Shooting Al Capone’s Thompson

Jonathan (whose iPad application I just blogged about) was taken to the Chicago police range and given the opportunity to shoot one of Al Capone’s Thompson submachine guns.

What came out of that case was an amazing piece of American history – Al Capone’s original Thompson submachine gun. Just looking at it made me excited and anxious, but when I saw the rangemaster loading magazines, I realized this was going to be more than just a lesson in history. He took me to the firing line, gave me a quick talk about its function, then handed the beautiful antique to me as the the rest of the class smooshed their faces into the glass to get a peek

Steve Johnson

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  • scurvy

    Thompson’s are wicked fun to shoot. Hope I someday get a chance to shoot one with as much history as that one!

  • SpudGun

    How happy does Jonathan look?! Good on him, I’ve fired a few Tommy Guns in my day and they are lovely bits of kit. They do weigh a lot more then they look though, which took me by surprise. But on the flip side, recoil was very easy to manage.

    To paraphrase Bart Simpson ‘Whoa, history comes alive.’

  • Lance

    Cool now shoot is 1911.

  • Too bad that only the privileged in Chicago can even own something like that. An average Joe would face federal prison for even touching that gun outside of the police station.

  • droool….

    Now there’s a tale for the grandkids – the day ol’granpappy got to shoot the gun of the most infamous gangster in history of the world.

    sweet – seriously cool!

  • jarubla

    wow! Very interesting, thanks for sharing