Mossberg Maverick Hunter Shotgun

Mossberg has added a field length over-and-under double barrel shotgun to their budget Maverick brand. The Maverick Hunter has a 3″ 12 gage chamber and a blued 28″ barrel. The stock is polymer. Two choke tubes are provided (improved cylinder and modified).

I am willing to bet that next year at SHOT we will see a tactical double barrel maverick branded shotgun to compete with the Stoeger Double Defense.

MSRP is $411.

Caliber 12 Gauge
Finish Matte Blue / Polymer
Chokes Improved Cylinder and Modified
Chamber 3″
Barrel Length 28″
Overall Length 46″
Weight 7 lbs
MSRP (Price) $411

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Paul810

    I like it, it’s pretty nice looking for a polymer stocked shotgun. If it’s priced right I bet it could end up being pretty popular.

  • Bryan S

    I would love to try one out on the trap field.

  • Thats a nice looking gun. I find there is a pretentiousness in the clay / trap community here… all about the high standard and expensive guns everyone is expected to have, and half of them don’t even look this good. A “black gun” under/over, made by mossberg so you know it’s quality and I’ll expect it to be priced well, being mossberg. I’m keen, even if its just to brass off a few “brand posers”.

  • WPZ

    Is this USA made?

  • Plastic stock o/u? Sacrilege!

  • Pedro

    I must be “old school”.
    A plastic stock on an over and under just ain’t right.

  • CY

    I like it. I’m considering an o/u for myself and balk at the overpriced(imo) selection out there now. Hoping this on is reasonable.

  • Cymond

    The iconoclast in me has considered chopping an over-under shotgun into a minimum length tacticool abomination. This may be the perfect platform, but I’m also tempted by the Stoeger Condor that Dick’s sporting goods has on sale occaisonally – $350 with a machine engraved action. The project would look even weirder with the engraved action.

    I got this urge as I started researching coachguns a few years ago, and then Stoeger came out with the tacticool Double Defense side-by-side. I just looked at Stoeger’s webpage, and it turns out they already make a two-tone o/u with 20″ barrels and rifle sights.

    On the other hand, maybe Steve is right and I should just wait for Shot Show 2011.

  • DippyPower
    • DippyPower, thanks for looking that up.

  • If it’s priced right I would be interested. My pump isn’t exactly ideal for the clay sports, but I don’t want to spend a ton of money on an o/u. The lower barrier to entry we have in shooting sports, the better. I know I haven’t been to a dedicated clays course because I only have a pump and don’t want to be hassled by the old timers.

  • Jesse

    Peter is right, there is a certain level of pretentiousness in the trap/skeet community. If you didn’t spend $2000 on an over under it must be crap.

    Well I showed up with a Baikal over under (back when Remington was importing them as their SPR line) that I spent a whopping $320 on and you know what? I still busted as many clays as some of the guys using the $3000 Beretta Onyx shotguns. It’s a poor carpenter that blames his tools.

    I really like the way this gun looks. I have no need for another over and under but it still looks good.

    • alzy

      I did the same thing with my $200 used remington 870 pump. Busting straights and inwardly laughing at the guy with the $8000 Perrazi and a 20 score.

  • Brandon

    looks like it would be good in the swamp for ducks. i like the idea of the synthetic stock for any conditions. also would not be bad for grouse or pheasants. dont have to worry about scratching the stock while walking through brush. thinking about buying one. saw it in ducks unlimited magazine last month. looks awesome!

  • Kyle

    I actually think this makes a great budget underover. If you don’t like the polymer stock, then just buy a wood one. I like it because it’s a great way to get into under-overs without dropping a huge chunk of change on something that you’d use sparingly.

  • Tyler

    I just bought one. I bought from and individual. He said they are about $399 at most places. He still had it in the box unesembled. I got a very good deal at $300 for a gun that had never even been put together, but it does have rust on the bottom of the upper barrel. I thought with the matte finish, it would just wipe off. Alot did, but some didn’t. I haven’t shot this thing yet and may have to wait till I tell my pregonate wife that I bought it, before I get caught shooting it. I will try to get back with you guys to let you know. If anyone is going to buy one, check between the barrels for rust. Like I said, mine was brand new in the box.

  • Tyler

    Someone asked where they are made. Here is what mine says on the barrel. “made in Turkey by Kahn Art S.S.”
    “Imported by Maverick Arms, Inc. Eagle Pass, TX”
    And of course, Maverick is an off brand of Mossberg, just like Lakefield is for Savage.
    The Choke tubes are a very tight fit. I believe that is a positive thing when thinking of the machine work. When breached, It is stiff like you would expect from a new gun.
    Feels wicked good on you shoulder. Very nice.

  • Jim

    I needed an inexpensive shotgun to beat aroung in a duck boat. I have a somewhat expensive over and under I use for upland hunting and didn’t want to beat it up. The Maverick seems to be a good answer. I just have to get used to pumping it after a shot.

  • I bought one at Scheel’s for $350 and got my limit of pheasants on Saturday with it. Only one missed shot (that I shouldn’t have taken in the first place). I don’t know how it is for traps … I shoot birds, not animate objects (save for an occasional tree that gets in the way). I’m thinking about trying to get a more slug friendly choke for it and trying deer. You only get two shots but the second one can come fast on the first if necessary. You can also toggle the barrels with it pretty easily and shoot the upper or the lower first depending on the situation. And it comes apart easily.

  • rudy

    mossberg is a very good quality gun. I know that there over and under will be the same. THANKS MOSSBERG :]

  • Les

    wonder if they will have them in other gauges.

  • Paul L

    I just purchased one and it only comes with 1 IC and 1 Mod choke tube. The standard Mossberg 500 choke tubes DO NOT FIT. What a pain in the a$$. Now I have to find a place to get them, if available…

  • Paul

    Choke tubes are not the same as the Mossberg 500. Don’t know exactly what they are..

  • corey

    i just bought a maverick over and under and im having troubles on what choke tubes fit.. so if any one got any ideas plz right back

  • Just bought the “Tactical” version of this. Don’t know the exact model number, but it’s got 18.5″ barrels and rails for optics and flashlight. Pretty slick.
    Break action is stiffer than a frozen/dead snake, and my wife has yet to be able to open it all the way the first time. Hope that goes away.
    Great sights, trigger’s a little sandy, buttpad is super-squishy, thing feels solid as a rock.
    Hope it shoots just as good!

  • Kevin

    I picked one up with yesterday. It seems like it has a few different features than what was listed here. It has a two accessory rails, one at the end of the barrel on the under side and one that acts as the rear site. It’s a little front heavy and I’m not sure it was made at all for clay shooting. It seems to be more of a HD gun or a low cost entry level O/U for someone who just wants to start out. The stock and grips are not interchangeable with any current Mossberg or Maverick model out there right now but the choke tubes are. However the barrels are very close together so make sure the tubes won’t scrape against each other if you get extended tubes. I’ll post a review once I get a chance to get it onto the range. Oh and it’s made in Turkey.

  • Kevin

    Paul- the choke tubes should be interchangeable with Mossberg® Accu-Choke™ tubes.

  • Shannon

    You got the new tactical hunter. – How much did you pay? I’m still looking for it in VT

  • Gil

    I’m looking at one as a second “project” gun for clays. I shoot a 2001 12ga 30″ Citori Lightning Sporting Clays Edition, which I did NOT pay retail for btw… got it for a $1000 with a case. I’ve always wanted a second o/u, something not so damn valuable, that I can mess around with, and, being a gunsmith, something I can take apart and tinker with. I’ve already done a nice trigger job for smooth pull, plus tweaked the inertia block assy in my Citori to make shooting light loads a breeze.
    I have a Maverick 88 pump gun, and its really solid and reliable. I even took it out clay shooting before getting my Citori, and it was a great pump claybreaker.
    The Maverick Hunter has got a polymer stock/forearm, which means it should be pretty light. Having a tight break-open can be a good thing – gunsmithers work with tight parts all the time; its easier to lap away material on a tight fit, since you can’t “add” material on a loose fit!Tight fits are “smithable”.
    As long as the front of the stock is solid, then the stock can probably be cut for LOP, drop and cast.
    If I do get one, I’ll chime in with what I end up doing to the gun for improvements and modifications if any.

