Springfield XDm .45

Springfield has finally published the specs of the new XD(m) .45. Its frame is slightly bigger than the 9mm and .40 S&W XD(m) but slightly smaller than the XD .45. Springfield has said that it is the smallest frame polymer .45 on the market.

Caliber .45 ACP
Capacity 13+1
Barrel 4.5″ Match Grade Barrel with Melonite finish
Trigger Pull 5.5 – 7.7 lbs.
Overall Length 7.7″
Weight 31 oz
Finish Black or Two-Tone
Sights Dovetail Front & Rear 3-Dot
MSRP (Price) Starting at $709
Availability Not yet announced.

Steve Johnson

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  • They say this is the smallest polymer frame .45 on the market? Within it’s own company or overall because I thought the PM45 was the smallest.

  • Jim S.

    I don’t want to be that guy, but it claims to be the smallest poly-framed .45…how does it size up against the Glock 36 (slim line .45)

  • me

    I have a .45 Service Model. The more I see the “M” Version, the more it looks like a done deal for me. I wish this would have come out at the introduction of the XD line.

    Im thinking this is going to be one of Springfield’s biggest sellers in the XD line up.

  • Bobby

    Why does Springfield keep making XDs?

  • Overload in CO

    I question their assertion of ‘smallest polymer frame in .45’. Smaller than a Glock 30? Smaller than the P250 Subcompact? In what dimension(s) do they mean?

    • I was just about quoting them. I think they mean the dimensions (such as circumference, width, etc) if you ignore magazine capacity.

  • Clemente

    One question. Does anyone know if it uses the same magazines as the regular XD45? I only ask since they have the same capacity.

    • Mike

      Magazines will fi both guns

  • Dom

    It may be stretching it to say the world’s smallest polymer frame .45, but I bet you dollars to donuts it’s the world’s smallest diameter grip on a .45 double-stack!

    To Bobby, I think they are taking some cues from Apple. They keep offering incremental upgrades and so people keep…upgrading. Why R&D the heck out of it to sell one great pistol, when you can do half of that, sell one good pistol to everybody, take the feedback and then sell them another, great pistol?

  • sd1023x

    “Bobbyon 25 May 2010 at 8:16 am link comment

    Why does Springfield keep making XDs?”

    Why does Springfield keep importing XD’s

    Fixed it for you.

  • Lee Tauntaun

    Just guessing here, but they probably meant slimmest service pistol. I can’t wait until I move out of California so I can buy one.

  • Bobby

    Honestly. I looooove polymer combat pistols. IMHO steel designs are obsolete. (Well… the Berreta, SIG, and CZ still have their place. :)) but in an already crowded market of polymer pistols the XD doesn’t do a thing that another gun at the same price point can’t do better.

    And who cares if you have an insane magazine capacity if the magazines are unreliable and brake all the time?

    Glock (especially), H&K, S&W (even if I hate their other offerings), Steyr, all do something other guns cannot.

    Glock – Extreme reliability, durability, weight savings, and capacity

    H&K – Faster rate of fire, and controllability due to good ergonomics and recoil spring system.

    M&P – A Glock for guys who like 1911s.

    FN FNX – A Glock for guys who like SIG pistols.

    XD – Unreliable, poor armorer capability, no aftermarket support, and a cheap spinoff of a Croatian combat pistol. HS2000. (Which would have been an excellent pistol for it’s original price of $300)

    Why anybody would buy this over a Glock, or H&K, I’ll never know.


  • Dom

    Oh, wow Bobby. You seem genuine so I don’t think you’re a troll, but I just can’t say I agree with your versions of the facts. They are pretty amazing. Have you owned an XD or shot one? Where exactly do you get that information from? That is not just people’s self-defense choice, but in some cases people’s livelihood you are talking about.


    Tell Scott Springer he has poor capability:

    Aftermarket support?
    Plenty here, and that’s excluding mags:
    Get yourself a threaded barrel:
    More here:
    And so on.

    Just to be clear, the XD(m) may be a spinoff but the XD is not; it *is* the HS2000, licensed and rebranded for sale in the USA. You might say Springfield is just a middle man, but last time I checked getting guns imported was a big pain in the butt for the average Joe, so I think they are serving a purpose in that. The HS2000 has been around for well over a decade, and saw combat service in the Croatian War of Independence. I don’t think many of the Croatians (and, by now, people all over the world) who used it in combat or self-defense would agree with you.

