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  • Carl

    Excellent initiative making a safety poster.
    I wonder why he chose not to use the industry standard Cooper four-rule list though. It gets kind of confusing if everyone creates their own safety rules.

  • TMM

    Hmmm.. it talks about the line of safety being PARALLEL to the direction of the gun… I think they either mean parallel to the GRIP of the gun, or they mean PERPENDICULAR to the direction of the gun….

  • DavidR

    TMM is right about “parallel” (should be “perpendicular” I’m guessing)

    Nevertheless, a very well-designed poster.

  • Jeff

    @Carl Well, if I had to pick *two* it would be those two rules. #3 is down in the yellow on the left. The blurb on the lower right is pretty helpful for those of us new to showing people how to shoot.

    Definitely it would be an improvement if he could make a good illustration with all 4 rules. David Seah always updates stuff based on feedback. Perhaps you could play with some layout/design ideas yourself and suggest them.

  • Carl

    I wasn’t knocking the layout or design. I think it looks great. And as I wrote, I welcome any pro-safety initiative, even if it isn’t exactly how I would have done it.

    My philosophy on the subject is that it probably makes sense to adhere exactly to rules long established and proven, unless you have compelling evidence that suggests a change is required.

  • Hi guys!

    I hadn’t seen Jeff Cooper’s 4 rules before now, but I like them and will make a version that covers them one day.

    I started with the three NRA rules, but dropped the last one (guns unloaded) because I learned to shoot on a hot range, and the mentality that was encouraged was to be ready but use appropriate holsters and training to prevent accidental discharge, and to handle every gun as if it was loaded, safety-off, all the time. I keep my XD loaded and ready in a safe, in a holster with full coverage of the trigger guard (a Tucker “The Answer” IWB, modified for better retention).

    I appreciate the feedback, and will think about how to make an update. Thanks!


  • Great poster, Dave! It’s always easier for beginners to remember the basics when you have a visual reference like this. It’s a good resource, thank you!