red team) seemed over-confident and egotistic.

  • Don

    I kind of which they spent far less time talking and voting, etc. and more time shooting. It was like 90/10 in favor of the reality tv show crap. Leave it to a tv producer to get together a bunch of amazing gun people and then film more bickering and personality conflicts than shooting.


  • bryce

    They should have gotten a hotter chick

  • @Bryce: That’s sexist bullshit, and it’s inappropriate, uncalled-for, and bad for gun-culture in general. Cut it out.


  • Cymond

    I agree in general with the above comments: too much reality tv, not enough shooting.

    From the very start, they introduced the shooters and immediately showed them to the luxury home where they will all be living together with cameras, ala Big Brother. It’s obvious the show will focus more on personal interactions than on shooting. I also found it sad that Kelly was in the elimination challenge just because he’s the youngest shooter, even though no one had really seen him shoot yet. He probably would have nailed the 100 yard shot with the 1903. The elimination voting is based on politics and personality as much as shooting skill. Further, the eliminations bias the selection process. A shooter may be strong in every discipline but 1, and if that discipline is an early challenge, then the shooter will be eliminated before he/she has a chance to reach his strong areas. Who knows, maybe Mike was the best shooter in every category except long range rifles. We’ll never know because he was eliminated after the first day.

    I was also disappointed in the sketchy history, such as stating that the Mosin-Nagant served in the Korean war, despite the text stating it was introduced in 1891. What, are we supposed to believe they sat unused in warehouses for 60 years? Ok, they never said that it *only* served in the Korean war, but that’s how it sounded. Oh, and the 1903 Springfield was NOT the longest serving rifle; it was the longest serving American rifle among the rifles in that batch. I was glad to see the SVT 40 get some air time, though.

  • Boydric

    I was highly dissapointed with this show. I though everyone would have been there till the end. As stated by others to see the reality show part was a big let down. THey should have kept everyone around to see their skills with all of the weapons.

  • Zulu

    I caught this on TV the other night. I was expecting to get annoyed with inaccuracies and change the channel within ten or fifteen minutes. I was surprised to see myself sticking around for the whole thing. Yes, it has the same bitter flavor as any other gun-centric History channel program, less than top notch research behind their “facts”, and it focuses far too much on the reality TV aspect of the show for my taste, but the challenges were interesting. I might end up watching the next episode.

  • Don

    Damn I can’t stand that Brad guy after today’s show. His personality is perfect for reality television.