FN SCAR production approved

From the press release …

FN Herstal, S.A. (FN) received notification from the USSOCOM Program Executive Office—SOF Warrior (PEO—SW) that the SCAR Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) was approved and signed on April 14, 2010, moving this FN program into the Milestone C phase.

This decision authorizes the production and deployment of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) MK 16 and MK 17, as well as the Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module (EGLM) MK 13.

Following a worldwide solicitation to the military firearms industry, nine vendors submitted a dozen different designs for a new modular, multi-caliber weapons system. The FN SCAR submission was the only weapons system to pass all of the Go/No-Go criteria and was unanimously chosen in November 2004 by the selection board composed of senior operators from every SOF component.

[ Many thanks to Daniel E. Watters for the info ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Bill Lester

    I just put some popcorn in the microwave…

  • Nandor

    I find this interesting seeing as many (madogre included I believe) had said that SOCOM has dropped the SCAR.

  • Redchrome

    Anyone have a link to the go/no-go criteria?
    I’ve heard some complaints about the reciprocating charging handle.

    I’ve only seen one (semi-auto) in person, and the guy shooting it was really happy with it when I talked to him. He did very well in the exercises and won the competition we were in.

  • SpudGun

    I’m glad to hear this news, I’ve always been suspicious over the third hand accounts of the SCAR in theatre. Like any new weapon, it’s going to have some teething trouble, but compared to the M16 and SA80, it’s nowhere near as troublesome as the critics would have you believe.

  • Bill

    So, if the SCAR was unanimously chosen in Nov ’04, why has nothing happened until now? its weird that there’d be such a delay in action…

  • Lance

    I find it strange that SOCOM adopited it in 2007 and noone used it and now the generals in the pentagon are forceing full production now 3 years after the fact. Alot of SOCOM are still useing M-4s and I doubt it will force it to go away completly.

    Im not surprised by this news since many Opratives said the pencil pushers are pushing this gun on them.

  • Elvis

    Let the tacticool fanboys begin their songs of praise!!!

  • WSU_HK

    I have a question for the collective group. How has the FN SCAR been received by the end users? I have heard little feedback and wanted to know if this was something that would be pushed out beyond the Special Forces anytime in the future.

  • Vitor

    A lot of people praise the great balance and lack of recoil of the SCAR. The problems seem to be the half assed stock and the reciprocating handle.

  • Ken

    I believe if John Browning were here it would have taken less time for development. Years upon years of..crapola.

  • WSU_HK

    Vitor – Thank you. I could see the reciprocating handle and stock as an issue. I wonder if they will change those complaints in the future models.

  • subase

    I think the reciprocating handle is just something you get used to and they are no doubt learning to train with just like an AK.

    As for the stocks, no real soldier folds his stock if there is any chance he might see combat. (or that it might snap) Having a longer gun is more awkward getting in and out of vehicles, that’s it, it’s just a comfort issue.

    Getting a stronger stock shouldn’t be too difficult and it’s not such a serious problem, especially for special forces.

  • Lance

    Wont happen unlike Colt and H&K, FN chose to follow a there own designand the stock cant be replaced. I think if someone wanted to get ride of that pieace of Beglian plastic to but a M-4 stock on one.

  • Jimbo

    @ Lance

    Beglians? From Beglia?

    The swine!

  • JoeB

    America should scrap the project and adopt the AK-74M for christs sake, instead of covering it up in shit plastic and calling it a SCAR.

    Ive talked to alot of people who have used the SCAR and the absolutly love it, and i have no doubt in my mind that it is a kick ass rifle, and im glad we are finnaly getting somewere with replacing the M4, but look at it this way… for how much money the government spent on this project they could of saved the money and adopted the 74M and made a few modifications to the asthetics like the polish did. No matter how much money you put into new guns, its nearly impossible to compete with an AK’s reliability and the 74’s 5.45 round is easly the best round in an assault rifle. Just because a round is used in NATO doesnt make it the best afterall.

    Besides, special forces normally use guns that fit the local color of a reason. For example, in Afghanistan, they are most likely going to use Makarovs and AK’s then M4’s and SCARS

    just my opinion

  • Lance

    Not going to happen although the AK is a great weapon. I dont see the M-4 going away. I dont know why some think it is. Since the USMC just adopted a new version the HK 416.

  • JoeB

    Yeah, thats the sad part. I know the M4 will never die in America, just like the M1 Garand has never died, its too iconic in American culture. I would still take a SCAR over an HK416 any day

  • Rijoenpial

    Hi guys!

    Regarding the biggest complain from FN SCAR users, that is certainly not a problem for SOCOM operators, as we all know that most, if not all the USArmy and SOCOM operators use the foregrip… Check Afghanistan and Iraq photos and you’ll notice that…

    I also think that the feedback from SCAR users demonstrate that SCAR, despite the polymer lower receiver and telescopic folding stock, is a remarkable shooter, very accurate, light and fits well on the hands…

    There will certainly be aftermarket charging handles for civilian users, and also folding stocks from Magpul and other aftermarket accessories manufacturers…

    So, the biggest complaint is actually moot, since there will be (there already are) aftermarket foregrips, charging handles and other accessories to match civilian individual tastes…

    There are already the E-Mag and the Troy mag will come out shortly (as well as various other TRoy accessories for the SCAR – check the Troy site for more info), and more will follow… FN is probably too busy at the moment manufacturing the high numbers of SCARs to be delivered to USSOCOM, so you probably shouldn’t expect FN to present alternative accessories for the time being… Magpul, Troy and the others are the ones to look forward to…

    I am pleased that the FN SCAR was finally approved for mass production, as I am certain the SOF operators have the best rifle on the market, a rifle made to meet their requirements…

    And it is a weapon that is and will be continually evolving to meet the ever changing requirements in the field…

    And who better than FN to do that?


  • Aviación Chile

    Anyone have heard about the use of the platic magazine in the FN SCAR? I know that SOCOM uses the plastic model, but FN never recomend the use of this element in favor of the traditional Aluminium or Steel magazine for a better perfomance.