Leatherman MUT

The MUT is the first shooter orientated tool from leatherman. Nifty.

The Leatherman MUT is the first multi-tool that functions as both a tactical and practical tool for military, LE, or civilian shooters. The MUT features multiple areas on the tool threaded for cleaning rods and brushes and all the screwdriver bits are sized for standard military and civilian sighting adjustment work. Also built into the design of the tool is the flexibility to replace the most commonly used parts on the spot, using a simple Torx #8, keeping down-time to a minimum. With all this, a MOLLE sheath and scope adjustment wrench included, the Leatherman MUT may very well be the most efficient and useful piece in your kit.

[ Many thanks to Mike for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • t wick

    i heard that leatherman was antigun at least hand gun any insight?

  • D

    looks like an interesting tool to have. Pretty interested now

  • MrSatyre

    I actually perfer Gerber multitools as they have (IMO) more ergonomic handles (especially when using the pliers). But this one looks pretty cool!

  • James G

    ugh have to wait until september… MSRP looks to be about $150

  • MrMaigo

    I like the cleaning rod function, but it needs to come with rods and storage for brushes

  • xamoel

    well i preordered mine already!
    looking quite forward to this awesome piece of craftmanship!

  • Hey there…@t wick. Definitely not anti-handgun. We sponsor quite a few shooting events (3-gun) and definitely military and law enforcement. I love to go shooting myself on the weekends and plenty of other folks here do too 🙂 Hope that helps. I think you’ll like the MUT. It has been sooooo cool designing this and promoting it with the two guys from the Army Marksmanship Unit that helped us develop it. We have all learned so much. If you get the tool love to hear your feedback.

    Thanks for reviewing this here. Have a great week!
    Juli from Leatherman

  • Nice. My supe gave me the heads up on this tool. One is definitely in my future. Right now we all use the Wave, constantly. I’ve sent mine back for blade/tool replacement and never any problems. I had a Gerber first but that thing always pinched the shit out of my hands when I used the pliers. I still have it and it makes a great paperweight.

  • Dan Cave

    A good leathman seems to be universally useful, I always take my skeletool on AV rigging jobs and when im out fishing.

    I only shoot a basic bolt action and the club looks after my gun for me (noob here), but if I had my own rifle I might be tempted with one of these though.

  • Chris

    Does it have an AR ironsight tool for both A1 and A2 type front sights? Delrin pin punch? Looks like a lot of tool for the money already, but that would cinch it!

  • Jim

    I love my Leatherman Skeletool, which is very similar in form, although more limited in function. Sadly, the bottle opener is my most-used tool.

  • gaosmer

    There are at least 3 versions of the MUT.

    Leatherman 850022 MUT Military Utility Tool with Molle Sheath

    OTHER NUMBERS ARE 850012 and 850032