Lancer L15 lower receiver

This new AR-15 lower receiver from Lancer Systems has interchangeable magazine wells. The operator can switch between standard, competition and tactical mag wells.

It is nifty, but I can’t see many hardcore competition shooters not having another AR-15 specifically for home defense or tactical purposes.

Steve Johnson

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  • Canthros

    Especially when you can buy an entire separate lower for the price difference between this and, say, a Stag.

    It is priced competitively with something like the POF billet lowers, though.

  • Tony

    “It is nifty, but I can’t see many hardcore competition shooters not having another AR-15 specifically for home defense or tactical purposes.”

    I would imagine that is because you do not live in a country where every single firearm you buy requires a separate permit, or where the total number of firearms one person is allowed to own is restricted.

    • Tony, good point. That certainty applies to many countries.

  • JustinR

    If it doesn’t have a chainsaw attachment point on the front of the mag well, I don’t think it deserves to be called a Lancer. 😉

  • Bryan S

    What I would like is to see a modular lower that would allow me to use AR15 or AR10 uppers, where the magwell can be replaced with a shorter one for 5.56, and then swapped out to go 7.62 NATO

  • mark

    If you can use a DIAS in the lower, it makes a lot of sense to have separate magwells, though IIRC, the ATF does not look kindly on that sort of thing (XM-8 LOL)

  • Zach

    At least in the US, this is totally pointless. And even elsewhere, if the larger sized magwells make sense, why would you ever want to switch to a smaller magwell? It’s not as if the lower receiver fits into a holster or won’t squeeze into a case.

    Lancer makes good mags, but this lower is pointless.

  • Big Daddy

    This is just a case of trying to figure out even more useless add ons to the AR platform.

  • jdun1911

    Flare up magwell in pistols and rifles are common in competition and occasionally in combat guns. Large magwell size make it easy to reload faster under stress with less chance of fumble. In competitive field every micro seconds counts.

    Flare up magwell is probably the next logical step for the AR15 platform, IMO.

  • MrMaigo

    I’d have expected right/left handed competition magwells. Flared on only one side might work better if you have no need for changing sides or loading with your strong hand

  • thebronze

    Solution looking for a problem…

  • Smertner

    This is a good idea if they plan on making a magwell for 9mm or maybe something which takes AK mags.

  • Andy

    I… I don’t get it…

  • Marcin

    is there a charging handle there, reciprocating? if it is so; what kind of upper/rifle is that?