Ruger LCP “Coyote Special”

The mainstream media got wind of these engraved Ruger LCP pistol that are selling in Texas and honor Gov. Rick Perry’s shooting of a coyote during an early morning jog.

I have not seen any evidence to suggest that Ruger is manufacturing the pistol. I think some clever company is buying up Ruger LCPs and etching them.

UPDATE: Travis says …

I was at an Ace Hardware in Waco, TX this weekend. The gun counter employee showed me a Coyote Special. He said that Ruger made 1,000 of them. Also, he said that Ruger had shipped 500 each to two different distributors in Texas. He claimed to have received the pistol from one of those distributors.

[ Many thanks to Cory and Mik for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    It’s about time the ‘Coyote Self Defense Market’ was finally recognized by the manufacturers. I fully expect for S&W to release another sexy promo video showing attractive urban professionals shooting coyotes in the face.

    Personally, I’m saving up for the Taurus Judge ‘Abusive Boyfriend Special’ – with beautiful laser engraving of a man being shot in the testes etched onto the slide.

  • ericire12

    Did they present the Gov with one? Shoot a coyote, win a Ruger!

  • K-dAUG

    This would go great with my three wolves howling at the moon t-shirt.

  • ericire12

    On another site they said the box says it is only available for sale to Texans 🙂

  • Bryan S

    Should come stock with laser grips….

  • Jim

    lol @ spudgun

  • Iowa congressman Steve King shot a raccoon with his Desert Eagle back in February. Let’s see that engraving!


  • Ladyfox

    If .380 ACP ammo was’nt so difficult to come by, and could be obtained by those of us in the PRK, I’d be tempted to trade off one of my less used pistols for one of these. Really tasteful design and I really like how the top of the slide is marked.

    It’s times like these where I bemoan my choice to move to the PRK, ‘tho I did get my hubby in exchange who I’d not trade for anything, from my birth state of Texas. *sigh*

  • I got the email about that Ruger Monday. Tuesday called Dury’s gun store in SA TX they only had 10 in. I got one it’s cool looking. Oh the Gov paid for his he wus not given his like some are saying.

  • Dave

    …Ruger’s gettin’ kinky…next we’ll have pink ones …

  • Maddog

    If you look closely at the graphics above, you’ll see subtle distortions around the so-called custom graphics (coyote howling in the moon’s glow, “A True Texan”, Coyote Special, 5-point star). These distortions are the trademarks of a JPEG or GIF file laid over an original graphic (no doubt plagiarized from a sidearm-afficiando site).
    Learn to look for, and identify, misinformation, people.
    Welcome to the Internets (as GW coined it).

  • Maddog

    I’m surprised Ruger doesn’t sue this site for illustrative libel.

  • Maddog

    …unless this site is simply a marketing experiment for Ruger.

    Welcome to AmeriKKKa!

  • Travis
  • Eric

    Interesting comments. I own one of the Ruger “Coyote Specials”. It is definitely real, and it WAS made by Ruger. In my opinion it is a bad ass little piece. The gun is only offered in Texas.

  • Eric

    Interesting comments. I own one of the Ruger “Coyote Specials”. It is definitely real, and it WAS made by Ruger. In my opinion it is a bad ass little piece. The gun is only offered in Texas. You can view it for yourself on Rugers website:

  • Stephen

    I bought one today at Academy in Waco, Texas. The box indeed says, “FOR SALE TO TEXANS ONLY.” I bought mine for protection when on cross-country trips on my motorcycle. It has great balance and fits great inside my bike boot. The salesman told me the story about Gov. Rick Perry. Don’t know if it is true or not- doesn’t matter. I like the pistol just the same.

  • Stephen

    The person known as maddog- I bought the pistol and those graphics ARE actually on the top of the pistol. It’s not misinformation. If you don’t have one you really don’t know what’s there or not.

  • I recently ran into a nephew and he said he bought one. I had never heard of it. I called around and found a couple at Reds Indoor Range in Austin. Red said he had a good run on them and was not going to handle anymore. Well he handle 4 more. A friend of mine and myself bought 6 total. I ordered laser sights for two of them. Its a sweet little pcs., fits in your shirt pocket and is made by Ruger which speaks for itself. If nothing else a good conversation pcs. Perfect for your other half’s purse.

  • Gary

    The article I read about the shooting said that Gov. Rick Perry had a laser site on his pistol.

  • Mark

    My wife, a born and raised native Texan, has had her CHL for about eight years. She bought a Coyote Special at Carters Country in Spring, Texas yesterday. They even threw in a free box of ammo. She already likes its light weight even when fully loaded (6+1) and the fact that if the s— hits the fan she won’t have to worry about a safety lever. And Dave, Ruger does offer an LCP in pink. I’ve seen one and it looked like a toy, but it ain’t no toy.

    As far as lasers are concerned, they have a model with a laser mounted under the barrel, but at ten feet they’re really not necessary.

  • Brett

    I saw the coyote edition at my local academy but opted not to pay the 40 bucks extra for the added detail, but i still love my lcp even without the graphics

  • Joe

    Had my LCP for about a year now, it works as advertised. However, I
    am retiring it in favor of the Ruger LC9! A little more bang for the buck, and just as concealable! Perfect summer carry weapon.
    In the winter, my Super .38 rules!!

  • steve

    Whatever, I wish I could have bought one just to have. But they were sold out by the time I knew they were for sale!!!! It’s just Kool!!! Other States and firearm manufactures should do something like this!!!!

  • arthur

    Love Ruger’s firearms. But Rick Perry is an idiotic religious fanatic…

  • I just purchased the coyote edition from a local dealer here in sc. I just have a bitter taste in my mouth about a 380 since I bought a model years ago that loved hanging up. I guess i will see and hope I’m wrong for thinking bad about all 380 guns.