XM8, MP5+grenade launcher, Hk417s … weapons of the Royal Malaysian Navy

The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) had their 76th anniversary last month. At a show they put on celebrating the anniversary their special forces group, PASKAL, had their weapons on display. I was quite surprised to see a XM-8 and MP5 with grenade launcher!

Many thanks to Malaysia reader Faisal who kindly obtained permission from the photographer, ikansadinmknorang [at] panggilanpertiwi [dot] forumotion.net, for me to post these photos.

First sighting of an XM-8 in a long time!
MP5 with grenade launcher!
MP7 and AK-102
Who knows what this rifle is? Robar RC50
HK416 and M4
Old School

More photos here.

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  • ludo

    The grenade laucher on the mp5 is a strange mix but I like that!

  • James

    I think the unknown bolt-action rifle with the giant magazine is a Robar, maybe? Not certain – just a guess.

    Also, the second to the last pic of the 416 has the S&B scope on backwards. Oops!!

  • My guess on the bolt action is a McMillan Tac-50

    The AK is a AK-105 or AK-102 since it is a short barrel with a 5.45 or 5.56 mag.

  • JHC

    The S&B on the HK416 (2nd to last pic) is backwards…

  • Greeneyes

    I think it’s a mc millen/mullen I forgot how it’s spelled tac-50

  • flax

    “The grenade laucher on the mp5 is a strange mix but I like that!”

    Half-Life Baby:)

    That brings a tear to the eye of every oldscool pc gamer.

    No serious they seem to have a fable for german guns.

  • Steve

    The rifle looks like a McMillan 50 with a shortened barrel.

  • IS it me, or is the scope on the 416 mounted backwards?

  • Mike

    In the picture of the HK416 and the M4, it looks like the HK416 looks like its got a 1-4 optic of some sort… put on bass-ackwards.

  • Flakt

    that’s an AK-104.

  • Flakt

    correction, AK-105. it’s the shortened AK-74M in current use with the russian military.

  • Andy in Connecticut

    Ha! First time I saw an MP5 with a grenade/”rocket” launcher was in in “End of Days” with Arnie.

    Still, what’s up with that XM8? I thought they never made production? Perhaps some rich prince convinced HK to part with one….

    • Andy, I think HK probably sent them some for evaluation. I would be interested to know if any Princes (sons of Sultans have the title price, I think … I was last in Malaysia a very long time ago) or Sultans are gun nuts (Each province has a Sultan, one of which is chosen to be the King).

  • anonymous

    The unknown bolt action is a mcmillan tac-50 50 BMG in a micmillan big mac stock.

  • Matthew S.

    Some sexy Hardware throughout, nice!

  • Burst

    Gordon Freeman approves.

    The British company Istec makes a grenade launcher specifically for the MP5-series, but pictures (and usage) are somewhat rare.

  • Matt

    Arnie had an MP5 with an M203 in “End of Days”.

  • Clodboy

    That AK is most likely an AK-102 (chambered in 5.56)… unless it’s an AK-105 (which is pretty much indistinguishable visually) they might use for black ops in regions where 5.45mm ammo is common.

  • Quinn

    I believe the unknown bolt action is a mcmillan tac-50.

  • Lance

    Interesting I find a service with a AK-74SU and a H&K 416 in the same service. As for the XM-8 only a few are around mabie they bought a prototype. H&K gave up the desighn after the Army dumped the project. They could use it with there G-36s since they are near idetical internally.

    And Steve thats a AK-74SU it has a 5.45 magazine and a SU flashhider and gas tube.

    Finally its interesting to see there regular M-4s have a foldable front sight.

  • Gregor

    @ James: You are right. Its a Robar RC50, previously known as the Robar SR-50: http://www.robarguns.com/rc50.htm

  • Connor

    The bolt action is defiantly a McMillan, Im not sure if its a Tac-50, -300, —308 etc. Some nice guns here, i like the MP-7.

  • Anonymous

    The Bipod is on backwards too.

  • Josh

    I would think that a military force putting on a display of their weapons would have the good sense to ensure that the selector switches on the weapons remained in the “safe” position. I’ve come to expect a different level of care from civilians, but I’ve noticed that neither I nor any of my veteran pick up or set down a weapon without checking that the safety is on. Some of those weapons even have magazines in them with safeties off.

    Maybe it’s just me, but if I were teaching someone about firearm use and safety and they put a weapon down without engaging the safety, we’d have a problem.

  • Huxley’s Disciple

    I like old school.

  • Flakt

    third correction. its an AK-102, and that’s not an MP7, it’s a UMP. look at the magazine shape and where it’s positioned.

    on the 1st picture, looks like a glock 26 with a suppressor, and a beretta 92.

    5th picture, G36, M249 Para. my assumption for the MP5’s grenade launcher would be to fire baton rounds maybe, since HE rounds would be unlikely in the scenarios it is used, mostly for ship boarding etc.

    p.s: delete my other comments.

