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  • Ring

    the DMPS LR-243 is way better for the price… not to mention the RIDICULOUS price tag on AR-10 mags….

    the SR25 mags “pmag’s”, that DPMS use’s are 15 to 20$

  • ericire12

    Its a great deer caliber also, so civilian sales would be strong

  • drewogatory

    I prefer 6.5 – 08 myself.The bullet weight range from 85 to 140 grain is much more flexible and suited to my uses than the 55 to 105 you get with .243 . Esp if you own a decent .223 varmint upper already.

  • BTR

    Where’s the barrel threads?

  • Drewogatory,

    How does that differ from a 260 Remington? My understanding is that one could use the 243 or 308 brass to neck up or down and have a 260.

  • drewogatory

    Same thing, it’s just that A Square applied for standardization as 6.5 – 08 somewhat before Remington with the .260, yet Remington gets the cartridge. I just like the A Square nomenclature,saves confusion. Fantastic cartridge either way, from 85g TNT to 140g Berger VLD with .612 BC plus a tremendous range of hunting bullets like the 120g Barnes Triple Shock. .308 brass is everywhere and dirt cheap. I assume most people looking to buy an AR10 already own a 15 so the .243’s ability to shoot the 55g and up seems redundant (esp given the price difference between .223 and .243). I can see buying a .243 upper I guess but honestly this would be my last choice of caliber in this platform.

  • Heath

    Thanks. I’ve used 95 grain V-Max and 120s in my 260 so far. The V-Max knocks the socks off coyotes!!