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  • Anton

    The problem with these things is that when you say that it’s stupid because he just wasted skills on making a 1:1 replica out of wood, it will make you look like an incompetent a-hole because everyone will say that you are jealous of this guys skills.

    Mad props for the work, but really, doesn’t he have anything better to do?

    See? Now it made me look like an a-hole.

  • Jeff

    Nice work!

    BTW, that mag had better be pinned to 5 rds, or the Mounties are going to come visiting. 😉

  • c. trapp

    Those who like this kind of stuff may be interested in this thread of a german forum:

    It’s one user presenting his home made replicas of guns that would be hard to come by legally where he lives. Somewhere in there is a (working) FWB 300 airrifle dressed up as MG42.

  • Freiheit

    Very cool. This is a great piece, I’m sure he could make some cash on the side selling just the hand carved .223 ammo.

  • Steven

    That is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  • frank

    He dose it for the love of the work.

    “Dose he have anything better to do”
    Like what, posting comments on others work.

    BTW this is fantastic

  • Komrad

    My grandpa carved guns like this for me. They weren’t as detailed and were based in WWII weapons. They were smaller so that little me could use them. Really cool what this guy did. It takes a lot of skill to do something like that.

  • B Woodman

    My amazement is the sling. Is that carved from one piece of wood to hinge together (like the chain, or ball-and-cage one-piece wood carvings)?
    Or is that pinned together with metal? Either way, impressive!

  • Lance

    Nice wall hanger. Be nice over the fire place.

  • C3P0

    The case is pretty sweet too. and that would work for “real” stuff too . . .

  • Clodboy

    Holy feces, that is awesome.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some writer for CSI uses this as an inspiration for an episode where an assassin smuggles a wooden gun past the metal detectors.

    “That punk pulled a C7W0-OD on me. You know what that is? It’s a wooden gun made in Canada. Doesn’t show up on your airport X-ray machines, here, and it costs more than Dennis Franz makes in a month.”

    (and yes, I am well aware that this replica gun does have some metal parts, and that constructing a working gun without metal is nigh-impossible)

  • Tommyboy

    That looks great. Good craftsmanship enjoyed looking at it.

  • Since he’s a Canuck, he shoulda carved out of Maple.

  • Chris


    Mad props for the criticism, but really, don’t you have anything better to do than comment on blog posts?

  • Garry

    Quote “Since he’s a Canuck, he shoulda carved out of Maple.”

    Or asbestos, Canada likes selling it to third world coutries.

    Good skills though, to carve that out.

  • gunfighter2012

    Dont’t tell people it’s made of wood. Call it tactical urban camo or better yet call it a “classified” camo pattern and you’ll have some AR loving (read that as totally f-ing maniacally obsessed) scrot shell out 30 grand for it. He’ll never know the difference.

    • DTF

      I make Wooden gun replica’s, not as complex as this one but just as detailed. I really dig this gun.