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  • Will they be doing a “coffee toss” episode?

  • Jusuchin

    Quick question….Simon Razaca looks Filipino…not surprised if he is, considering he’s from Jersey…

  • Just watched the elimination challenge. Am I the only one to notice the red plate that Jim shot had the blue one behind in swinging in unison? He could not have shot it without hitting the blue. Are my eyes playing tricks? When they showed the slow-motion I swear that’s what I saw.

  • brandon

    In episode 6, the wild wild west episode, did anyone else notice when kelly eliminated andre he passed him something during the hand shake?? I watched the show online and paused it to make it out, but its pixelated on the computer. It almost looked as if kelly was paying andre off..

  • Karl Iverson

    Why is it that when it comes to the end of the series they eliminate more people. It should be the other way around. It’s like they only could do 10 episodes and it didn’t matter how it turned out, but it was going to be 10 no matter what happened. Lame

  • wrathchild

    during the ” HORSE” portion IAN called for double action and he cocked the hammer first, that is single action and should not have counted . am i correct or did editing mislead me. double action is much harder.

  • Ed

    These guys are a bunch of jokes. Ooohh! They can hit SOME stationary targets. They can’t hit moving targets with pistols, rifles, or especially shotguns! I’ be embarrassed