The 6P62 12.7mm monster

The 6P62 is a beast of a gun. It is a magazine fed machine gun that chambers the Russian 12.7x108mm cartridge, a round that is slightly more powerful than a .50 BMG.

Note the muzzle brake at the end of the suppressor.

Its short barrel reduces the velocity of the 12.7mm ammunition to 2099 fps (down from the 2800 fps of a standard anti-material gun). The decrease in velocity results in a 44% decrease of energy but at 7847 ft/lbs of energy it is still considerably powerful.

It weights 33 lbs unloaded, fires at 400-500 rpm and is 47″ in length.

It was never adopted by any armed forces. If such a powerful shoulder fired gun was needed, a much more efficient cartridge would probably be designed.

[ Many thanks to Val for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Jim

    a giant AK..

  • John Callahan

    Looks like mag capacity is ~15-20 rounds. Actually, it would be a semi practical weapon being very effective against vehicles.

  • Barrett M82.

  • jaekelopterus

    Hey, Saiga! Slap a sporter stock on it, rechamber it in .416 Barrett and sell it to us Californians, please!

  • justin

    Wonder how much “liquid Courage” it took for that man to sqeeze that trigger

  • H.L.

    This falls under… “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

    • Fluffy

      I think only an idiot would try to use this.

  • Spade

    I need this.

  • Don

    I like the reflex style sight! I bet they can pick off one gallon jugs out to maybe 200 meters. Clearly well within the effective range of the 12.7x108mm. What will the Red’s think of next…anti ICBM system that employs a spotting scope?

  • Sian

    This would be a handy heavy gun for checkpoints and the like. Severely limited use for maneuver-style warfare of course, but I think something like this has a niche, though likely utterly replaceable by a 25mm airburst grenade system.

  • ohhhhh space marines bolter )

  • Pete

    So when can I buy one. This is totally a necessary item. I’d go ahead and SBR it.

  • Alan

    You know, I was asking myself today just what kind of rifle would be perfect for a massive, reasonably compact, vaguely concealable under a trench coat, ‘when you absolutely gotta make sure the MF’r stops’ vehicle checkpoint gun.

    Or, damn thats getting written into my new Terminator screenplay.

  • ParatrooperJJ

    I am disappoint!!!!! That I don’t have one.

  • Lance

    What country made this weapon? Im with leopard a Barret .50 may be more practical than this weapon it looks to BIG and BULKY.

  • Graham

    I can almost see the practicality of something like that… almost.

  • Cesium


    It’s russian Kobra reflex sight

  • That’s just evil! Having been around a Dushka firing 12.7×108 makes me stand in awe of anyone with the cojones to fire a full-auto firearm in that caliber free-hand…and would be VERY impressed if the muzzle device reduces what must be a ridiculous amount of muzzle flash from unburned powder exiting the muzzle. I have to agree with H.L. on this one…I really can’t understand how anyone felt that this was worth the time and money to develop.

    Of course, if there were a spare parts set around I’m sure I know some people willing to build one for “scientific” study. It would go well with the DShK parts set awaiting a new life in our vault. Just sayin’.

    • Gregory, you lucky guy … you get to play with all the cool guns. I guess you could use it as a short range flamthrower 😉

  • Anton

    A brick with a barrel.

    A very big, steel brick with a barrel that is. I kinda like it. I love impractical weapons.

  • MrSatyre

    To the fella in the photo: “Now, you’re just showing off!”

    33 lbs unloaded? Sheeesh!

  • Ladyfox

    You know, I’ve NEVER liked any of the .50 cal AMR’s (anti-material rifle) or even magnum rounds above a .357 nor would be interested in owning one. HOWEVER, this one you can sign me up for one and while I may not be considered the fairest of my gender I’ll even promise to take a picture of myself shooting it if someone gets me one.

    There is just something, well, magical about this rifle that hits all of the right buttons with me. *purrr* ^_^

    • Fluffy

      It would also probably destroy your shoulder.

  • Jensens

    Helloooo nerve damage!

  • Big Daddy

    The Russians already have a shoulder fired belt feed 50 cal., the KORD.

    This looks like it has a shortened barrel and box magazine instead of the links. Plus that huge muzzle brake.

    Here’s that weapon being fired.

  • Bill Lester

    When is the SBR version available? 😉

  • The big problem with 12.7x108mm firearms anymore is ammo availability here in the US. The last time anyone I know tried to import any 12.7x108mm it was a no-go and it doesn’t look like that is going to change making the brass that is here about as valuable as gold unless somebody starts making it stateside, which is doubtful do to the extremely limited market. Also, the powder used in reloads doesn’t create the wonderfully eerie greenish muzzle blast that the Russian rounds had at night which is disappointing!

    It’s pretty likely that our DShK when built will be done in .50BMG simply because we have the ammunition and reloading equipment already. Sigh!

  • Redchrome

    I think I’m in love.

    What’s it for? Why to *sell* of course!

    Apparently anyone who needed .50 cal firepower wanted extreme accuracy for long-range shooting or belt-feed for suppressive fire tho. Mag-fed machineguns have some real drawbacks.

    Still, I’ll take three of them, in .50 BMG please.
    (one for each hand, as Dad used to say!)

  • 45b10

    I’m pretty sure weapons chambered for 12.7×108 will feed 12.7×99 BMG. Never tried it, but I heard it from multiple sources. Can anyone confirm?

    That being said… drooooooooooooool.

    • 45b10, it is a untrue rumor.

      • GarryB

        12.7x99mm will fit in the chamber of a 12.7 x 108mm calibre weapon… but only in the sense that a .22lr will fit in the chamber of a .223 Remmington.

        Will fit does not = will fire or even = is safe.

        Do not try.

  • Matthew S.

    Not a good day… if your not the one pulling the trigger.

  • shockfish08

    Does anyone have a video of this beasty?

  • Xstang

    so, when is a .22lr trainer version coming out?

  • If you saw a 12.7x108mm sitting next to a 12.7x99mm 45b10, you would know how ridiculous that idea is! The base and rim of a 108mm is about 2mm larger and the profile of the cartridge is completely different.

    Compare and contrast:


    this will be very valuable when the us is finished with the robot exoskelitons

    • Partizan1942

      NASA spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to come up with a pen that would write in space. Russian kosmonauts used pencils.
      Economy dude, cheaper is better.

      • murica

        Russians never used pencils in space, that’s a common myth. the shavings would float about in zero-g and get into sensitive electronics. Turns out we need space pens after all!

      • murica

        Oh I forgot to mention, the space pen was privately developed and didn’t cost NASA a dime to R&D

  • AK™

    Russkies always beat us to the punch with guns designed for the Zombie Apocalypse…

  • thomas

    ladyfox are you a chick otherwise that was distirbing

  • cam

    holly f****