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  • SpudGun

    Forget the guy in the suit, the instructor is wearing his cap all gangsta stylee –

    ‘Yo Dogski, dis rifle is de bomb, Counter Strike AWP FTW!’

    ‘Boomski headshot!’

  • Mike

    Interesting that he seems to be shooting what looks like a rifle from Accuracy International… or have the Russians now come up with an Accuracy International-ski?

  • Burst

    Well if it IS a real AI- it’s only fitting that he be dressed up for the occasion!

  • He and Putin are both old paramilitary KGB guys, he probably has used a sniper rifle in the past…in a suit…

  • Erik

    A little silly? Yes, but our President is too much of a pansy to do anything remotely similar. Tragic.

  • ericire12

    Bond… James Bond.

  • Clodboy

    Russian counter-terrorist units apparently employ the AWSM (i.e. the .338 Lapua version) in limited numbers.

    I guess the SV-98 (Russia’s relatively new bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in 7.62×54) fills a similar role to the .308 AWP, but for ultra-long-range applications it obviously couldn’t hold a candle to the .338 Lapua.

  • bullzebub
  • Lance

    Is that that that updated Mosin that fires 7.62×54 and uses the modern ACI stock? Only Spetz Naz use that the regular army usese SVDs.

  • JonMac

    Looks nothing like an SV-98 – as already pointed out, it’s a British .338 AI.

  • Cory

    Golgo 13? Anyone?

  • caz

    It’s a Accuracy International AW .308 on the picture, no AWSM .338 – look at the shorter magazine, no flutes on the barrel and Short action mechanism and standard AW muzzle brake.

  • Woody

    Accuracy International. I recall a article from a major media source citing that elite units in the Russian army have purchased several thousand western firearms, such as Glocks and Accuracy International sniper rifles, because the Russian arms industry is not known for producing “precision, specialized weaponry”. Interesting story nevertheless

  • Rusgunnut1

    I agree with Woody; I saw a video of Georgian SF: AKS74Ms and then sidearm of Glock. Then in a video of Ukranian SF they’re using blasers. As all SF, I think they use what they think is best.