Remington 1911 R1 reviews and photos

While 1911s have been around for about 100 years, any new product line from a major firearm maker like Remington really is a big deal. The first reviews of the Remington 1911 R1 have started rolling in.

Richard Mann at Tactical Life has reviewed the new pistol

Serious minded self defense practitioners and other savvy gun owners will first want to know if it’s reliable, accurate and everything a real 1911 is supposed to be. I’m at 367 rounds and counting.

Over at the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated the editor, Guy Sagi, has taken plenty of beautiful photos of the pistol …

More photos here, here and a slideshow here.

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  • Al T.

    “I’m at 367 rounds and counting”……. That’s pretty silly. IMHO, that’s a very low round count for a T&E on a new gun made by a new (to 1911s) maker.

  • Bill Lester

    It’s 11:39am my time and I just got off the phone with a fellow by the name of Daniel at Remington’s NC headquarters. He was willing to say that he is “almost certain” the pistols are 100% made in Ilion, not just assembled there from non-American parts. Daniel said this is the number one question people are asking by phone and via e-mail regarding the new R1. Daniel has an outstanding request up the chain of command to confirm what’s what. The second most asked question is the MIM content, if any. I suggested that Remington may want to issue a press release with this information and Daniel will pass that to his boss. He also said he’s handled a couple of R1’s over the past several months and thought they were well finished and tightly spec’d.

  • Redchrome

    I don’t understand the appeal of the flat mainspring housings on M1911s which have become so popular in the past decade or two it seems. They make the pistol point too low for me and what seems to be the majority of other people. I could use a higher-than-normal housing myself; something closer to the bump on the bottom of a Glock grip.

    I can compensate for the flat housing with wrist angle, grip, and practice; but I’d rather have something that pointed more naturally.

  • Bill Lester


    Agreed on flat vs. arched mainspring housings. If I get one of these R1’s, it will be changed before a round goes down range. I really like the wood grip panels though.

  • WPZ

    Well, I have to spend money on flat housings for my 1911 to get the bullets to go where they belong. I shot my first 1911 for decades before discovering how much better I shot when I changed it to flat.

    I agree 367 is barely a good range session, not a test.
    Maybe 367 Gold Dots might be interesting.
    Meanwhile, may heaven deliver us from yet another “tight” 1911.
    A practical 1911 is a rattly old tool. I have a beat-up 1947 Super that’s gone thousands of rounds without a hiccup and is perfectly accurate enough for anything a sane person would try to do with a personal defense autoloader.
    Same goes for a 1991 I picked up right-price three years ago for a spare. It’s not real loose, but it’s not tight. Four thousand rounds and still waiting for a problem
    Tight guns cough. Rattly old Colts don’t.
    Sorry, have a little curmudgeon thing going today.

  • Paul810

    @ Redchrome

    I’m the opposite. I have somewhat large hands and the flat mainspring housing on my 1911 points more naturally for me that an arched housing or the ‘Glockish’ bump. With the latter I tend to shoot somewhat high.

    That’s only for full size pistols though. As handguns get smaller I like arched mainspring housing or glock style bump, as it moves from the muscular bottom part of my hand (where it made me shoot high) to the more hollow center of my hand (where it locks right into place). Unfortunately, you don’t tend to see compact/sub-compact 1911s with anything other than a flat mainspring housings. (Which is one of the reasons I prefer Glock subcompacts over 1911 style subcompacts, even though I prefer shooting full size 1911s over full size Glocks….kinda screwy right?).

  • Al T.

    “assembled there from non-American parts”

    An industry member has stated in an open forum that the slide and frame are not made in the USA. Some dweeb answering the phone is not an authority and “almost certain” is hardly reassuring.

    “MIM content, if any” – again, most small parts are reported to be MIM.

    That being said, if the darn thing runs, it matters not of which it’s made. Just accept the fact that MIM may fail sooner than forged parts and that for $700 bucks, it’s darn hard to get a true high performance 1911. Otherwise, Kimber, Nighthawk, Ed Brown and Baer would not be selling over priced guns.

  • Tyson Chandler

    I agree with Redchrome, arched mainspring housings are the way to go. They just feel better in the hand. All of my defense 1911’s have them with the longer type trigger that you see in most modern 1911’s. I am not such a fan of the short trigger that the R1 has. I also have to agree with Al T. 367 is nothing for round count. It seems like most of the plastic pistols, (Glock, M&P, XD) stand up for 40k and 50k rounds. So they can update us at 40,367…that would get my attention.

  • Whatever

    Is the barrel in the pictured 1911 longer than five inches? It looks like it is to me.

  • Bill Lester

    Geez guys, give Mr. Mann (I had to do it) a break. There probably aren’t a whole lot of these pistols out for public testing yet. Three hundred, sixty seven rounds is a whole lot better than saying “it’s a pretty pistol” and leaving it at that. I’m sure the extended tests are in the works.

    AI T,

    I’d be interested to know who your “industry member” is and how they know so much about the R1 when the Remington answer people aren’t sure.

  • Redchrome

    For those who like flat mainspring housings; more power to you. 🙂
    I know a fellow with a ratty old Rock Island M1911 who says he’s put 100K rounds through it, and it still shoots well enough even tho the barrel is pretty worn. He likes his flat mainspring housing just fine; but he has meatier hands than I do.

    I’ve found that a set of shooting gloves make flat housings fit my hand better. Also, Officers-sized M1911s don’t bother me so much with their flat housings since the bottom of my hand hangs off the bottom of the grip a little. So it’s definitely a personal thing based on the shape of the hand.

    I really like having my hand stabilized at two points on the backstrap; one up high and one down low. Note how a Glock grip is concave at the back instead of convex like most designs? This means your hand bears at the top and the bottom of the grip instead of at one point right in the middle. This gives me much more stability. I hate XDs, CZ75s, and Hi-Powers because of the bump really high on the grip that the gun wants to pivot around under recoil.

    That said; your hands are your hands and I’d really love to be able to look at someone’s hands and say “you need X pistol”; but I can’t do that — yet. 😉

  • Al T.

    Bill, take a look at Tam’s blog for her 1911 entry and see Ed Foster’s comments.

  • Bill Lester

    Ok, so who is “Ed Foster?” I doubt he has anything to do with Remington, because if I were his boss he’d be called on the carpet for the somewhat snarky tone of that blog entry. Current employees of a company don’t stay current for long when they poo poo the latest product line.

  • Tam


    The world of 1911 frames is a very small one. Whether forged or cast, there are a limited number of sources. The MSRP of the R1 very strongly indicates that Remington did not set up the tooling to forge frames in-house.

    One quick question: Is the plunger tube integral?

  • Bill Lester


    With respect to in-house frames, Remington may be willing to invest in the tooling to do so if they plan to make a big indent on the 1911 market. If the bean counters think it makes sense, they’ll do it. Regardless, as long as the frame is American-made I’m interested.

    BTW, can you comment on “Ed Foster?” Do you know if he’s in a position to speak with authority on the subject of these pistols’ parts?

  • Al T.

    “BTW, can you comment on “Ed Foster?” Do you know if he’s in a position to speak with authority on the subject of these pistols’ parts?”

    Google is your friend. 🙂 Yeah, Ed is well known and quite the authority.

  • Bill Lester

    AI T,

    You’re kidding, right? Why don’t I just Google “John Smith” while I’m at it.

  • Jesse

    367 rounds is hardly enough to prove the gun to be reliable.

  • Ray

    If Ya’ll will read it again there were 2000 rds fired in his test also went through more on proto type during factory test. Weapon did really well on its first test.

  • Mr1911

    Thanks for a look at the new pistol, I’m really going to have to check one out for myself when they arrive in my erea.

    Note to all the armchair know-it-alls,….(you know who you are);

    Unless you are an undustry insider or proffesional armorer I’d suggest you hold your tounge before you start your sniper fest on the statements made about the what, where and how the components are made.

    I’ve been in the manufacturing field as a tool & die machinist and I know how the frames are made and where, so until I can physicaly handle one for myself to prove otherwise, I’ll just go with what the company reps say.

  • Aurelien

    Had a little chat with the guts from Remington at Eurosatory today. No R1 for us europeans (they didnt have it on the booth either) until 2011. That sucks.

