Serbian IPSC Kid

Zeljko Provic, an IPSC shooter from Pozarevac in Serbia, was 12 years old when this video was shot.

I think I wasted my childhood!

[ Many thanks to Paulo for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Don

    Wow. How do I get some of that blue lightning?


  • Martin

    part of me says a gun is just a gun, it is a thing, it may be used for awful activities – but that may also apply to a car, or baseball bat.

    part of me says that even children should be able to shoot, go plinking, if supervised by parents, or other adults.

    part of me says that this is… not wrong, but not right either. He is 12, and seems to have trained a lot. It is not wrong because of the pistol, but because I felt like watching children in a circus: no childhood, just a lot of training/practice…

    I don´t know

  • Jimbo

    Impressive and all, but that video and presentation seems to do little more than inflate that boy’s ego, which, as always concerning pre-teen boys, is never a good idea.

    I bet that kid grows up to be a narcissistic dick.

  • KBCraig

    It reminds me of the videos seen in my area, where parents hire promoters and spend thousands to produce videos that highly their sons’ football skills, hoping they’ll get a scholarship from a major school.

    This kid has great technique. I don’t know that his accuracy was so impressive, but I’ll give him a pass on that.

    At 13, my step-daughter fired a handgun for the first time (her deprived childhood wasn’t my fault; I had only married her mother a few months earlier). We had gone over the basics of sight picture, grip, and trigger pull, and she fired two mags at silhouettes for familiarization. The 1963 EG Makarov fit her quite well.

    At that point, she insisted she was ready, so I set up the 6″ falling plates at 15 yards. She cleaned the rack with 6 out of 6, in about 8 seconds. And this was her very first time to fire a handgun!

    Don’t mess with BabyGirl (who is now 20, and even better!)

  • Wait, why is he doing IPSC?! Clearly he has some sort of magical lightening producing ability! He should be working on mastering that.

    Seriously though the production is pretty bad, and what’s the point of this, to make him think he’s a hero? Reminds me of all of the kids here in Canada who think they’re going to be in the NHL and are then crushed when they find out that just because they started when they were 4 doesn’t make them the best in the world. I hope he is good, and more importantly I hope he has fun and stays safe.

    The numerous safety concerns in this video are saddening. For example there are times when he’s clearly shooting with the cameraman forward of the muzzle.

  • WeaponBuilder

    I’ve been shooting since I was 6 years old, and firing larger caliber weapons when I was 12.

    I see nothing wrong with this… The boy has been practicing, and seems to shoot pretty good for his age.

    I know a kid who at 8-years old could run an automatic H&K MP5 like a pro! He’s now 15 years old, and can outshoot a LOT of competitive shooters.

    He just chooses to play his bass guitar in a band instead – he got bored with gun play.

  • jdun1911


    That wasn’t even funny.

    Most people here don’t know but in American before most you here were born, kids like him was shooting gun and bring them to school. That all came to an end starting in the mid 60’s with pinko cowards that afraid of everything and bad parenting.

    Look the kid is using a Glock! Shouldn’t he stop using because the majority of you guys here thinkd it suck? Maybe the kid has some supper secret tech that he installed in the Glock or maybe he is just better trained than the vast majority of posters that post here.

  • Carl

    I agree something ain’t right. It’s not his technical form, it looks impressive.
    I think it’s the aggro attitude (which I wouldn’t recommend for anyone holding or carrying a gun), and possibly the safety violations.

  • Dom

    Is it just me or is that music also in Half-Life 2:E1? Possibly from Half-Life 2:E1? I think it’s when Freeman is driving around his dune buggy of death.

  • I have deleted that comment. It was not even remotely funny.

  • I have also deleted the responses to Chirols comment. I don’t think that topic even needs mentioning.

  • Squidpuppy

    Many top-notch, world class athletes start as gifted youngsters; why should shooting sports be any different?

  • Redchrome

    Bunch of things that occur to me:

    * What is GROM?

    * What are Serbian gun laws like?

    * What’s the ammo bill for this kid?

    *What’s with the funky lens flares in the video? (Let alone the lightning bolts).

    * What’s that funky strap across the back of his hand?

    * I thought putting your left index finger on the front of the triggerguard went out of fashion in the 1990s. Does he do it because of his hand size, or because no one taught him differently?

    * Someone needs to introduce him to Rob Leatham. Give him a little more technique, and hopefully some humility.