How Remington’s Rocket Shell Works

Remington has revealed how their new Xelerator Wad technology, which is used in the HyperSteel ammunition, works. An extra powerful primer ignites a column of power contained inside the wad. For very brief period of time wad rockets forward, much like a simple firecracker rocket, before the shells main powder charge takes over.

I suspect that the powder enclosed by the wad would be a different blend to the main charge.

[ Many thanks to Matt for sending me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Here is the patent application:“20100101444”.PGNR.&OS=DN/20100101444&RS=DN/20100101444

    David K. Schluckebier is better known for his work on Remington’s Golden Saber and Winchester Black Talon.

    • Daniel, I spent ages trying to find that. Thanks!

    • Daniel, can you please post the link again, wordpress mangled it

  • Tom Stone

    A nice variation on the old duplex and triplex loads.

  • D

    so its like a 2 stage rocket in a way?

  • me

    Im not recoil sensitive at all, but anything in 12 Gauge, pushing 1500fps and over tends to not be all that fun to shoot, for me anyways.

    Im wondering if this new wad/powder technology in anyway, helps with Newtons Third Law of Motion.

  • Other Steve

    If they had one that kept the wad intact until after the barrel it could drastically improve shotgun suppressors…. Accuracy would probably suffer greatly though

  • Carl

    It seems to me that the principle they are using is stretching out the total burning of the powder over a longer time period.

    Couldn’t you achieve something similar by simply using a slow-burning powder?

  • Maverick

    Is it just me or is that buckshot huge?

  • It will be easier if you go to the Application Number Search:

    Then enter: 20100101444

  • gewing

    I wonder if the initial chamber set off by the primer is working like a high-low pressure system, then igniting a different powder blend?

    Or maybe it is just effectively expanding the combustion chamber and thus allowing for a different blend of powders to achieve more efficient internal ballistics?

    pretty funky.

  • Jackal

    Pistol powder burns much faster than rifle/shotgun powder. They likely have a fast burning powder in the wad that starts the ignition process.

  • Sam Suggs

    the handloaders will proboly have fun with the wads after they cut them out and start exsperimenting could be the stat of a buetiful thing