Shooting Range video made the YouTube homepage

The video I uploaded of the futuristic German shooting range made it onto the YouTube homepage for a brief period of time! So far is has been watched 137,000+ times!

This is why I blog. Tens of thousands of people whose only exposure to shooting “ranges” was watching on TV fictional gangsters breaking glass bottle with Glocks. They have now seen what I sport really looks like. It is not scary, it is not unsafe and it is enjoyed by normal men and woman.

If you have not watched the video yet, I highly recommend it.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • George (Czech Republic)


  • Please quit posting that. I can’t stop watching it and every time I do, I cry a little.

  • H.L.

    Wow! And I thought the Scottsdale Gun Club was nice… this place takes shooting ranges to a whole new level.

  • JNR

    This is by far the greatest thing EVER !

    I can see myself learning basic German and becoming a member of this upscale non redneck gun club.

  • ericire12

    Its been making the rounds (no pun intended) on other gun sites as well…… it was posted two seperate times on DRTV

  • dmurray

    Did they leave out the chapel and the condos? If so, why leave?

  • SoulTown

    Germans. Shooting. 1911.


  • Eric

    Wow! Impressive. I couldn’t make out if the clays were real are computer generated… The computer analysis of the hit looked do-able.

    There is a video somewhere on the web, where some people created a setup where they could use a real run with a video game. They mounted sensors on drywall and wrote a program to triangulate where shots hit and connected it to a projector and used the setup to operate the video game. I believe the gun was a Ruger .22.

    The music near the end, is such a rip off of Pink Floyd’s “Time” from the Dark Side.

  • JC

    Me too. A 300-m indoor range? :0

    I died a little inside when I saw that. 😉

  • xamoel

    wow, what a great range! gotta go visit it one day, never noticed it til now! and it’s only 1 hour from my home!
    HEHE 😛

  • Bill

    I want to go to there…

  • Hoogz

    Too fancy, it probably costs a ton to get in, and it’s full of fudds.

  • Cameron

    Wow… That looks expensive. All of it.

  • That is amazing.

  • El Duderino


    So when is the U.S. of A. going to get this Disneyland meets Waldorf-Astoria meets Cabela’s?

    Extremely nice guns in this video. It’s nice to see, YouTube is full of videos of punks out shooting PBR cans with Hi-Point carbines. I LOVE the HK 770 at about 1:30 in the video — I know they haven’t been imported here since the 1980s, maybe still in production in Germany? If I suddenly find $2000 in my couch cushions I’ll track one down.

  • yamalink

    May. Have. Pushed me over the edge to buy that o/u I’ve had my eye on. Must. Resist.

  • gunner”

    sehr gute, danke.

  • Jason

    Am I the only one having trouble watching it? It’s just a black screen on my iPhone.

  • SoulTown,

    Not only do the Germans shoot 1911s, companies like Peters Stahl build some very nice ones. You’ll also find some of the best US made ones imported and soldd in Germany – Les Baer, STI and several other brands sell quite well in Germany and Austria.

  • SoulTown

    @ Mehul Kamdar

    Thanks for the information, sir, people like you make internet worthwhile. A 1911 with German craftsmanship, without the HK nonsense is got to be awesome.

  • mr73

    The range is in Ulm, Germany, home to some fine gunmaking!

  • As awesome as that was – I found the sterillity of the environment a little chilling. Maybe its a german thing or perhaps I have just watched too many movies featuring anal german mad scientists’ or hunters.

    Still, it just might be a heaven on earth for shooters. Although a very expensive heaven by the look of it.

  • Red

    and the prices are actually really cheap.

  • A is A


    I was onboard until the bit about the Cafe – then it just became another bout of “everything America can do, we can do more like sophisticated aristocrats.” Where’s the PBR?

    /end rant

    Seriously, though… I am hurting trying to find a 300-yd range OUTSIDE in my part of Georgia. Envy, big time.

    Wonder if they have a human physiological model for that shooting gallery… imagine getting that kind of feedback whilst practicing self-defense scenarios with the carry pistol 🙂

  • Bob

    Wish we had something like that here in the U.S.!

  • zach

    that looks seriously awesome. what are german gun laws like?

  • AK™

    “normal men and women”

    you forget that they are german?


  • Jere

    I have a thing for the outdoors, and outdoor rifle ranges in particular.
    Many serious shooters do not shoot off benches, or while seated on a stool.
    How’s one going to get better if they never learn to shoot longer distances, out in the elements?
    The crack of the rifle, watching trace, wind, snow, rain, and just being outside.

    The place looks very expensive, dry, and aristocratic.

    Outdoor baseball is to a “luxury” batting cage as: