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  • Roys

    Check out the other photos taken by the same photographer Dima Beliakov at his, especially the photos of Russian special forces in Dagestan.

  • As a special forces guy I would think he wouldn’t put the muzzle of his rifle next to his head.

  • subase

    Are they supposed to look that scary?

  • SeanN

    not to cast aspersions, but what’s up with the english patch on the fifth guy from the bottom and the english tattoo on the seventh or eighth guy from the bottom?

    • SeanN, I dunno, but you wlll find plently of Americans with Asian language tattoos. Maybe they like the athletics of latin script.

  • Lance

    I knoticed that some had Torkarev TT-33 pistols are they useing them? Saw lots of coll AK-74s and AK-103s pics though.

  • Puke – maybe he really is “special” 🙂

    Kidding aside… interesting and somewhat sad pictures

  • Woody


  • vtb

    These amateurs wiped out Afghanian leader Amin palace back in 80’s…

    30 attackers versus 200 defenders.

  • DaveB

    Nevermind where his head is. What kind of firearm owner poses with their in front of the muzzle, period?

  • Andrey

    2 vtb
    Please be precise in what you are telling. Read carefully “Soviet forces and losses” section in mentioned article first: “More than 50 wounded in total.” You said “30 attackers”… Bad math…
    Anyway, this operation was exemplary.

  • Entropy

    DaveB, there may be golden rules of shooting but then again these men ARE special forces. I expect they’re competent enough with firearms not to shoot their own faces off by accident.

    Besides, it makes for an awesome picture doesn’t it?

  • Redchrome

    Some really awesome photgraphy showing the terrible price of war. I’d like to talk to some of these people and learn a little of what they’ve seen.

    We need to remember that many of them went to fight in causes we were told were “evil”… but they obviously didn’t see it that way at the time because of what they were told.

  • former vets dont like to talk abou that stuff. It gives them bad memories

  • Redchrome

    I appreciate that. The vets I know don’t like to talk about the things they’ve seen and done either. It’s interesting to hear what they say when they do talk tho, because it’s so far outside most people’s experiences.

  • Tushan

    It’s strange for a blogger not to attribute photos when they are clearly a serious photographer’s series. It is a commission by Dima Belyakov.

    And you really should see these on original site, with captions. I think some of these vets are casino owners, others hippies, others still generals (their uniforms/clothes give a lot of hints, rank/issue time etc). When you read their short specops history you can try to guess what happened after that.

  • Tushan

    BTW, the pictured guy’s callsign is Mozart.

  • Tushan

    Also, English Russia decided Viktor Kim, an ethnic Korean who was a commander of the “Vympel” Soviet anti-terrorist unit, is not cool enough to be included. He’s a chink, right?

    Some tolerance, Western friends.