  • Connor

    To better my earlier comment, judging by the magazine size, it does look like the Tac-50 which is a .50 BMG. This rife holds the worlds second longest kill shot, by a Canadian sniper in Afghanistan at 1.509 miles. (The longest is by a British sniper Steve blogged about the other day, using an L115A3.) The Canadian shot a Taliban RPK gunner. Also the rifle to the left of the Tac-50 is the L115A3.

  • zach

    looks more like a McMillan to me, at least the stock

  • Tyson Chandler

    Is the crossbow really part of the display? or is it in there for the sake of good humor? If it is part of their gear, what would be the application for it? Sorry, I had to ask.

    • Tyson, probably not used as a weapon but they are commonly used for covert line throwing. The Indian marine commandos used crossbows as weapons not so long ago.

  • Darren

    the unknow rifle looks like a mcmillan tac 50 sniper rifle i think it has a different stock though just a guess 😀

  • R_Ogozalek

    I was thinking a McMillian Tac-50

  • J.T.

    That one rifle is definitely a Robar RC50.

  • Graham

    @Flakt, look behind the AK-102, the MP7 is there, the UMP is in the foreground

  • curtis

    wow that’s a lot of variety there armorers must have a nightmare training school.

  • Lance

    Its a AK-74SU or a AK-105 its a 5.45mm mag 5.56 AK mags are more stright.

  • Clodboy

    “And Steve thats a AK-74SU it has a 5.45 magazine and a SU flashhider and gas tube.”

    Actually, if you look at the gas tube, you’ll see it extends an inch or two past the handguard – the gas tube on the AK-74SU barely protrudes from the handguard.

    The AK-102 and AK-105 have SU flash hiders and an intermediate-length barrel (12.4 inches vs 8.3 for the 74SU)

  • Don


    Not sure of relevant but the state of Johor (which borders Singapore) is the only Sultanate that has a private army that answers only to the Sultan of Johor, not to the Federal Government in Putrajaya. The private army is commanded by the Crown Prince of Johor.

    Although the only (reliable?) source on the internet is Wikipedia regarding this private army states that they’re mainly ceremonial, they retain some form of fighting capability. Rumours had it that they were only recently asked by the Malaysian Army to hand over their stocks of MILAN antitank launchers.

    • Don, thats interesting. I was not aware any of them had standing armies. Maybe they were worried about the prodigal son Singapore deciding to expand 😉

  • Cody

    They scope is definitely on backwards, as are the bipods. Navy Seals they are not…

    • I am pretty sure the commandos themselves know how to mount scopes. Some sailor was probably given a box of old scopes and bipods and told to make the guns look pretty.

      • I am told that the AK is a AK-102 and that the MP5 is a Bruger & Thomet (B&T) MP5 and the anti-material rifle is a Robar RC50.

  • Flakt

    ahaha. i didn’t even notice the MP7. :p

  • Vitor

    Well, the XM8 was dumped, but not before making the M4 looking like a sissy gun that can’t stand sand. =)

  • For what its worth, the Robar RC50 uses a McMillan action and stock.

    The grenade launcher on the MP5 looks like the R/M Equipment M203PI.

  • DaMan

    wow….wtf do they have all the latest and greatest? nah im just kidding….it seems like a real mixed bunch to me. a trash bin of guns being testing or sitting around.

  • Andy in Connecticut

    Ha! Thanks Steve. Kinda neat that I have something in common with Sultans. =)

  • WJS

    Hi Steve,

    I’m from Malaysia and if I’m not mistaken, the Sultans of every state has their own Royal Regiment, which is a small military force that is fully loyal to the Sultan. Rumor had it then when the Federal Government deployed armed Federal Reserve Unit battalions (who have live ammo) to forcefully disperse election reforms rallies in KL a couple of years back, the Selangor Sultan had his Royal Regiment in their armored personnel carriers on standby to engage the police in the event that they open fire on the public with live rounds.

    Most special forces in Malaysia obtain a few units of the latest and greatest light arms for testing and evaluation purposes, and only those that a majority of them like end up being fielded. Hence, we see such a mixed bag with the Malaysian special forces divisions.. one unit uses HK416 as the standard assault rifle, and another uses Sig-553. Yet another will settle for Colt M4s. Their sniper rifle systems are equally varied.

    I wonder if it has even been a major headache for the Ministry of Defense to maintain a decent spare parts inventory for such a broad variety of weapons for such a small country.

    • WJS, thanks for the info. That is interesting.

  • Verex


    please do not post any misleading information about Malaysia.

    A true Malaysian would know that the army cannot be mobilized to fight in our own country if the state of emergency is not declared.The talk of other sultan having their own army is purely rubbish.

    Only The sultan of Johor have his own private army, It is called Timbalan Setia Negeri or better known as Johor Military Force… its equipment aren’t made public and there are rumours about the having Milan anti-tank launchers.

    The reason JMF is still operating is because it is older than the constitutional

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