  • X-Ring

    Geez…. enough about the mainspring housings. The beauty of the 1911 is you can have it either way (you can have it your way… like Burger King). So, shoot which ever you like. One of the reasons the 1911 is so popular after all these years is because you can do so much to “personalize” you weapon.
    Now can we get back to the Remington R1 review???

  • BigKev

    Just bought the R1. Very very pleased. As an engineer I would say that the pistol is very well built and machined. I have put about 1000 rounds through it and it has performed beautifully. Very good buy for the price. Plus it is giving Americans jobs. Who doesn’t like that.

  • c. phil

    purchased remington r1. got it home then noticed diamonds missing from left grip. called, they’re sending new pair. while shooting first time, had a failure to eject. upon tear down for cleaning found nicks in the upper section of feed ramp- deep cuts near top, seven in all. didn’t notice before going to range as the ramp was not polished. remington has sent a call tag to look at the marks – – never seen anything like this!

  • Ray

    Just bought my 2nd R-1 1911. fuction great right out of the box. My 1st is in ser.# 22000 my 2nd in ser.#64000 1st one have had about 2500 rds threw it no problem as of yet. 2nd one fired about 150 rds. threw it today no problems. Altough it is not a costom gun it is a fine weapon. I am sure there will be some lemons in the batch. They are what they are. I am happy to see the 13/4 and 2.5 inch grouping not bad for a plain production 1911, if Remington builds a coustom ,i believe that would be one fine pistol.

  • john E

    I had plans to carry my 1911R1 on duty as a deputy sheriff. It’s the most accurate semi-auto I’ve fired in a long time. However, I’ve experienced several failures to feed, especially on the last round, failures to eject, and the slide fails to stay open after firing the last round. This occurred with with both both Speer and Winchester Ammunition and with three top brands of magazines. Because of the accuracy I have not given up on this gun, but I woun’t be carrying it on duty until I figure it out.

  • John Evans

    I bought, fired and disassembled my Remington R1. Several people on the internet reported the pistol shooting low and right, as mine did. Remington informed me the sights were Novak cut, but they did not offer different heights. This is where a file comes in handy. After that, accuracy was very good with lead target loads.
    The trigger had some creep, so I took it down to clean it up. I polished the flat side of the disconnector (very rough) and where the trigger stirrup meets the disconnector. This was all this particular gun needed. The mainspring housing had to be forcibly removed. This part is thinner than Kimbers or Springfields. I also tried a different barrel bushing and it would not turn in the slide. Firing pin, slide lock, safety and ejector are the same as my other 1911’s. Good to know the breakable parts can be replaced with aftermarket parts.
    I’m writing this to tip off other buyers that this is a good 1911 style pistol, but may not be a good platform gun for modification. I like this pistol very much now that I have a good trigger (I like 3.5 lbs) and the sights are where I want them. It shoots about 4 inches at 25 yards. Well enough for a fun gun.

  • Kahill Smith

    After saving for several months I purchased my Remington R1 1911 yesterday. Took it home, ran a swab down the barrel to remove any lubricant in preparation for the range today. Took it to the range, loaded it up, aimed, and no ignition. Something is wrong with the firing pin. I’m taking it back to Williams Gun Sight tomorrow so their gunsmiths can take a look at it.

  • masterofnotmuch

    new? you do know that remington was contracted to manufacture 150,000 1911 pistols to help aid Russia, Britain and France during World War I they also teamed up with a typewriter company named rand and where contracted to manufacture 200,000 for WW2. Remington Rand produced a 1911 pistol that became famous for its dependability, accuracy and durability so i have no idea how you didn’t know that if your a gun guy like myself.

  • john E

    It’s been a while since my last coment. My Remington 1911 is still failing me. The plunger tube was not staked in properly. It went back to the factory and they didn’t pick up on it. I’ve had it fixed elsewhere twice. It’s still very accurate but not reliable enough to bet my life on it. I have another very reliable handgun to carry but I’m through with the Remington factory for repairs.

  • Ray

    I have heard alot of R1 failers. I own three of them, have not had even a stove pipe out of any one of mine. Sorry guys that your R1s are have problems. So far i have not had any. The R1 was not built as a race pistol , but in saying that mine do very well in time shooting and is right on target. For what they are and how they are built they are ok. They will never be a Colt nor a Kimber. But for 600.00 you cannot expect them tobe. Springfield makes a damn nice 1911 for around 6 to 7 hundred dollors that performs well you all might want to check that out.