    Is it the greatest gun in the world? No; but what is?

  • Don’t be too hard on Bobby there, sounds like he’s a decader.

    “Decader” is a shooting sports enthusiast who is about 10 years behind the times… in 2000 the HS2000 was new, untested, and had finish problems.

    In 2010 the HS2000 and it’s descendents are some of the toughest, most shootable, and well-liked pistols in it’s category. If in 2000 you said to anyone that the HS2000 would be the pistol with the greatest chance of knocking Glock off it’s throne, you’d have gotten laughed at.

    On the flip side; Bobby, study up. You’re a little behind the times. Especially considering that Beretta (PX series), Sig (‘2000’, 250), and CZ (Rami polymer, P07 Duty) all have had lines of successful polymer pistols for *years*.

  • I own, use and carry at all times, one of 2 XD’s, a .45 Tactical and a .40 SubCompact…

    Reliability? I had a Glock 19 many years ago, it damned near got me killed on an Op we were on when it locked up tight, at the worst possible moment…

    I know many police officers, Deputies, Agents, Troopers and so forth, that carry XD’s, in several configurations, and I have never heard a bad word from the guys that use them to make a living..

    I also know U.S. Marshals that carry XD’s on their own time, being forced to carry the Glock on Uncle Sugar’s time…

    REAL guns guys and gals… Men and women that place themselves in harms way, every day the sun comes up, and to a man, they sing the praises of the XD series…

    Paper punchers, on the other hand…

  • Tommygun

    The poly tactical design once ruled by glock has many great manufactures that are taking that technology above and beyond the tried and tru Glock.
    Not saying that glock doesnt have and awesome product with and awesome track record, but we have to look at some of the other names that have a lot of pride in their name. Smith & Wesson, for instance the M&P line up is awesome, from the ability to swap palm swells all the way down to how smooth and well all the release and controls work, heavier? a little but in rapid fire and trying to find that tight group this series is hard to beat simply due to weight displacement. The XD’S and now the even more improved XDm’s have really turned un the heat in the poly tactical.
    Being a weapons specalist in the USMC now working as a defense contractor ive shot just about all there is to shoot, there are a lot of great products out there, but the hard core glock fans that that take pride in their logic, which is where glock started its empire in a logical light weight reliable weapon. Should really try some of these late models from different manufactures. If you find you are still a glock fan good! but dont let the name and old school rep turn you from some awesome equipment more so if you carry one daily in the line of duty.

  • Kevin

    I’m picking up my XDm 45 tomorrow – the first one in Upstate NY. For those of you in communist states, they have released the 4.5 with 10 round clips.

  • Darwin

    How did they manage to make a striker fired pistol with such a silly high bore axis?

    The trigger on these is like a sponge. Needs work out of the box.

    “REAL guns guys and gals… Men and women that place themselves in harms way, every day the sun comes up, and to a man, they sing the praises of the XD series…
    Paper punchers, on the other hand…”

    That is a stupid thing to say.

  • Mike Crognale

    I owned an XD in 45 ACP. Got it as part of the deal at Front Sight. It was a great gun, ran smooth. Nearly 1000 rounds through it in 4 days, not one problem. I liked it so much I gave it to my son when I bought my XDm in 45. I put 200 rounds through the XDm yesterday and it ran like a top right out of the box. Dead accurate. The XDm is probably the 10th or 12th pistol that I have owned, don’t really remember. None of the others, Walther, Glock, Kimber (still have that one) Beretta and others were any better than this one. Got a GI Springfield single stack 1911 in 45 that is Ok. My point is simple. It’s a great gun. Buy one, rent one, shoot it with an open mind and you’ll like it.

    “Any gun will do, if you will do.”

  • True Patriot

    Went to the range last weekend with friends. Armed with my XDm 9, I had a face off with a Glock 19 series 2. Only “negative” was it weighed more, but it does hold more ammo. 15m was always on paper, depending on skill level of shooter. Not so for Glock. It was consistently shooting low and had to be compensated by every shooter on the line. By afternoon’s end, Glock was resting and cold, and the XDm was put away warm. Not suggesting this to be typical, but everyone seemed impressed.

