About the LWRCI / Jordanian arms deal

Darren EVP of LWRCI posted this in the comments of my blog post about the LWRCI Jordanian arms deal (note, he is responding the previous comments)…

Guys, this is very common. A joint venture will eventually be formed whereby LWRCi forms a new company along with KADDB. LWRCi will control quality and configuration.

I have met with King Abdullah II 4 times in the last 2 years. He was educated in America and the UK. High School in Virginia, College at Sandhurst and George Washington University. He is the best thing that ever happened to Jordan. He is bringing world class education and technology to Jordan. Jordan is a Constitutional Monarchy with a representative democratic government. The people of Jordan love him. The United States finds Jordan to be one of the best allies of the United States. Jordan does not have Oil or natural resources. The people are their best hope, and they are proving that to be true.

The fact that Jordan does not have natural resources combined with King Abdullah II are two factors that are shaping Jordan to be the very picture of an Islamic country that contributes to peace, security and prosperity for its people.

Mr. Sayeret Sapash really has no idea what he is talking about. But that is what the internet is all about. Giving everybody a voice, right or wrong.

The Jordanians to a person, from regular folks, to the Government Officials I have met, and His Majesty are among the finest, hardest working, honest and hospitable people I have ever met. I am proud they are such a strong ally to the United States.

LWRCI in Cambridge MD has significant production capacity. LWRCI, MATECH and MSI are commonly owned companies with over 250,000 square feet of Manufacturing space. Owned by the CEO Richard Bernstein who is responsible for creation of more than 2000 jobs in Maryland.

Jordan will produce the LWRCI PSD under license.

Steve Johnson

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  • subase

    Well I’ll take the word of such documentaries as “Body of Lies” directed by Ridley Scott and starring Leonardo Dicaprio, over this guy any day of the week. *joke*

    Not that I care, cause this is a firearm website not a political website.

    Saying that it does sound very much like a publicity purchase, as in “We are getting the most advanced rifles in the world for our royal guards”

    The only difference is, this time it’s actually true, since bullpups have yet to mature (except the novel designs like the RFB) so a calibre change would be the best bet in getting a rifle that is effective over long, short distances and in CQB. An increase in the versatility of ones main rifle, makes training more time and money efficient and also increases the combat scenarios they can engage in. Crucial for a small force like the guards, who need to be prepared for anything.

  • subase

    The similar manual of arms of the weapons also makes cross training with U.S elite forces easy as pie.

  • Burst

    I can’t speak for the success or failure of the weapons program, but I agree with Darren about King Abdullah. I was interested to learn of his service in the British military, and a brief appearance on Star Trek he was quite stoked about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTjJiz9tV-Q

    Not to mention the fact that he essentially had to stage a coup to get his rightful throne, and did it bloodlessly and effectively.

  • michael

    good for Jordan and lwrc….they are getting one of, if not the, finest rifle made in America

  • Sian

    @subase I wouldn’t call the RFB a mature design, but it’s getting there. There’s still ergonomic issues (and often trigger issues) with the bullpup configuration, mainly in magazine changing now that the ejection thing has been worked out, but I don’t blame King Abdullah for sticking with a conventional layout.

    As for Jordan, they’re setting an example for the whole middle-east and for Islam, and mega props to them for that.

  • Carl

    Is it known what they will pay for the guns, so we can tell if it is actually a sensible deal or just splurging tax payer money on the latest coolness to hit “future weapons”?

    Even if the firarms and ammunition are excellent it could be either way. Without knowing the cost it is impossible to tell.

  • Mossyrock

    King Abdullah is also a Gunsite graduate, for whatever that is worth….

  • SpudGun

    Hmm, I’m struggling to think of another progressive Islamic leader in the Middle East who the US sold arms to – oh wait, Saddam Hussien – I wonder what happend to him?

    Anyways, guns not politics, LWRCi make good stuff and I’m stoked they’re getting some international recognition for their wares. Perhaps a few more homegrown agencies will follow suit.

  • subase

    Nah you need to catch up, Sian. The RFB has a *great* trigger, it’s reliable so far, and is very svelte and almost all steel in design. Mag changes are a tiny bit slower with bullpups but on the RFB are drop free and don’t need to be rocked in. But I admit it’s a novel design, less than a year old and only comes in .308 as yet. The bullpup format has ‘matured’ in the RFB. I’m not saying the RFB is ready for military deployment, what I’m saying is that all the major problems of the bullpup format have been solved. Just read up on it’s reviews not a bad one exists.

  • Sian

    @subase, oh, I know the RFB has a great trigger, but that’s been a big problem with bullpups to this point.

    I have to admit, I lust for an RFB like you wouldn’t believe.