Remington enters 1911 accessory market

Remington will be selling a limited range of accessories alongside their new 1911 R1 pistol. These include two aftermarket grips, seven and eight round magazines (the R1 is supplied with 7 round mags) and a 1911 maintenance multi-tool.

Remington 1911 rosewood laminate grips
Remington 1911 double diamond G-10 grips
Remington 8 round magazine (also available are 7 round mags)
Remington 1911 Multitool

Steve Johnson

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  • johnny donuts

    Wonder who makes the mags for them.

  • KalashniKEV

    It’s actually pretty funny, but I LOVE the DDs in the stock photo, but was disappointed to see the stylized “R” on their aftermarket grips. Similarly, I was really disappointed to see the billboard style roll marks on the slide. I think they would have been much more successful with a “Remington Rand” style mark or virgin slide.

    • KalashniKEV, Remington Rand was a different company to Remington Firearms.

  • Patrick

    Either their version of the 1911 is much different than mine or I’m not sing the right tools. I cannot remember needing a bottle opener or a phillips head screw driver to completely take down mine down.

  • Al T.

    I think the “R” needs to be bigger and more obtrusive – NOT! 🙂 Unless those grips are going for ten bucks or so, I don’t think this is a winner.

  • Paul810

    While I can’t say for sure, I think Mec-Gar is making Remington’s magazines. They look awfully similar and the way Remington describes their magazines is similar to Mec-Gar’s description.

  • KalashniKEV

    Oh, I know it was a different company (they made typewriters) and didn’t mean to imply that, only that a rollmark in that style would be a popular seller, I think. Even the original Colt slide markings are too busy for my taste.

  • 4Cammer

    Series 80? Why? Sorry, have to pass.

  • Joe

    I would imagine that on the next version there will be an accessory rail and no snag rear sight?

  • WeaponBuilder

    The 1911 shouldn’t require ANY tools to disassemble it…

  • Tony

    Gee whiz, that Remington magazine sure looks familiar… I think I have a bunch of them already, only mine are labeled “Mec-Gar”. 🙂

  • Lance

    The only thing missing is a model with a built on 1913 rail. Wish they had one.

  • Speaking of not needing multitools, a GI-style M1911 can be detail stripped using its own parts for tools.

  • Dan

    Regarding the sight cuts – Remington advertises them as Novak cuts but my gunsmith says they aren’t. Anyone try to install sights on theirs? Encounter any difficulties?

    • Josh

      The rear is a Novak, on the R1 enhanced anyways, and the front is a heine, or however u spell it, I just priced out 3 dot night sights for mine

  • Turfinit

    You don’t need a tool if you have man hands

  • Thomas O’Docharty

    I find my 1911 R1 to be an excellent weapon. It is well balanced, shoots a tight group and I have had no jams whatsoever…What else does one really need. I bought it for practice and self defense. I have 150% pleased with this weapon. My experience with all types of firearms covers over 45 years. Anyone who wants more than this weapon gives you wants fluff…and fluff is ok if that’s what you want…. Me I like a basic weapon that does what it’s make to accurate, is balanced and dependable .