S&W quietly drops Model 910 pistol

An observant reader noticed that the new S&W website no longer lists the S&W Model 910 pistol. It is also not listed in the latest catalog.

S&W Model 910. Photo from gunbroker auction.

[ Many thanks to Vak for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • It looks like all of the 3rd Generation-type semi-auto pistols are gone, except for the Performance Center 945 and 952,

  • 4Cammer

    Not sure what to make of this. S&W at one time made some very interesting non-poly handguns (for those not in the know, I suggest the Standard Catalog of S&W by Supica and Nahas…). Not so any longer, save for the excellent Performance Shop variations. That is too bad.

    I have a near mint Model 539 (all steel 2nd gen Model 39) that shows just how far S&W have fallen in regards to traditional pistol manufacturing, at least in my opinion. While my 539 looks like she was milled from a block of steel, that 910 looks like it was made from a metal injected mold. That hammer makes me ill.

    I dream of a day of all steel pistols, revolvers without needless locks and walnut stocks. Thank G-d for used guns. 🙂

  • Bill Lester

    As a lifelong S&W aficionado, this is the last nail in the coffin for me. The brand has cheapened so much it’s tragic. Compare all this plastic and MIM crap with my old Smiths… well there really isn’t a valid comparison.

    As 4Cammer said, thank G-d for used guns.

  • Jon T.

    I emailed S&W about this a few days ago. When I asked if they had just discontinued their 3rd gen metal-framed automatics I got this response:


    Those were all discontinued a couple of years ago.



    I guess that explains why I haven’t seen any new 3rd gen pistols in stores in a while. I wish they would’ve made some sort of announcement back when they stopped producing them, it would have saved me a year of looking for a new 5906TSW.

  • osodog

    My first handgun was a 910s. Still have it, still love it, its what I use to teach new shooters & it’s performed flawlessly for me for years. Sad day.

  • neorebel

    This pistol is an excellent pistol. Its light wieght aluminum frame makes concealed carry easier. As far as the comments about the new Glocks and other Polymer frames, I think they are cheap and I hate the sound of a “Striker Fired Weapon.”

    I have been to Glock shooting school (5000 rounds in 5 days) and Glock armorer school. I still hate the gun. It’s a good combat gun though.

    It’s large and square and plastic. So before you compare the 910 to it think again at least it’s all metal and VERY accurate. No failures to eject. No failures to fire. No magazine problems ever. Very concealable and safe to carry after decocking.

    I love it! and I’ve been in Law Enforcement for 14 years and I am a firearms instructor.

  • Chris

    I have a model 10 that would not fire with a magazine inserted and will fire with magazine removed if you can help me please let me know thank you