  • jerry

    Hey Guys,
    Just picked up the new xdm45acp! All I can say is…..Custom shop High dollar guns, BEWARE! Absolutely Amazing! 2- 13 round double stack clips, holster, 3-back straps, clip holder, case and lock. All for 609. Best purchase I ever made in my life!

    If you like accuracy…..get one!

  • Richard Thibedeau

    I really enjoyed reading comments on this site about the Springfield XD and XD-M pistols. I found it incredible to read some of the out in left field negative comments about the XD weapons. Very happy to see the feed back from reliable sources as to the TRUE capabilities and testimony to the XD and XD-M line. I had the privilege to purchase a XD-M 9MM 3.8 bi-tone recently. I own a Browning Hi-Power 9mm and a Berreta Model 1935 380 and a Hi Standard 10X target 22. Several other revolvers from S&W 38 spl air weight to a 454 Casull. I now live in a state where I can enjoy the freedom and privilege to exercise my second amendment rights. Previously I lived in a state that you could not even have a firearm and ammo un locked in the same room in your home. I had not fired a pistol for 15 years. I fired around 300 rounds through my XD-M with out any failures and was shooting 2.5 inch groups at 21 feet. Scored a 247 of 250 for my CHL. This gun is amazing. It feels like a extension of my hand. I have fired almost 1000 rounds through it now and still no failures. My wife, who hasn’t fired a pistol in 15 years and has only fired less than a 100 rounds of any kind in her life was shooting 2.5inch groups and scored a 245 of 250 on her test with only 20 rounds fired before qualification. there are a lot of great guns out there, but before anyone puts this one down, they better pick it up first.

  • Jeff

    Fire it before you bother commenting on the XDM 45. The gun is impressive, no two ways about it. Tested one on the range firing 400 rounds and it was flawless. Stepped off the range and bought my own and went right back on the range and fired another 400 rounds from my own XDM. Love it.

  • Jeff

    By the way according to Springfield the magazine is the same for the 45 XD AND XDM.

  • Mike Crognale

    That’s true. I checked with Cabela’s and bought a spare mag when I saw that it was identical to the ones that came with my XDm. I thus carry 3, one in the gun and two on the hip. One more comment: At Front Sight the instructors cautioned us against loading the mag with 13 rounds as it would jam. It does. So I only put 12 rounds in each mag and it performs flawlessly.

  • Kevin

    Springfield has such a nice gun at the right price. If they used the same basic – no nonsense features in a match grade – 9mm subcompact, I expect my wife and a lot more occasional users would quickly join the rest of us! I suppose I could put a match grade barrel in a compact XD – any actually done it and compared?

  • J

    Tried xdm 40 loved it. Want to shoot xdm45 to see how difference in recoil, flip and grip size. Can anyone comment on these

  • Justin

    They keep making XD’s because it is the last model that Springfield made that can be sold in California. California has essentially banned handguns.

  • Brian in Kalifornia

    I own a M&P45FS and love the straight 1911-esque grip as pistols with larger lower palmswells are uncomfortable and don’t fit me at all. The XD45 I rented to shoot alongside my M&P had a larger lower portion of the grip and was uncomfortable. My question is: is the grip straight like the M&Ps or rounded like the XD and Glocks at the bottom? I’m really interested in this pistol as I like its ambidextrous controls, grip safety (I have external safety on my M&P) and hopefully a 1911/M&P-like grip.

  • steve peko

    recently got to fire an xdm9mm,liked it very much.that was on a sunbday,monday morning, i went to my shop and purchased an xd45

  • glenn

    Thank god my dept. now allows us to carry whatever we want provided we can qualify with it. I out down my Glock forever. I carry an XD40. Its a better combat gun, period.

  • Mike Crognale

    I am curious as to why you chose the XD40 after you gave up the Glock?

  • Richard

    Just bought a xdm .45. Actually love it. Shot very tight groups with it. It is the first non 1911 I have ever owned. I have carried and qualified with glocks, beretta and of course the 1911 back in the day. (MP)

    Anyway, of course, i dont like the trigger. But I knew that going in. I guess Ill take it to a gunsmith and see what can be done with it. But I know it will never be a single action trigger.

    It does jump around a little. I have a kimber polymere gold match, that I love as well. It is a bit smoother to fire.

    Anyway. Love the gun, great job from springfield.

