Major news: Russia to produce Beretta guns!!!!

This is a game changer. The Russian state-owned Molot plant that used to produce RPK light machine guns will now produce a range of Beretta pistols and sporting guns. Aviation Week reports

Russia continues to gradually open its defense market for foreign manufacturers. On May 6 Russian Technologies Corporation, a giant state-controlled industrial and defense holding, announced its plans to launch a joint venture with Italian small arms manufacturer Beretta. According to the Corporation’s head Sergey Chemezov, the JV may start its work in the beginning of 2011 and will manufacture hand guns for police and intelligence agencies as well as hunting and sporting weapons. These weapons intended for both domestic market and export will be the first foreign small arms manufactured in Russia since WWI.

Could the Beretta ARX-160 be Russia’s next big export?

[ Many thanks to Lloyd for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    I wonder if a Russian model 92 will be cheaper? If not I can’t see why anyone would buy it.

  • R.A.W.

    Does anyone know of any other announcements of joint Russian/Italian projects? There was that Aermacchi/Yak advanced jet trainer a while back. Maybe the two countries are seeking closer industrial and defense ties. Putin and Berlusconi always seem to get on well for the cameras when they’re together too.

  • jaekelopterus

    Plenty of people buy Turkish Berettas through Stoeger already, and boy are they cheap. If I were Italian, I’d be sad to see those manufacturing jobs going overseas.

  • Alexey

    Wrong translation.
    They are going to close Molot.
    JV will be in Izhevsk

  • Pete

    Meant for the domestic market? I thought Russians could only own shotguns and Fudd type rifles?

  • Tux

    @ jaekelopterus
    Though I don’t know if this will be the case with the Russian deal, Stoeger only picked up the Cougar after production of the PX4 was underway, so I don’t think too many jobs were lost. Also, call me crazy, but I can’t help thinking that a Mini-Cougar in 9×18 or a 92 in 7.62×25 would be pretty cool.

  • Jim

    If the rest of “Italian” manufacturing says anything about Beretta, then even their “Made in Italy” stuff was likely made on the cheap by Chinese immigrants to Italy.

  • Lance

    Find it funny alot of Russian cops and solders use the PM Makarov and still use it for special needs. The Yargin PYa was supposed to replace the makarov fully. But its a awkward design and never made it far from Spetz Naz use. Now the Cops for patrol perposes are useing the M-92 the same as there american counterparts.

    Thats Ironic.

  • Erik

    I’d buy a Russian made PX4 or 92FS. I’d love to buy a Russian made Beretta shotgun. Russia+firearms=awesome IMHO.

  • subase

    Well they probably use *italian* 92’s cause they don’t trust plastic Austrian Glocks yet. Ironic would be if they used 1911’s : )

  • Crabula

    “Could the Beretta ARX-160 be Russia’s next big export?”

    I hope not. That thing is ugly as sin.

  • AK™

    I like the look of the ARX over the ACR..but I’m not a fan of Italy because of the POS M92.