US PALM Tactical 22 1911-style Pistol

I just saw this over at Soldier Systems. The US PALM Tactical 22 is patterned after the 1911. The frame is made by 1911 manufacturer Caspian Arms and the upper by Marvel Custom. It features a match grade barrel (1″ at 50 yards accuracy is claimed), threaded barrel, lightweight alloy frame and match grade trigger group. It is available with either adjustable sights or a picatinny rail. Both models are priced at $1,499.95. No cheap!

Adjustable sights model
Picatinny rail model

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  • subase

    Plinking in style!

  • Meltron

    no cheap?

  • Sian

    beautiful. It’s interesting how the slide is only part of the ‘traditional’ 1911 slide, leaving the top a stationary, solid platform for mounting optics. I bet the thing will drive tacks.

  • GeoffH

    That’s a lot of money for a .22 pistol. Do you think they will sell many?

  • slntax

    i was wondering anyone know a cheap 22 conversion that works on 1911, for economic and training purposes. i havent been able to find any detailed reviews on the net.

  • Carl

    Weird. Is there a competition class that this thing fits into?
    If not it seems like a lot of money for a plinker. I’m guessing any dedicated target pistol will wipe the floor with this one in the accuracy department.
    But, whatever floats your boat…

  • Alone, the retail price of Marvel Precision’s Unit 1 kit with the threaded barrel starts at $498. The basic steel Caspian Race Ready Recon frame retails about $337, but US PALM states that it is a lightweight frame. Caspian doesn’t sell aluminum frames anymore to the public, so that leaves the titanium version at $546. Add another $85 if you get Caspian to cut the checkering. The ambidextrous thumb safety appears to be an Ed Brown, which is around $55. The grip safety kind of looks like a Wilson Combat 298 without the Posi-Release tab. That would cost about $38. Add $18 more for the frame if you want Caspian to pre-cut it for the grip safety radius of your choice. The hammer and trigger appear to be STI, so lets assume the sear is as well. You would have to add $45, $26, and $22, respectively. The Mil-Tac G10 grips are $69, and the included spare magazine is at least $30. Of course, you will need some other parts like the disconnector, hammer strut, magazine release assembly, plunger tube assembly, grip screws and bushings, various pins, mainspring, mainspring cap, and three-finger spring. Then there is also the cost of having all of the parts fitted, and having a finish applied to the completed pistol.

    Admittedly, US Palm is not paying retail for these parts, but you can see how fast the cost would add up if you tried to duplicate it by yourself.

  • By the way, the Marvel slide/barrel configuration duplicates the S&W Model 41 and the discontinued M1911 .22 conversion kits from Kart Precision and Day Arms. These conversions have been popular in formal Bullseye competition. If you have a M1911 .38 Special conversion or one set up for .45 “softball”, you can run the rimfire, centerfire, and service pistol events with a trio of M1911.

  • Burst

    Beautiful pistol, even if it’s a little beyond my price range.

    I’d be interested to know why that rail/ slide system couldn’t be duplicated on a .45- not enough room for the ejection port?

  • subase

    Wow, there must be a real demand for custom 1911’s, you can even sell .22lr version for $1,499.95!

    Kind of gratuitous for U.S PALM though, (otherwise known as “US PRIMARY ARMAMENT LOGISTICAL MANUFACTURING”) I thought they were all serious and stuff.

  • Jack Luz

    Why can’t they make a 9mm version?

  • Noah

    I’d like to agree with Daniel E. Waters. I recently built my own dedicated .22, and tried to make it the best possible .22 that I could imagine. I used a Marvel 6″ Unit 1 top end and an STI Master frame with the long, heavy dust cover. I put on an SVI Mag well, bought EGW internals and Ed Brown safties and had Clark Custom Guns put the whole thing together. It’s a maginificent .22 pistol, and the test group that came with the Marvel unit showed a 10-shot, sub 1″ group that was fired at 50 yards.

    I think it’s great that they’re selling a gun like this, and the price, while high, is justified.

  • Cymond

    Burst, 1911-style 22 pistols use a fixed, not tilting, barrel system. In this case, the rail is directly mounted to the barrel. On a standard 1911, the entire barrel and slide both move. This requires the scope rail to mount directly to the lower frame to remain stationary. Mounting optics to a moving part is hard on the optics. The extra weight on the moving parts will slow them down and reduce reliability.

  • Burst

    Thanks for that.

    I figured with all the .22 conversions to existing 1911s, the internals would behave more similarly. my mistake.

    One wonders about those centerfire pistols with fixed barrels, though…

  • There was an outfit that made a centerfire, fixed barrel, gas-delayed conversion for the M1911. One of their offerings resembled the slide/barrel configuration of the .22 conversions from Day, Kart, Peters Stahl/Pachmayr, and Marvel.

  • Jesse

    That looks pimp but dear god is that a lot of money. Now the 1911 guys are paying a lot of money to plink.

  • AJ

    slntaxon 04 May 2010 at 6:16 am link comment

    i was wondering anyone know a cheap 22 conversion that works on 1911, for economic and training purposes. i havent been able to find any detailed reviews on the net.

    KIMBER makes one. As does COLT, they are all approx the same price. New the Kimber is $499.