  • Dale

    I own many Glocks. I love them for what they are. Simple German engineering that works every time without excuse. All the triggers have been worked. Every one of my Glocks has stipple stipple work because sweat and blood are the Kryptonite of polymer pistols. I choose to deepen the slide serrations for the same reason.

    All that being said—-I have 5 matching Tactical XDs in .45 for personal use positioned around my house, cars and office. I prefer this weapon to the Glock in every way except it’s country of origin and the fact that it has more internal parts. I have nothing against Croatia but the Germans have a long history of getting it right. Austrians are Germans with a different zip code.

    My opinion here is nonsensical because I can’t back it up with objective reason. And I think that is the lesson. If Agent A and Agent B go head to head in a tactical situation the guy with the coolest head and consistent commitment to training will win. The pistol he is using is so statistically insignificant that it could be classified as insane that 34 billion terabytes have been spent in its debate. Glock or XD? Ford or Chevy? Ginger or Mary Ann? In the heat of the action they are all a good ride. Peace.

  • Fenixom1911


    1)What Pistol is the best –Glock or XDM??–
    2)I mean the quality of workmanship, materials used, the trigger job ??
    3)How to work with 9mm , 45ACP , 40S&W ammunition ??
    4)And what is the best ammunition 9mm , 45ACP , 40S&W??

    Plz test one day 40 000 Shot caliber 9mm and 40 S&W !! 🙂


  • Rob

    So a few years back a friend of mine bought an XDm 40 for his brother. I never got to shoot the gun but just holding it in my hand I knew it was the gun for me.

    Fast forward to now and I finally decided it was time for me to get my first pistol, yes my first pistol.

    So I went around to the local gun shops and started scoping things out.

    I was pretty set on the XDm 40 just because but at the last minute I decided I wanted the XDm 45 not knowing it was a pretty new gun.

    So far I think its a great gun, I don’t have much to go on but it feels great in my hand and fires every time.

    I’ve put around 300 rounds though it so far without any trouble.

    I’ve read through all the above posts and clearly I’m not near as gun savvy as most of you but all I can say is if you want a nice pistol in the .45 caliber give the XDm a shot. It feels great and shoots straight.

  • Mike Crognale

    Congrats on your new gun. I have/had the original XD in 45. I gave that one to my son when I bought the XDm in 45. It’s a great gun.

  • Just bought my first handgun; XDM 40 3.8 compact. I have read blogs, forums, and manufacturer websites for about 4 months now. My heart was set on a good ol’ 1911 like my dad had when I was a kid. BUT with CCW & my wife as a possible carrier it had to be compact and not too scary.

    I thought the Glock would be the best bet on a 40, but did not like the idea of an unsupported chamber and the fact that you are advised NOT to fire hand loaded rounds. I may be crazy, but with 4 young kids and sure to be more in the future (Catholic) I want to make sure that I can defend my family through all possible scenarios; including the local Wal-Mart NOT being open for business.

    Long story short; gonna clean her up tonight and take it for it’s first spin out in the country shooting garbage, some old rubber made trash cans, and a couple old refrigerators.

    My wife loves it, I like it, and now we are both deciding who is gonna carry it:)

    Give the gun a shot; so far it seems like a great value & a great gun.


    XDM 40 C
    Maverick 88

  • Dennis

    Mary Ann over Ginger any day.

    And I like the XD over the Glock. But what do I know, I just like the gun that gives me any advantage I can get, when I need it.

  • Vance

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the Springfield XDM .40 cal was interchangeable with the 9mm upper receiver of the Springfield XDM and where I could buy a good upper receiver that is not to expensive.

  • This gun is pretty much badass! Very nice addition to my collection.

  • Robert B.

    I went to the range last weekend with a close friend of mine, who is a swat officer. He carries an XDM .45 on Patrol, but with SWAT duty he is bound by what is issued specifically to the team (County/regional team). I got to run about 250 rounds through his XD, and I must fell in love with this weapon.

    I come from a mixed background as far as pistols go. I have owned Glock, Smith’s, Sig, and Colt. Having said that, I will say this about each brand I have owned…

    Glock model 22-very reliable in my experience, shot it very well. My biggest gripe is the “feel” in-hand. It just never felt right to me, though I did really like the gun… Sold it.

