Gun nuts and their gals

Gentlemen, lets be honest, if you are reading this blog you probably think girls look smokin’ hot when posing with guns. As it turns out, early 20th century gun nuts were no different. This photo was posted at The Sartorialist (one of the top fashion blogs) which is running a series of vintage photos sent in by readers.

My great grandfather was a chemist for a silver mine in Arizona and despite living out in the middle of nowhere, my great grandmother never let that stop her from being as fashionable as ever. Her husband would have her get all dressed up and then pose with his guns or a brace of pheasants.

Awesome 🙂

More vintage gun nut photos at The Sartorialist.

Steve Johnson

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  • Carl

    Oh man, look at those ankles…. droool…

  • primo capo

    it was a time “when the men were men and the horses were horses!”
    (italian western movie motto…)