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  • James.Denholm

    It’s all fun and games until they become the terrorists of tomorrow.

    I jest, I jest! According to his YouTube channel*, he’s working on a MG42. Also paper, of course.

    Also, according to the comments on the video above, he doesn’t actually own a (real) M1911. That, I think, makes this all the more impressive.


  • ericire12

    Best prison gun evah!

  • SpudGun

    Wow, I am massively impressed. Really liked his explaination of the magazine follower activating the slide stop. Kudos.

  • Jusuchin

    Holy Christ.

  • Kyle Huff

    This is a Prohibited Device in Canada.

  • Komrad

    Pretty cool. Judging from his uncertainty with some jargon, I’d say he’s probably doesn’t shoot much if at all. When I first saw the photo, I could have sworn it was real.

  • Bora

    Can I make a down payment on the MG42? even in paper that’s a dreamy gun to own. :p

  • John Callahan

    Ok, how does he make a functioning 1911 out of paper? How does it work?

    • vincyws

      u just need to wrap a gun with a paper
      that is easy

  • DavidR

    That is crazy.

    His other stuff is just as amazing.

    Awesome find!

  • Cymond

    I present for your consideration, his working Kalashnikov made from paper:

    By ‘working’ I mean it fires blanks and squibs, also made from paper. According to his other videos, he uses some kind of priming compound and chemical propellant which technically makes it a true firearm. It actually fires low-powered projectiles and he created an accurate suppressor for it. (yeah, possible ATF trouble there)

  • Don

    That kid is a virtuoso.


  • s.z98

    ive been working on a paper uzi a real one that can shoot atleast 50ft