    I’m debating about getting the R1. I love Remington, but I’m disappointed with these reviews. I own multiple Colt and Springfield 1911’s with no problems. I guess I could gamble with 6 bills and hope for a good one. I really just want to own the Remington, because it’s a Remington. I take my consealed tests with my old reliable Colt. Somebody help me….please.

  • john E

    To Lonzo: The bad luck with my Remington 1911 seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Two others who bought Remingtons and took delivery on the same day I got mine, have their guns up and running. One of the two had to polish his feed ramp. He has not had a feeding problem since.

  • Ray

    Lonzo, you will have to make your mind up on buying a R1. I can tell you i have three of them and the two myself and my wife shoot have not had all the problems that others are haveing with theirs. The R1 is a fine built pistol for what it is. It is a fine shooter, mine have not failed yet. That does not mean they wont. We lightly clean ours every 50to 100 rds fired thur them. That so far has been keeping ours running well. Will this help others ? I dont know, but it would not hurt at all. I will tell you this ,i have run 500 rds thur the one i shoot with out cleaning and it never failed not even a stove pipe. Hope this helps.


    To John E and Ray: Thanks for the info. I just got to thinking that many of these reviews were from some of the early guns and many times a company needs to work out some flaws or machining issues. I think I’m going to give it a try. I love 1911’s and if money was no problem I’d own about 50 of ‘um. I remember reading a few years ago how great Walthers were, so I bought a .380 PPKS and it never would feed right, regardless of ammo used. I think sometimes it’s the luck of the draw.

  • Romans

    Can someone tell me . . . on this new Remington 1911 R1 pistol, are the frame and slide forgered or cast?

    Any help is appreciated.

    romans 10:13


    Well I did it. Bought me an R 1. I haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet. Too much snow…. in Dallas, no less. I like it as far as fit and machining. Trigger seems to be nice and smooth. I will take it out make sure, but I’m thinking different grips. This will be something new for me, I usually like 1911’s the way they come. Gotta love seeing that Remington name and logo on it.

  • kws

    Romans: they’re cast

  • David Emrich

    I haven’t shot a gun since I was in Army ROTC Basic Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in the summer of 1978. I grew up with my dad as a hunter, and shot a lot, pistols, and rifles. Want a gun for home defense, and maybe some fun at the shooting range. The new polymer black guns look cool, but I think there’s something classic about the 1911’s appearance. Remington’s is particularly handsome, I think, and a .45 is a great weapon to have around if you need one. I think I’m going to get one on the way to work tomorrow. I’ll report back with the firing results.

  • Jack Wray

    My gun is new. It will shoot 185 hard ball good but will not feed 230 at all. Both clips act the same. !85 shoot no problem at al but 230 won’t feed and stve pipes on every round.

  • john E

    To Jack Wray: Send it back to the factory. They’ll send you a free shipping label. While I had bad luck with ’em, I can’t believe they’re not working at getting things right. They’re in business to make money. Cerberus, the parent company of Remington, is not in the business of making a bad name for themselves. If they get it right, or don’t get it right, write a letter to former vice president Dan Quayle. He’s on the Cerberus board of directors. Let him know if you’re happy or unhappy with the results.

  • My wife bought me a Remington 1911 for Christmas. I finally tried it a few days ago. I also took my Dan Wesson Pointman 7 with me. Let me tell you the remington shot as well as the Dan Wesson if not better. Bench rest groups are 1 inch. I only shoot reloads and after 350 rounds out of a new pistol did not have one jam or stove pipe. The pistol was worth every penny she paid for it. I hope in the future we can get a stainless steel model so i can add to my collection. Ruger and Kimber be ware, Remington is on to something.
    Thank you
    Freddie Kolb

  • Bill H

    My wife and kids bought me a 1911R1 for a retirement gift a few weeks ago. Finally got a chance to shoot it last week. With the factory mags and two Ed Brown mags it shot like a champ. I also had three Chip McCormick mags that turned out to be junk and got rid of them the next week. They were 8 rounders and all three had issues. With the factory and Ed Brown mags the weapon fed 230 ball, 230 HP and 185 HP with no problems. I fired about 200 rounds through it only, but it shot very well and to point of aim. I changed the mainsring housing to an arched one becuase I have always liked them better. The Ed Brown housing matched the Remington bluing like it was made for it.