    S&W M&P .40- Love the feel, it was an accurate weapon and I enjoyed it. I sold it due to a couple issues. The slide, after a couple of months, developed rust pits (I baby my guns, so this was no fault of my own). The trigger pull felt like two pieces of course-grit sandpaper rubbing against each other… very troublesome, even after 700+ rounds sent downrange… Sent to the factory to be “fixed”, got it back.. sold it.

    Sig P229 .40/.357sig- Love this gun, period. Feels great shoots great… It’s a sig, I like sigs, you may not.. I dont care lol.

    Colt 1911- Again… another gun I love and I have no bad things to say about it… Other than foolishly I allowed myself to be talked into selling it by a girlfriend, who is NOW an EX girlfriend lol.

    Sum it up… The XDM, in my opinion and limitted experience, is a reliable, very accurate, hand-fitting weapon. It will be my next purchase.

  • Iz

    Just got my XDM 45acp not to long ago and i have to say its an amazing gun. shot the glock 22 didnt like the way it felt in my hand, shot the sig p229 didnt like the trigger pull was way to long, still waiting on shotn the S&W m&p but its in the air cause i hear alot about the grind on the trigger pull, and shot lots of other guns and i have to say none compare to my XDM 45.. love the trigger pull the recoil (feels like im shooting a 9mm) and its a sexy ass gun! couldnt be happier!! thinking of getting the XDM 9 for the wife, cause i havent found another 9mm gun that feels as good as these Springfields.. idk any suggestions.. im up for tryn something new.. OH fired the new glock 17 gen 4 not to long ago.. thats about the only glock i fired and felt good.. might go that way with the 9mm unless the XDM convinces me otherwise..lol

  • phil

    I have shot many flocks, and own 3 pistols in the xd line…xd9 3.8 xd45 5.5 and just ordered my new xdm 45 4.5 I know quite a few Mega glock fans and they have asked to shoot a gun I don’t even have yet….secretly they too love the xd line but their wives won’t let them get a new pistol haha

  • Pochos

    I buy and sell guns mainly to see and feel them on the range. I have owned three Glocks including Gen 4 could never get used to the feeling of the gun and trigger, it just felt too plastic. I purchased the XMD in 45 SS version very nice gun feels good. In my opinion after purchasing several high end pistols from USA and Europe the best is the HK P30 Period !

  • Doug

    Hands down the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. I’ve had the 3.8 compact XDm .45 for a little over 2 months now with at least 1000 rounds through it. It eats every round I throw at it and has never given me a single hiccup. Dead on accurate right out of the box with no drift after 1000 rounds. The trigger pull is smooth, feel in my hand is great. 12+1 in a 3.8 compact is very nice, and the 9+1 short mag it came with made it much more concealable. For a powerful .45 it has a surprisingly low recoil, much lower than I expected for a 3.8″ barrel. Even my GF (110lbs, and at the time, a first time shooter) handled it remarkably well with nothing but praise for it. I love this gun, every time I’m at the range someone asks me about it, and all my buddies beg to try it. Highly recommended!

  • Charles

    I am not here to debate, just some infomation. I do not own a XDM. My son home from Afghanistan bought a new XDM-45. First time I had shot or even held one. He bought it because of the reviews. Accuracy was way up there. All that to ask this, Has any one of you XDM owners had a problem of it having a “failure to go into battery”. Also, you could hold the gun by the grip with the barrell pointed to the ceiling and give it a little shake and the slide would move. I was watching a comparison on you tube and they one they was shooting had the same problem. I called Springfield and they sent me a new spring. Have not shot it yet with the new spring. (by the way, I personally have only owned a 1911 until about 6 months ago when I bought a used Glock 17)

    • DaveXdm45

      Charles I just got my XDm. 45 shot it for the first time yesteday. I inserted the first full mag and pulled the slide back and made sure I watch the shell load I checked the Chamber loaded indicator it was ok.I verified the pistols cocked on the back. I aimed at the target and squeezed the trigger and nothing happened. I ejected the shelll and re-aimed and it shot fine. This never happened again the whole day. I also have a friend that has the same model and he told me his slide after a mag or 2 did not fully return he has a missfire and noticed the slide didnt return. Please advise after you shoot with the new spring

  • ibubblehead

    I have a question regarding ammo. I have a XDM 45 /4.5 and intend to shoot hornady critical duty 45 auto +P 220g flexlock. Will this be ok with this weapon?