Venezuela to manufacture 7.62x39mm ammunition

They need to feed the 100,000 AK-103 rifles they bought from Russia.

“The ammunition plant will be capable of producing over 50 million rounds annually,” said Nikolai Maslyaev, general director of the Izhevsk-based design bureau for automated assembly lines.

The ammunition plant, which is being constructed near the Kalashnikov rifle assembly plant in Venezuela’s Aragua State, is expected to be ready for production by the end of 2010.

[Hat Tip: Murdoc Online]

Steve Johnson

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  • The old 7,62 mm x 39 M1943, NOT a new 5,45 mm x 39 M1974, Steve 😉

    • REMOV, I don’t know my AKs well enough 😉 I fixed it!

  • SpudGun

    If it’s non-corrosive, accurate and decently priced, I can envisage a lot of the ammo coming to the US. Despite all the posturing, there is still an incredibly strong trading relationship between America and Venezuela.

    50 million rounds a year sounds a lot, but that’s only 500 rounds each for 100,000 AKs. (And yes, I used a calculator to figure that out).

  • Vitor

    If the venezuelan government promises X, expect half of X at best.

  • I wonder what made them to decide to go the 7.62×39 and not 5.56×45 or 5.45×39?

    • Ermac, I also wondered about that. Probably the best procurement decisions they ever made, but probably made for all the wrong reasons.

  • Big Daddy

    I can also see a lot of quality ammo in the hands of terrorists considering Chavez.

  • WSU_HK

    I agree with SpudGun on this. It sounds like Chavez and company will still need to import a large portion of the ammunition needs for the military as that will not meet their training needs. Unless they plan on rationing their ammo for the soldiers which is always a great idea…that was sarcasm.

  • jdun1911

    I’ll be surprise if Venezuela can manufacture one million rounds annually.

  • Lance

    Yeah they will also give ammo to FARC and mexican and Colombian Cartells since imported ammo would be too expensive to do that.

    Chevas promised to be tradtional in Venizealian ammo and will use refried beans for powder though. 🙂

    • “bean powder”


  • CaliforniaJeff

    @WSU_HK, ammo rationing doesn’t have to have a negative effect on marksmanship training. A friend of mine was in ROC Army (Taiwan) scored really well at a CMP match despite having only fired 40 rounds in his life (previously).

    The US Army has a really good manual with some very effective dry-fire exercises.

    Let’s hope they never actually use all of that ammo in any case.

  • charles222

    Congrats on adopting a round the rest of the Community Bloc decided was obsolete 40 years ago, Mr. Chavez!