    I’ve always had good luck with Remington products in the past and would have no problem teaming up the 1911R1 with my combat 870 once the pistol is broken in properly.

  • bob weideman

    I just purchased the 1911 r1 and was at the range friday 8 / 26 unfortunately i only took 150 rounds with me – and a kimber classic custom
    to compare – the remington functioned perfectly right out of the box no jams etc. to compare i shot 14 rounds with the kimber I think I`ll like the remington better after another 400 rounds or so . the remington was shooting about 4 ” low but that was probable me I would recommend it to anyone that asks

  • David Emrich

    Mine shoots three to four inches low, and to the left at twenty five yards. I’ve shot about three hundred rounds of various loads, and just never adjusted the sights. I figure in my apartment it won’t matter that much, if I have to use it at close range. I like mine, as well. I’d like to get another one, or two, for comparison, but I’m a student right now. Maybe a Springfield .40S&W, and a S&W .45. Maybe a .357 magnum revolver Ruger? And I’d like to get eventually a Remington Marine Magnum 18″ 12 gauge, loaded with buckshot, as well. I haven’t had any problem with my R1, either. Glad to hear you’re enjoying yours. They’re nice guns, aren’t they? Classic design.


    David Emrich,
    I sold my Remington R1 and bought the new Desert Eagle 1911 and love it. Great value firearm. Also, I own several .357 Mags and if you can afford it, the S&W 686 is an awesome gun. I’ve got the 4″ and I also have a 6″ Ruger GP 100. I like S&W double action and Ruger single action revolvers. I do love the Ruger SP 101, I sold mine and wish I had it back. Check out the Desert Eagle, made in Israel, and very, very accurate and reliable.

  • David Emrich

    Lonzo, Thanks for the tips. I’ll check these guns out. What made you get rid of your R1? How much did you get for it? Where/how did you sell it? All the best, David

  • David Emrich

    That DE1911G looks nice.

  • john E

    The 1911R1 I had trouble with was replaced by the factory free of charge. The new one works like a charm. Mr Emrich: the rear sight is adjustable for windage. You need a .05 allen wrench. loosen the screw, move rhe rear sight, and tighten it back up. I’m not going to advise you to file a little off your front sight. Ask Remington first.

  • David Emrich

    john E, Thanks for the tips. Glad your new 1911R1 is working better than the first.

  • bob weideman

    david e
    before you do anything with the sights – next time you go to the range take a small sand bag to rest your hand on and see if is shoots better ? i found I pull the gun slightly off target — maybe you don`t but I do until I get in some practice with a new gun . I have a ruger 22/45 mark !! thats a blast to shoot and costs almost nothing for the ammo — also like the ruger P95 9mm I`ll be out with the remington on friday – I started shooting around retirement time Now I`m 76 yrs old wish I had started sooner enjoy


    David E.
    I just didn’t like the way the Remington felt in my hand. I own several 1911’s and have for years. The corners of the R1 didn’t feel good in my palm. It functioned well, in fact as well or better than my Springfield Mil-Spec. I put on some Hogue slabs and it didn’t help. A friend of mine owns a gun shop and talked me into the Desert Eagle and I loved it so much I sold my R1. I decided to ask my family members first and one of my brother-in-laws bought it and loves it. I got 600.00 for it. He has smaller hands than I do, so maybe that helped him. I don’t fault anyone for buying and loving the R1, I am a huge Remington fan, but more than that I am a 1911 .45 ACP fan. The new Ruger is weighing heavy on my mind……..

  • David Emrich

    Just ordered my Desert Eagle 1911G. Should have it tomorow, or Friday. Will report back after I’ve fired it. Luckily, the weather’s been gorgeous around here lately, since the storm went through. Should be perfect shooting weather. Paid $669, minus the $525 they gave me as a trade for my Remington 1911R1. Was surpirsed it held its value so well. Nothing bad to say about the R1, just wanted to try something new, and the DE looked pretty sharp, plus, it’s getting good reviews. I can’t afford more than one gun right now.

