Rossi Rio Grande Lever-Action Rifle

The Rio Grande is Rossi’s a new .30-30 lever action rifle.

As you can see above, it is available in either Realtree APG HD camo or wood. The barrel is 20″ and comes with buckhorn sights. The rifle weighs 7 lbs. MSRP is $499 – $610.

Steve Johnson

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  • AB

    That is the first ‘affordable’ lever action rifle I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m glad there’s a player in this market.

  • 4Cammer

    I paid 349.99 for a 44 Mag Winchester Trails End Model 94…then again, that was in 1997. Still have her.

    Hope they do well with this gun, nice to see something other than a new AR coming out.

  • Erich Martell

    $500 for a Brazilian .30-30 levergun is affordable?!

    Think I’ll stick with the used Marlins and Winchesters that are stacked like cordwood in the racks around here.

  • jeff

    Perhaps the first person to leave a comment is unaware of the mossberg 464 line of lever actions or the long running marlin 336. Both of these rifles are in the 400.00 to 450.00 range. The mossberg 464 is a very nice rifle and very accurate and the marlins length of production speaks for itself.

    • pricedo

      Let’s stop the baseless bashing and compare the Rossi to competitor rifles on the basis of actual field experience on the criteria of quality, accuracy, appearance, etc.

    • pricedo

      I didn’t like the cheap plastic magazine follower that came in my .30-30 Rio Grande and replaced it with the 44/45 stainless steel follower I got from “Steve’s Gunz” that worked perfectly.

  • I sure hope we get it in Canada. Leavers are huge up here.

  • Seth from Massachusetts

    Looks just like a Marlin 336 to me!

  • CJ

    Looks like a Marlin to me too. Still, you can never have too many lever guns. Might just have to get one to add to my marlins. Just for a side by side comparison, you know.

  • huntwoman

    I have hunted with lever actions all my life with open sites. This is a good price for a gun. Try pricing Brownings Lightening Light weight. I own 2 and they are the most accurate brush gun I have ever used and worth every cent I paid for them. I intend on buying a Rio Grande

  • jacraig

    I have just recently saw this gun and what I have read from it, it seems like it could compete with the other brands, but not in my location. Everybody usualy sticks to their loyal marlin or winchester. Don’t get me wrong rossi makes some decent gun, but around in my location in
    western pa, the only rossi guns I ever see is their youth combo or their single shot deer rifles. Just recenty saw the rio grande in a wood stock with stainless steel barrel. Nice lookin gun tho. Might have to purchase on and see how it dose

  • matt

    I was just at Dick’s today and found the rossi 30.30 with the stainless barrel for 399 I thought that was a damn good price and it came with iron sights and a scope mount on the top I’m going there tommaro and snatching it up

  • will

    Has anyone actually got some range experience with one of the new Rossi Rio Grande 30-30s? I haven’t been able to find anything on the web from a user, just press releases from Rossi.

  • GHOD25AM

    just got mine in s.s. it shoots as true as my marlin. love the looks of it in stainless

  • tlau

    I purcahsed the stainless model for $399 and it compares in design to the Marlin 336 ss. At 50 yds, Rem 150gr and iron sights, it shot a 3/4 inch group. I wanted a Marlin 336 ss, however, price was much higher. I am pretty happy with it & would recommend it @ $399

  • bulldoggeman

    Just bought a Stainless Rio Grande. Sold my old Marlin 336C in order to purchase it. I am a huge Rossi fan. This 30-30 is beautiful and has a great feel to it. Best $399 gun you will ever buy.

  • stape

    I bought my rio grande last Sat and shoot about 40 rounds through it. You get it a really great gun for $399

  • coyote

    Looks interesting. I hope they add more cartridge choices such as:25-35, 7×30 waters, 375 Winchester or 38-55, 41 Magnum, 454 Casull, 480 Ruger or 475 Linebaugh.
    Some other cartridges such as: 25-20, 256 Win. Mag., 357 Mag., 32-20, and possibly 50 Action and 10 mmAuto.
    And PLEASE make it in 357 Maximum! Yes, 357 Maximum! That way one can also shoot 38 Special, 357 Magnum and 357 Maximum.

  • Critical J

    really want one to accompany the new Ranch Hand… here’s a thought; Rossi should be the folks to make a new modern lever-action shotgun

  • fonzcolorado

    i just bought a stainless rio grand and took it to the local shooting range and fired 15 rounds at 25 yards for 2 inch groupings while standing with no bench rest. the balance on this gun is phenominal i felt like i could hold it steady all day. the action on the receiver is very smooth and the trigger has a short pull with little resistance, not a match trigger by any means but still very smooth and enjoyable. i would be very comfortable taking this rifle out hunting especially after putting a scope on it. im going to take it out to an outdoor range and try it at 100 yards with the iron sights and a bench rest, will put up another post once i do that and let you guys know. i would recommend this gun for anyone who wants a quality rifle without paying out the ass. mine was 449 at sportsman warehouse

