Homemade Laser Gun

Popping balloons and igniting flash paper with a homemade laser gun …

Instructions on how to make your own are here.

This would revolutionize varmint hunting. Your rabbit could be cooked before the .22 slug even made impact 🙂

[Hat Tip: James Downey, who organized the Paint the Moon laser project. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Jim

    Significantly photoshopped. The laser can’t be seen in the air, no matter how powerful it is (without particulates in the air to make it show up).

  • Cymond

    Jim, in researching laser harps, i discovered that some laser aficionados purchase a fog machine that produces a very fine mist. The mist is fine enough to be almost unnoticeable to the eye, but it is enough to make the laser visible. watch this youtube for a demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxbnxWwCQbg I’ve also read that green pistol lasers can be seen in a dark room if the humidity is high enough. See ViridianGreenLaser.com

    For that matter, just look at that room. The whole room is hazy; that’s smoke! Rewatch the lasergun video, and at 0:40 a text bubble states that the room is filled with smoke.

  • DavidR

    Regarding the visability of the beam: he’s filming with smoke.

    I seriously want to make one of these, but am loathe as I am sure I’d end up cooking the neighbor’s dog…

  • Peter

    The room has smoke in it. You can see how its hazy in there. The video even says you can see the beam in low light / smoke.

  • Ray

    @jim the video says that the beam is seen with smoke.

  • Komrad

    Jim, Normally I would agree with you, but if a laser is powerful enough, deflection of the particles naturally present in air and the air itself can make a laser show up, definitely photo-shopped though. I also doubt it would make that noise.

  • Ian J

    Jim, he did say that the room was smoky, which is why you could see the beam. He’s got another video where the beam’s path is not visible.

    It’s not going to do more than make a living thing uncomfortable (unless you hit an eye), but it’s damned impressive what you can accomplish with off-the-shelf components these days. (FWIW, 300-some mA at 3V is as much power as a lot of tactical LED flashlights use — this thing would cause instant eye damage.)

  • Beaumont

    Not to mention, you could potentially cook your own goose….before it hits the ground.

  • Hmmm… does it have a stun setting? heh

  • me

    Actually it does make that sound, and no it’s not shopped. He used a startrek toy that had lights and played the sound, and hacked in a blueray player laser. Personally, I would have cut out the sound device too, but that’s taste.

  • Mac_Trekkie

    This has been around for a while. Also if you do not want to spend money on a Blu-Ray diode, consider looking on Ebay for an XBOX 360 HD DVD player. It has basically the same laser, and is almost always cheaper than a Blu-Ray diode 🙂

  • Hoosierdaddy22304

    When lasers are outlawed, only the Empire will have lasers…

  • Andrew

    Where can I get one of those things?

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