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  • Gregor

    too late to be afraid of that trend: “Fotosnaipers” were already available in the 1940s:

    Better dont go to a war zone as a reporter using a black camera with a pistol grip, trigger and a stock.

  • As a photographer I have no idea why the hell I’d attach a reflex sight to my camera.
    Is it supposed to aid in shooting without looking through the camera or something? Just dumb.

    • grumpybear

      What do you use a point and shoot? I mounted a EOTech on my Nikon D4. My photo are centered on my subject which allows me the option of a better crop. When you are taking photo of eagles in flight there is not enough time to then locate in a 600mm lens. As a person who shoot wild life, sports and air shows I now get the shots I am looking for.

  • Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

  • James.Denholm

    Can you say that certain videoed military helicopter strike controversy over a lens thingey being mistaken for an RPG?

    On top of that, the thing just looks ridiculous.

  • Cameron

    Ummmm…. Why exactly would one do this?

  • subase

    Well let’s hope some paparazzi gets shot using one of those.

  • Scott_T

    I doubt anyone is going to think its a gun just cause thats on top. Seems like a good idea to me for the same reason they’re good for guns, quick aiming for what you want to take pictures of.

  • It could be handy for shooting fast moving stuff. Your field of view is pretty limited on an SLR, so tracking a fast object while zoomed in can be a bit tricky, say at a sporting event.

  • c. trapp


    When I was taking pictures at a riding event last year, I really would have appreceated such a configuration. In fact, I tried to build something like that from a tripod adapter plate and a red dot I had lying around. This thing would have allowed me to observe where the rider was going and to foresee when something interesting would happen without having to zoom away. It is a niche product, but for some applications it really makes sense.

  • Tuulos

    While it would work better with a low-mounted Docter or the new flip-up Hera sight, it is much more effective (and smarter too) to use either the big display on the back of the cameras or the finder so you can actually get pictures that are focused on the stuff that you want to photograph.

  • This isn’t anything new.

    I have a film camera with a fast finder on it for when you can’t get it to your eye. I happen to use mine underwater where often things are zipping around too fast that if you use the regular view finder you miss things.

    Often these sorts of hot shoe sights would be used with a shoulder mount and a medium telephoto lens for in two case.

    One to shoot fast moving subjects like motor-sports where you just aim at the cars but need to see a wider area of the action to see where they’re going and the framing doesn’t have to be perfect.

    Or with a long telephoto so you can have it roughly on target by the time you bring that 600mm f/4 with 1.4x converter to your eye. It’s just too hard to aim after it’s stuck on your face.

    Red dots are new, but it’s not really different than the wire sights on older cameras.

  • Jim

    “Can you say that certain videoed military helicopter strike controversy over a lens thingey being mistaken for an RPG?”

    There was a guy actually carrying an RPG there.

    It doesn’t surprise me that these two disciplines are converging. We after all “shoot” photos. Camera journalists have long been on the front lines. And people “hunt” birds with a lens like others do with a gun.

  • Rollerlocked

    Supposedly, it’s good for photographing birds in flight.

  • charles taylor

    seriously, what’s the point of this? This mounts the red dot up so high that the parallax would make it all but useless. And it’s not like every red dot out there has the same FOV and lens shape, so it would be useless as a viewfinder for rangefinders.

  • Zulu

    Awesome. Now when they outlaw reflex sights because “No civilian should ever have the need to aim a weapon so quickly!”, we can just say our EOTechs are for our cameras!

  • RC

    The only red-dot sight I own was designed to work as a finder scope for a astronomical telescope. AFAIK, red dots have been used for astronomical purposes for as long or longer than they’ve been used for rifle sights.

    I’d imagine that the application in this case is similar: using a low-powered sight to help the camera track or find an object while zoomed in.

  • Most digital SLR cameras can’t use the big screen on back as a viewfinder.

  • PaulD

    Using rifle stocks as a means of steadying a camera has been around for a long, long time. It’s not a trend. As for the red dot, I can’t see the point.

  • your_mum

    So if I stick a 600mm on my camera it will portray what I’ll see? I don’t think so…Maybe if you are using an SLR as a pinhole and need a good idea of what you are shooting it could work. Even still I can’t see what the adjustments are for. Use the viewfinder, thats what it’s there for. And you can shove Live View up your ass too

  • old cam

    in the old days (like 1930’s) you would use a sight like this for sporting events. they were large sights about 3″x3″ wire frame. they obviously didnt have a laser but the concept is the same….you could see more of the action with the wire frame compared to looking thru a tiny viewfinder…..journalist also used these a lot for taking images of fast action….

  • I used the red dot sight when I shot whit my Leica V-lux-1 to keep birds in flight in the frame while shooting continious mode. The EVF can’t keep up.

  • BrightsGrove

    Camera shooting flying birds or other fast action with a 1000 mm lens hand held requires both eyes open to track and lead. Even the old Crown Graphic 4X5 cameras had the wire frame for sports action. The red dot sight, properly adjusted makes it easier to track objects that can’t be followed through the viewfinder. It works.

  • Eric

    I very much dislike this trend of attaching telescope parts to guns. It is going to one day end in disaster.