Remington Expands Ilion Plant

This was expected …

Freedom Group’s COO, Joseph B. Gross, today announced that the Remington Arms facility in Ilion, New York, will add 100 manufacturing jobs as it relocates certain production from its Marlin factory in North Haven Connecticut. The 194-year-old Ilion Firearms Plant, which is the Mohawk Valley’s largest employer and the nation’s longest continuous manufacturer, will receive $5.9 million in building improvements, equipment and machinery investment over the next two years. The project will be supported with $1.5 million in grants from the Empire State Development Corporation, $200,000 in 2010 electricity cost subsidies, and the New York State Office of Community Renewal has earmarked a $750,000 New York State Community Development Block Grant for the project.

The Ilion, New York Plant. Photo from The Remington Society

Steve Johnson

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  • Redchrome

    The scale of the Remington plant is truly amazing. I drove around it and went into their museum (which is impressive in its own right). I highly recommend the visit. Upstate NY is a beautiful place to look at as well. (I just wouldn’t want to live there).

  • Vaarok

    Which, if you study local politics, is part of the manouvering to back up Paladino’s run for Governor, by showing how taxes and antigun legislation in upstate NY has screwed the economy over.

  • Eye5600

    I wonder if this is a simple consolidation, or a reflection of the difference in wage and tax rates between New York and Connecticut.

  • well it’s a good thing they closed that other plant otherwise they’d miss out on all that free (taxpayer) money

  • Lance

    Remington makes alot of guns im surprrised it took them this long.