Ferrari making guns?

The Telegraph posted this photo of a captured Mexican drug lord gun collection …

The Infomador had this to say about the raid (Kindly translated by Ztryfe)…

A drug lord “El Lobo” (The Wolf) was arrested in October 2009 in Jalisco, tearing appart its organization, from there the military and Federal government have been continuing the take down, today has been revealed that a “small” arsenal was seized, 6 Rifles, 32 hand guns and about 700 units of ammunition. The guns and rifles have custom gold and silver finishes with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. The weapons apparently belonged to “El Lobo” since many of them have engravings with his name and alias.

More proof that money does not buy class.

[ Many thanks to Fred, Ztryfe and Mik for emailing me links about this story. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Nick Pacific

    Class is relative. I have one family member who is a collector, but his personal babies…

    Let’s just say he’d envy El Lobo’s pieces.

  • jaekelopterus

    If I were going to dress up my AR like a cheap whore, I think that I’d at least ditch the mil-spec plastic parts and get some nicer furniture.

  • Redchrome

    Dear god is that a gold-plated silencer in front of the optic on that AR?

    • Redchrome, it sure is 😉

  • Beaumont

    General Patton would burst a blood vessel from apoplexy.

  • RJG

    Class? It is definitely a classy collection by Mexican cultural standards. Pickup a copy of low-rider magazine. Custom paint, gold. silver, chrome, engraving unique to you, its all there.

  • Robert

    You’ve got to wonder what gunsmith did all of that work.

  • brian

    Is that ar just about the stupidest thing ever?-Yes

    Do I still really really want one?-Unfortunately that’s also a yes…

  • Aldo

    Es necesario tanto mal gusto…?
    Solo en Mexico!

  • Tony

    …Apparently, money also can’t buy ammo over there – only 700 rounds?!? I have way more than that in my closet – and I consider my ammunition situation to be critical!

  • die_frosty

    Looks like the plated guns are wrapped in foil!

  • zach

    Only one I like is the 1911 with black slide, stainless frame with light engraving and the Ferrari emblem.

  • Squidpuppy

    What is wrong with this guy? Where’s the mother of pearl and ivory! Some people…

    If you ran a cook-off trial with those things, would the gold melt?

  • jamie

    If i was told these were liberaces private guns, i would have believed it. If you are a bad as mexican drug crime lord, this should not bode well for the guy who paid probably $300,000 for all these guns.

  • gunner”

    as you said, “money can’t buy class” and “tarted up like a cheap whore” is also descriptive. i wouldn’t give those things house room even if i had george soro’s money.

  • Atizona

    Wow…. The sure cure for combat Tupperware! When is the next phoenix gun show!

  • Clodboy

    Plastic and gold really don’t seem to go together all too well.

    Still, I have to admit I actually liked that Golden AK they confiscated last year, which sported an intricately carved wooden foregrip and thumbhole pistol grip (Yes, the thing actually had a thumbhole, but no shoulder stock). Wholly impractical, but actually of some artistic value IMO.

    I think I just had an idea: If Damien Hirst was able to sell his diamond-encrusted skull for 50 million British pounds (~roughly a 100 million US dollars, IIRC), then Mexican drug lords might want to consider dealing in gilded/diamond-encrusted art-guns rather than black tar heroin.

  • Ed

    Ugly as home made sin!

  • AK™

    Anyone ever play Army of Two for the XBox 360? You can have that “look” to a lot of the guns in that game.

  • gunner”

    come to think of it, if i could get my hands on george soro’s money, all of it, a lot of “gun control” outfits would end up on street corners panhandling for spare change ’cause the gravy train would stop running forthwith.