  • I went to the APD range yesterday and fired about 200 rounds out of the Remington. I was hitting steel plates at a regular rate. I got rid of the Chip McCormick mags and bought a couple more Remington mags as well as a couple of Springfield mags. All worked well. I had one fialure to feed with an Ed Brown mag. Mine shoots to point of aim. I still want to put a few hundred more rounds through it and make sure the mags all work well before carrying it this winter. I have not had a malfunction with a Remington mag yet out of the four that I have. Ammo yesterday consisted of 230 hardball and the rest of the 185 hollowpoints that I wanted to get rid of. If I use a bullet that light I might as well carry my S&W .40 and have more rounds in the mag.

    I handled a Colt Mk IV Series 80 the other day and was surprised how loose it was compared to the Remington. The weapon had not been shot that much, either.

    So far, so good with the 1911R1.

    • dund69

      I know this post is 2 years old but with a Colt you are paying for name only. Worst 1911 I’ve ever owned. Safety plunger fell off while shooting the second magazine after initial purchase. After sending it back to Colt for repair (took 4 months by the wahat’s out of a collection of 26.y) I received a nice stainless pistol with multiple scratches and dings to the finish. Then could not finish a magazine without some type of FTE or FTF no matter the brand of mag. This all from a pistol costing over 1200.00 10 years ago. By the way their customer service sucks. I promptly sold the gun at a local show and replaced it with a RIA which not only outshot the holy grail of 1911s accuracy wise but has never had issues of any sort. I have recently purchased a Remington R1 and it shoots just as well. So sometimes you don’t get what you pay for; furthermore, Remington is building the R1 in much the same way as the original GI issue and as a 22 year Army veteran I will conclude with most issue 1911s they all need some type of TLC to acquire reliability and accuracy that so many have come to expect. Best out of the box reliable and accurate 1911 I own is my Taurus PT1911 and t

  • bob weideman

    david e
    curious who makes the desert eagle ? is it magnum research ? I found a D.E 1911 on both guns america and gallery of guns — I might take a look at the 9MM 1911 ? would like to see a review on the D.I.


    Wow, David E. you moved fast. I hope you like your Desert Eagle. I sure love mine. Let me know how it performs.


    Bob W.,
    Desert Eagle is made in Israel, Magnum Research is the importer, at least that is what my seller told me. My DE 1911 is stamped “Made in Israel”.

  • David Emrich

    Lonzo, Thanks. I’m excited to get it. I sure will report back after I fire it. Thanks again for telling me about them. Steve, Do you know where they are making them in the US? Is it Minnesota? I also thought they were made in Israel. Magnum Research is headquartered in MN.


    Thanks for the info on DE 1911.

  • bob weideman

    I have a kimber custom classic 1911- ruger 22/45 – a ruger P95 9mm and an excam 22 lr 6 shot semi auto – I had a smith and wesson 1911 for several years then gave to my oldest son – I thought it was No.1 always regretted giving it away — then 3 wks. ago I purchased the remington TALO model 1911 — today was the 2nd time at the range — took my 25 yr. old grandson — he has 2 rugers – we both shot the 1911 s took turns with the remington — the rem settled down at todays 120 rounds -standing at 10 yds – I actually shot 3″ out of the bulls eye one big hole — my grandson said he thought both the Kimber and the remington felt like the same gun
    He now owns the kimber and i kept the remington – My humble opinion the remington is now my no. 1 – glad I didn`t buy the springfield 1911 i was looking at —–

  • bob weideman

    David E
    was wondering if you have had a chance to fire your new D E 1911 –?
    the reviews on the de looked good hope it is what you thought it would be
    I think its like the old I like ford and joe likes chevvy — the most expensive gun I have ever owned was the smith and wesson – late 90 `s it was $770.00 today it would be over $1100.00 . they have one at gallery of guns for $ 2200.00 – I`m sure it must be somewhat better than my new remington – but I can compare the remington with the S & W and the Kimber I had until the third of Sept. I`ll keep the rem . LOVE it