  • Mark

    Just wanted to make note just in case I am the first and there may be others in the future. I will try to make this short and simple. I purchased the Rossi 30-30 Rio-Grande NEW. it would Jam just about every shell along with shaving the brass and also sticking in the tube especially on the last shell, So I sent it back to Rossi and they sent it back stating it was found defective and repaired. Guess what? It still does the same thing, and no need to ask because I did test it with multiple brands of 30-30 ammo and even had a gun smith look at it to confirm, so now it is headed back. Purchased the rifle two months ago and still have not had a chance to shoot it. 🙁

    • Energikar

      I had the same trouble but I went slow and didn’t jam my rounds bad.
      I have to get out to the range again to try something that someone suggested. How are you holding the rifle when you put the round in with the lever. Is it level to the gound or is it pointing to the sky or twisted etc.? it was suggested that the round is jumping off the guide and to find a good speed and angle to action the lever. As of now this is a hypothisis and hope to get to the range soon. Let me know how yours is working.

      • mark

        The Rossi people had the gun for about three weeks and sent it back after the second repair, I did not take it out of the box and got a refund then purchased a Marlin. Sorry to say but I was afraid of it after all the trouble. It had a lot to do with the principle of buying a new rifle and waiting two months to get back a repaired twice rifle. Sorry I could not be of any better help.

        Plus I would not want a lever action rifle that will not function proper if I don’t hold it at the right angle or work the lever to fast.

  • EPWrangler

    I bought a new Rio Grande ‘Stainless Steel for $419 at Academy. It needed to be broken in some like many new guns but is doing fine now. Very few companines actually smooth the actions like I think they should. A few extra dollars sent on this would be paind back from happy non-gun savvy purchasers like the doctors and lawyers I see so often with more money than know how.

  • MCN

    Just picked up my SS Rio Grande 30-30 from the local dealer that I odered online. Once got back home, I started to to examine the rifle. I am puzzled with the problem when I cock it. The lever would not close and would get stuck if I cock it with the gun pointing up. I have to wiggle and shake the gun severely in order for the lever the “come loose” so that I would be able to close it. My question is: is this normal to all lever-action rifles, or is it just my rifle the I just got it out of the box?

    Please help me undestand this. If it is just me, I will have to call Rossi on Monday to ask for a RMA for repair.


    • rossifan

      Rossi quality control is non-existent so what comes off the assembly line is what goes into the boxes.
      Quality is variable from gun to gun. One could be a very good gun and the one beside it on the rack a piece of junk within the same model and manufacturing run.
      In other words don’t buy Rossis by internet. Pick your gun off a shop rack so you can inspect and test it before you lay your money down.
      Internet buyers could wind up with the junk that wouldn’t sell on the rack.

      • MCN

        Thanks Rossifan. I feel really depressed actualy. This a lesson learned with a hefty price paid. I am pretty sure by now shipped me a refurbished or lemon gun. Clolser examination shows that some of the screws have been tempered with (the screw slot has been stripped badly). It should not have happened to a brand new gun.
        The problem with stuck lever show just what a big joke Rossi’s Qaulity Control is. I know now that I will stay away from ordering fire arms online. And I will stay away from any Rossi products.
        At this moment, I will have a long battle ahead of me between me and Rossi Sales Rep. I will seee how it goes tomorrow and keep you posted.

    • MCN

      I finally talked to sales rep and she was kind enough to replace my rifle. I went to pick up the new rifle from the store. Upon close examination, I found out there were deep scratches on the barrel and on the hammer. I decided not to accept the rifle and asked the store clerk to return it and refund my money. The clerk called the CTD and the refund was granted. That closed the saga with the purchasing of The Rossi Rio Grand 30-30 winchester lever action rifle. How don’t know who you fans think about this. As fas as I am concerned I will stay away from this manufacture the farthest I can.

  • DD

    I bought the Rossi Rio Grande in Stainless steel. I like the way the rifle looked and the way it felt and handled. Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to shoot it much for the first six months. Once I got the chance I had the same problem others have had,with the lever not closing and the bullets would jam in the tube. This hasn’t improved with use and then the other day the front sight fell off. I was hesitant to buy something other than the regular Marlin and now i wish I would have listened to those doubts. I am very disappointed with this rifle. Don’t know if I will try to get if fixed or just trade it and go with the Marlin.

  • Harry

    I too am having the problem of the hammer getting jammed after shooting a few rounds on the range on bench rest.
    Can someone tell me how I can rectify this please.

  • Johnm251

    I bought my Rio Grand in Sept 2011, so it’s now out of warranty, and I have only shot it once. Today I tried shooting it and it jammed before getting off the first shot. I loaded it with five rounds and pulled the lever down, and it stuck solid. I took off the magazine end cap and let the cartridges fall out, but one was still in the magazine, unmovable. I finally pried it out, then started over again, and the same thing happened. I am trading this gun in for a used 30-30 made in America.