New Night Vision Tech

Discovery Channel reports

Adapting technology found in flat screen television sets, scientists have created a thin film that converts infrared light into visible light. The technology could give cell phones, eyeglasses and car windshields cheap, lightweight night vision.

This would be a game changer. Current generation thermal imaging and image intensifier systems are big and bulky.

Maxim girl with night vision scope @ AAC’s SHOT Show after party. Photo © Bryan Jones

If this technology becomes cheap enough for cell phone and car windscreens, it will change the way wars are fought. Few countries can afford to equip their troops with night vision gear. Fewer still are approved for export by the State Department. I have no doubt that the Taliban would to get their hands on night vision gear.

[ Many thanks to Mik for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Canthros

    Heck, I want it on my eyeglasses. Home defense advantages aside, I’m ready for enhanced vision. I am super tired of bumping into furniture, doorways, etc in the dark.

  • Seth

    What the hell is she doing with her middle finger?

  • TCBA_Joe

    Seth, I’ve noticed a lot of people use their middle finger when playing arcade games with guns. Completely plausible the girl in the photo has seen more arcade games than real firearms.

  • Big Daddy

    The gun isn’t real but as far as I know she’s breaking a lot of laws.

  • me

    You said it right there…..”it will change the way wars are fought.” (Snip)
    “I have no doubt that the Taliban would get their hands on night vision gear.”

    Plus your average dirt bag looking to burgle etc…..Be an interesting tech development.

  • Lance

    Still it wont be cheap ever the companies wil ring you out in price. Its just too expensive.

  • Royi

    “Taliban would get their hands on..” wasn’t really the first tought when I read this post.

    “Nude-goggles are within our reach” was more my first tought.

  • subase

    Silly question maybe, but why is her gun purple? The gun may have been painted white, which means it has been mechanically disabled. Or maybe a very elaborate plastic mold of a real rifle.

    Also we are entering a cyberpunk future, where everyone will be walking around with goggles on, giving them night vision, their favorite episodes of Friends and in built gps directions so they don’t lose their way to the closest dunkin donuts.

    • Guys, it was a plastic training gun.

  • justdavid

    Could give? Sure.

    Will give? Only if Uncle Sugar doesn’t find a way to step in and reserve its use to itself and approved agencies/gov’ts.

  • Sian

    @subaseon white plastic prop gun+blacklight

  • Edward

    @TCBA_Joe IIRC one “light gun game” technique is to hold the light gun by the barrel/frame with the support hand, and then mash the trigger, supposedly for rate of fire, considering that the majority of such games have used a handgun controller and the in-game default weapon being a semiautomatic handgun.

    One [i]House of the Dead[/i] machine in a Dave & Buster’s on 42nd Street in Manhattan uses a “MAC-10” or Micro Uzi-shaped controller, and the [i]Ghost Squad[/i] machine uses my favorite light gun controller ever — a mashup of the G36C, MP5 and possibly UMP designs, with a vertical foregrip (housing the “Action” button), working fire selector AND usable iron sights.

  • Jon

    Wow! chicks with guns.

    What a photo – looks like she lights up the night with that night vision.