  • David Emrich

    bob, I ordered the DE1911G from a local gun dealer. He took my R1 in trade, and promised me the gun the next day, or three days, depending on when his part-time employee could work, so he could drive fifteen miles to a dealer he’s affiliated with, to pick up the gun. He never called me, so I called him three days later, and he said the gun was now coming from Texas, and wouldn’t give me any satisfaction about exactly when to expect it, or even say he was sorry for not having called me or delivered it as promised. I got pissed, not at him, but after I got off the phone, and decided to call him back, and see if I could take the gun back. Fortunately, he still had my Remington, and I got it back from him, not without some grumbles from him. I didn’t bite, he seemed to want an argument, and planned to go to the gun show in Gettysburg yesterday, to see what I could do there. In the meantime, however, I realized that, a trip I’m taking to China related to Chinese medicine I’m studying would be tight financially, if I paid the extra from the Remington, up to the DE, so I thought maybe it was fortunate that he didn’t get the DE for me. Still, I wanted to go to the gun show, and shop around. Trying to get there yesterday proved impossible. Several bridges were under construction, and no matter which of several detours I tried to follow, with the aid of my GPS, I never made it there. I thought, ok, maybe it’s just not meant to be right now, so I gave up, and went home. I tried to sell the gun to the dealer who promised me the DE, for the amount he offered for the trade, but he said no. I thought, if it came down to it, and I needed money for the trip, I could always sell my R1, and buy something again later. I saw a nice, used revolver online, I forget the make, and model, for $246. I thought, maybe I don’t need more than that, and maybe, as a student, I should put priority on my studies. But, I’ll wait, and see. I still have my R1, and am so far able to still make the China trip. I’m getting ordained as a Daoist priest.

    • Grammar is all over the target.

    • Tanner Hyde

      Ok, batman.

  • bob weideman

    I was at the range today with my remington 1911 108 more rounds with no problems – It shoots better than my ruger 22/45 = I would highly recommend the 1911 talo edition remington – the msrp is $748.00 and I paid $ 609.00 plus shipping and a $15.00 ffl fee incl. 2 8 rd. mags. wood grips w/ rem. logo -white dot sights my opinion best gun you could buy for less than $1000.00

  • Bryan Beisner

    I have shot appx. 1000 rounds thriugh my r1 and find it to shoot low right, considering filing front sight, although have never done anything like this before. other than that the r1 has been great no problems but this alone has made me consider getting rid of it. not satisfied with the accuracy… hoping to get better grouping

    • dave

      Bryan, you are alone with tbhis problem. I have shot Colt, Kimber, springfield as well as a Llama and have never had a problem with putting substantial holes in targets at 25yds. Until now. I had to have the front white dot way up above the two rear white dots to hit paper and then I still shot to the left. I have only put 100 rounds through this gun but I am not waiting for 1000 to consider doing something.

  • bob weideman

    Bryan contact remington I`m sure they will do whatever is necessary to correct the gun sights after all it`s an American company and it`s made in the USA – my R1 sights are right on —–

  • This is a GREAT gun. I waited about a year after this gun cam out to buy one. I got it last week and its everything i wanted for my price range. Sure you can get a cheaper 1911 but you will get a cheaper firearm. $600 at aint bad.

  • ken

    After 20 years of military service I broke down and got the 1911r1 a few months ago, I`ve put 800 rounds thru it without a hiccup and the sights were spot on my 25 yard pistol target..My only complaint (not even a complaint) was the trigger creep..I took it to the local gunsmith for a trigger job and he informed me it has the same set up as a colt so the parts were $6.85 and $15 labor..the new trigger is awesome and doesn`t affect the safe operation of the gun..
    I remember the day the Army took my .45 service pistol and issued me a 9mm “I cried”

  • bob weideman

    I liked my 1911 r1 so much I purchased one for my son -[ he`s 49 yrs old ] for Christmas and gave it to him early – like last saturday we went shooting
    that day he loved it I fired one round with his gun at 30 feet and came within 1 1/2 in of the bulls eye . I think anyone wanting a 1911 would be crazy to buy anything other than the Remington 1911 R 1 – unless of course you had lots of money to waste – I know its not a $1400.0 to $2500.00 1911
    but in my opinion its damn close minus of course soms bells or whistles

  • Justin H.

