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  • subase

    Yeah but maybe the sniper had ‘eagle vision’ as in better than normal vision like the Red Baron. Which means the little target would be a bit bigger.

  • Ironknight

    What about a 25x scope?
    I have used a sighting unit on US armored vehicles that have 25 power sights, and id doesn’t make it that much easier!

  • jdun1911

    It doesn’t matter how good their vision is. They can’t get pass the optical distortion at that range.

  • primo capo

    i suggest to read the tale of sniper in the book “tropa de elite”…(
    the sniper’s perception is not only pure sight… it’s other.

  • G

    “What about a 25x scope?”

    To be able to hit a target at 2470 meters, with a .338LM, one has to compensate a bullet drop of at least 45 mrad (assuming the scope has been zeroed at 100m).

    The problem is that the S&B PM2 5-25x56mm scope isn’t really made for such exteme elevation adjustments. The S&B scope has an elevation turret which “only” has 26 mrad of elevation. 26 mrad offers plenty of elevation adjustment for normal shooting but is clearly not enough for compensating 45+ mrad of bullet drop. So a holdover is required. But since the scope has a FFP (first focal plane) reticle this is how is sniper will see the reticle at 5x and 25x:

    As you can see the hash mark for 20 mrad has dissappered a 25x so the sniper has to pick a lower magnification to be able to do a hold over. 8x seems to be the highest magnification one can use to see the 20 mrad mark.

  • jdun1911

    primo capo,

    I used to complete in high power shooting. I know what I am talking about.

    Even at that height there are optical distortion however minor they are. Any short of distortion at that range is huge.

    Also keep in mind on his last shot he decided to disable the machinegun which as we all know is much smaller than an human size target.

  • JonMac

    ‘Other’? What ‘other’? You can probably win a Nobel Prize if you can demonstrate that one.

  • subase

    I think the ‘disabling the machinegun shot’ pretty much disproves the whole story no doubt a sniper did take three difficult shots but not at that distance.