Microtech’s new underwater automatic knife

Microtech’s new QD Navy Seals Scarab automatic knife is a very impressive. It is designed to open underwater, as demonstrated by this video …

I was just about to buy one when I saw the price. Hollow Grind have it listed for $590!!!

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Two things –

    1. Can any manufacturer use the name ‘Navy Seals’ to sell their wares? I noticed that Seals is spelt using lower case letters and that there is no official endorsement, procurement evidence or statement of supply to the SEALs. This is some dubious marketing if they’re just using the name.

    2. Who would need an underwater switchblade? Maybe if you came across a particularly vicious gang of Snorks, it would be justifiable, but otherwise it just seems gimmicky.

  • Rex

    Man, I wish I had the F-U Money to buy a Microtech knife. I could justify buying the MSAR STG-E4, but not a knife for 1/3’d the cost!

  • Carl

    I suspect Navy Seals and similar forces would rather use a knife with a fixed blade and not a mechanism that might break or get gummed up with dirt or what have you.

  • Trango

    @Carl, you are correct Sir, many manufacturers think that if they throw the Trident and SEALs on something “tactikewl” people will buy it….and they are right. Although the U.S. has several tier one spec ops groups the SEALs seem to have become the mainstream group for marketing. Maybe it has to do with Charlie Sheen’s riveting performance in the movie….

    Team members will also contract with manufacturers as a “consultant” allowing the manufacturer to say it was built with input directly from (fill in the blank) specials forces group.

    One knife company that I know and trust, which really does get input from the SEAL Teams, is SOG Knives. The Trident, SEAL Pup (fixed blade), and SEAL Pup Elite (fixed blade) are all great knives and won’t cost you a car payment…or two.

  • Trango

    Sorry, meant @SpudGun

  • WSU_HK

    Cool knife. A bit on the spendy side though. It will be interesting to see if any of the rival knife makers try to produce something similar to this to get that every important tacticool while taking a bath demographic.

    • WSU_HK, you mean you do not have a shark problem in your both? You rich kids and your fancy shark-free baths.

  • BTR

    Due to federal idiotic switchblade laws can we even buy this if we aren’t a gov employee?

  • Tony

    Here’s an idea: why not just carry a fixed blade when you go diving?

  • Jim

    Aren’t switchblades banned in the U.S., or just in Michigan?

  • Roy Rapoport

    About switchblades …

    My understanding is that almost all of the states ban civilian ownership (and sales to civilians) of switchblades. One critical exception is Oregon, which is, I suppose, one of the reasons why the Oregon Knife Show is such an impressive affair.

    I still fondly remember, back when Benchmade was a smaller company, having a tour of the factory by Les de Asis, the owner, and having him sell me a gorgeous pink autospike.

  • Ally

    My Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn assisted-opener opens underwater without a problem and it only cost me about 60 bucks. This knife seems a bit pointless to me.