    I can not argue that the Remington 1911 is a fine weapon. I have put around 700 rounds through it up to this point. I have had two rounds stove pipe on me. I put this fault on the ammo though. It was a cheaper off brand. However, I have had one MAJOR fault with the weapon. I was at the range breaking it in. After about 300 rounds, my rear sight fell out of the dove tail. I contacted Remington and they had it fixed and back to me with in one week. I am a machinist and from what i know, i believe one of two things happened. Either the slide dove tail was cut out of tolerance or the sight was cut under tolerance. I would put it more towards the slide. As i slid the rear sight from side to side, i could feel a taper in the dove tail. This could have been a dull cutter at the factory. Other than that i love this weapon. Its my first 1911 and trust me. I will have more in my safe soon.

  • David Emrich

    I just traded my R1 for a Glock 20. Looking for better accuracy, and a more modern gun, and round. Will miss my R1, but am looking forward to getting the Glock. .10mm.

    • Kevin

      David Emrich, your loss I’ll take a 1911 over a hand drill looking glock anyday.

  • john E

    To Justin H: I had the same problem with the rear sight falling off. A .05 allen wrench will tighten it up unless you have a different rear sight than I have on my 1911R1. I had a host of problems with my first 1911R1 and the factory traded it for a new one. I have not had a single hiccup with my new one. It’s the most accurate 1911 I’ve ever fired. It is more accurate than any of the six Glocks I’ve owned. To David Emrich: I’ve owned a Glock 20. They’re a great hand gun.

    • David Emrich

      Which Glocks have you owned, Justin?

    • Brown45

      I just took my Remington 1911 out to the range for the first time today. It shot great. Very accurate with 1 inch groups at 30ft on a rest. However, I could not get the gun to feed properly out of the box. So, I sent it back to Remington. They say they shot it and it worked fine and sent it back. I still could not get my hollow point bullets to load. They would hold the slide open stuck in the ramp. I did my own ramp polish job by watching videos on youtube. The gun loads great now. It is a shame I had to fix a brand new gun myself. The machine marks were deep and took some time to polish the ramp.

  • Dale W

    I bought my r1 in August of 2011. I have only about 200 rounds through and only had two failure to fires that I blame on me rather than the pistol. I’m not the most consistent shot so I won’t fault ther r1 on accuracy. I was able to take out a pesky squirrel at 15 yards; clean through and through with 230gr FMJ. I absolutely love this pistol!!

  • DennisC

    I just put 200 rounds through a newly purchased R1. This is an excellent firearm, well manufactured, and accurate out of the box. I’m going to order another. It’s resonably priced and high quality. This handgun rocks!

  • Glad to hear of a lot of Remington 1911 R1 owners who are treated well by the manufacturer during warranty time.

  • Dave

    Who has read the manual? Just bought my 1st R1. Haven’t fired yet. Throubled by what the manual says. No half cock! Has 1/4 cock. Even in the re-assembly instructions it says that hammer should fall when trigger is pulled from 1/4 cock position. I also have a 1911 Regent (made in Turkey) and a Colt & the hammers will not fall from what is regarded as half cock. Is this gun safe to carry with round in chamber? How do you keep it beside the bed? Do you tell an intruder to wait while you jack a round in the chamber? HELP!

    • Anthony

      I carry this firearm with a round in the chamber and hammer back. I just utilize the thumb safety.

    • Henry Meguess

      It is designed to be carried around with one in the chamber and the safety on plus the safety on the handle that must be compressed before the weapon will fire

    • gb6491

      “Series 80” 1911 hammers do not have a half cock notch, but rather a half cock shelf and the hammer will fall from there if the trigger is pulled. The R1 is a “series 80” style 1911. As others have mentioned, keep it with a round in the chamber, hammer at full cock with the thumb safety on

  • Bill H

    Changed out the mainspring housing and put in an arched Ed Brown. Love the way it shoots now. The only malfunctions have been with Chip McCormick 8 round mags. It didn’t want to feed the last round. Got rid of them and found the smoothest mags are the factory Remington mags. I also have a couple of Ed Browns and Springfield mags that work fine, too. All are 7 rounders. I was disappointed with the performance of the Chip McCormick and another guy at a gun shop said he had the same problem with his in another 1911. Very happy with the Remington at this point.

  • usmcmailman

    Series 80 sucks !