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  • Todd

    I called ATI on Monday and was told that these would be shipping to dealers in 2 weeks or less. I am interested.

  • Ladyfox

    See Colt and Umarex? Now THIS is what a proper .22lr 1911 should look like and not that abomination you have coming. Heck, even the price is perfect and now I’m seriously reconsidering getting a Buckmark for one of these instead.

    Now, if you wish to redeem yourselves for both the Umarex designs you will have the CEO go to each person who designed both of those with a rolled-up newspaper and smacking them while saying “bad dog! no donuts for you!”. -_^

  • Maxpwr

    I was told by the ATI rep at the NRA Convention that the slide is made in Italy and the frame in Germany. I couldn’t tell by inspection if the slide was made of inferior materials (ala Chiappa) and didn’t ask him directly. Looked and felt like a solid firearm.

  • scott holleback

    this gun was a nice shooter,i purchesed one a couple of weeks feels like a 1911 with out the kick of a forty five caliper.i paid 350.00 new for it and worth every penny, it is always with me when i goto the range.the slide is just like the slide on my desert eagle 1911 .45.

  • Gota ace

    This is one fantastic piece!This gun is so accurate right out of the box it blew us away.We both put our Colt’s away I have a ACE and my buddy has the Colt conv.This gun works great.The only thing I found was after about 500 rounds the recoil buffer was shot.What is a perfect fix is a 3/8 faucet washer from your local hardware.If you are thinking about one Don’t worry you won’t be dissapointed.

  • Mike Hicks

    I have two of them. The first one, the slide will not lock on an empty magazine, the second one works fine. I am using the factory sights on one of them, and a red dot on the other one. I love them!

  • I need to by 2 magzaine Ass. how do I get them?

  • I cannot remove the barrel and slide from the frame after removing the pins that hold them in place on my ATI GSG 1911 .22. I can slide the barrel back and forth but it will not come loose from the frame. I am afraid to pry on it for fear of breaking the cast metal slideing part.

    Any suggestions on how to remove the barrel without breaking anything?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Joe Fillipon

    paul there is a set screw you have to loosen to remove barrel

  • I wish to replace the rear sight on my GSG 1911 with a fully adjustable sight…is the grove standard?
    Any suggestions? the gun, went through over 500 rounds in the past 3 months.

    • Steve

      In case you haven’t been answered or found by other methods, it’s a Novak rear sight cut. Got a Burris Fastfire base on mine with a Fastfire green dot clone on top, doesn’t do bad at all…

  • Dave Derrick

    fluckr says the photos page is private 🙁

  • joe fillipon

    I have returned my gsg 1911 for repairs will not feed 3rd round into chamber . I have 3 magazines same story for all three dealer states this is the first one he has had to return ! why not he has sold only 5 took another back in trade for Ruger SR 22 my next purchase .

  • Any information regarding the release of the GSG 1911 9MM PISTOL yet?

    We in Australia find it difficult sometimes to find appropriate information other than through American Web Sites.

    Basic Stats would be appreciated if available.


    Glenn Summerhayes QCBC JP
    Port Macquarie
    NSW 2444 Australia