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  • Vak

    Is it considered an NFA item ?

    • Vak, no, I don’t think so (its hand cranked)

  • Ya know, I’ve been wondering. If they used black powder cartridges for these back in the day, those barrels musta gotten fouled up might quick. Or did they use special smokeless loads?

    But still, you could get a lot of hell fire and brimstone outta them barrels.

    Just gotta work out the big guns in order to work that gun.

  • Martin

    You are correct, Steve. The hand crank defines the rate of fire, and excludes it from being an true machine gun. Rule 55-528, 1955-2 C.B. 482, and 26 U.S.C. 5845(b) apply.

    Still 45k! You can make your own for far less.

  • gunner”

    damm! thats a beautiful piece of work!

  • Bryan S

    Yes, you can get plans online with semi-finished parts for around $800, in a variety of calibers too.

  • I know the guy who built that gun, he lives about 20 miles from me, he does his own brass castings, and uses the orignal Colt blue prints, he builds around 6 to 7 guns each year.

    • The Duck, you should do a blog post about his operation.

    • Jerry

      Could you possibly provide some contact info for this guy. I would be interested in one of these if he still makes them.