  • Gil

    … As for chokes, I believe Briley makes flush and extended chokes for the Maverick Hunter – I looked it up on Brileys website…

  • kevin

    truelock has all kinds of choke tubes

  • Randy

    If I’m not mistaken the shotgun is made in the same factory as the Mossberg Silver Reserve. I have a SR O/U and it uses the Beretta/Benelli mobile choke type. Tru-Lock carries them.

    • Brian Green

      Yes. The Maverick service site replied to my query by email by sending me to the Trulock Interchange list, which shows:

      “Maverick Arms Model Hunter O/U 12 ga: interchanges with Trulock’s Beretta/Benelli style”

      The interchange was the same as for the Silver Reserve.

  • kevin

    i finally got to take it out dove hunting it shot awsome and it dosent kick to bad i like it and if you are looking to get one i recemmend you do and you cant beet the price

  • showershocker4u

    I bought one of these and have been very happy with it. Works great shooting clay, and even better on ducks. for the 400 i paid a great buy. The action was a little stiff when really new but after a couple of cleanings and oiling it up, it now breaks very easily.

  • Dave

    just bought one today at Big 5 with 10 percent off, California tax and crap came to 345.00 now have to waite 15 day to get it. so 16 days from now I’ll be trying it out

  • John

    I recently (8/2011) bought a Maverick O/U Hunter at a Big-5 for $329.00. The only other shotgun I have is a Remington 870 Express and I only shot it once or twice a year on the trap field, so I admit I don’t have a lot of shotgun experience. I first noticed the Maverick O/U Hunter when it went on sale for that price about 3 months ago and I was intrigued. I had never considered an over under before, but the look and the price got me thinking.

    When it went on sale again, I went in for a closer look and said ‘I’ll take it’ within minutes of it hitting my hand. I liked the way it looked with the matte black finish in a black synthetic stock. I like the solid rib, the open space between the barrels and the beefy weld at the end of the barrels. I liked the way it felt in my hands, light and nimble. I like the screw in choke tubes and the options it affords but I’ll likely keep the IC lower barrel and modified top barrel arrangement. The trigger and barrel selector / safety switch are a bit heavy, I’m sure they’ll loosen up.

    I finally test drove it last weekend and managed to shoot 75 rounds of 7’s and 8’s. My first five shots smoked the clays…an easy feat for many but pretty good for me. I had a great day and started shooting down the peices of poorly hit clays with the second barrel. I like having extractors because a solid first hit means I didn’t need the second barrel, so I would only reload the bottom barrel. I think it would be a pain to have ejectors and have to catch the unfired shotgun shell every time I opened the action(?). I really like this gun, as did my brother, and I can tell you it’s going to get a lot of use. I hope it holds up like the other great bargain guns, such as the 870, Mossberg 500’s, Ruger 10/22, Mosin Nagants, etc. If it breaks after another 100 or 500 rounds, I’ll come back and say so. So far, I think I scored big.

    • Zach

      The over/unders with ejectors only eject the shell that has been fired, but I prefer extraction anyway! Thanks for the detailed review, I’m going to pick one up this week.

      • Jack

        Thank you for that bit of info on the ejectors. I am fine with the extractors too. My Maverick Hunter is loosening up and feeling good in my hands. I never would have owned an over under or known it’s joys if it weren’t for this gun. I don’t like to spend a lot on firearms…I like to keep it under $500 (when I do splurge, it will be for a .308 in an AR style platform). If I spend more than that I find I don’t shoot them often and they don’t get taken into the great outdoors – I am nervous I will scratch them or damage them, besides for what I do, there is no need to spend more. Anyway, I have high confidence you will love yours.

  • Brian Green

    Choke tubes for the Maverick Hunter are the same as Beretta/Benelli. So says a reply email from Maverick’s technical assistance department.

  • Phil

    I am quite interested in getting a Maverick Hunter 3” 12 Gauge Over & Under Shotgun. I just have one question:
    is the stock ambidextrous or without a definite cast for right handed shooter? I am left handed and have had trouble finding good right handed shotguns usable by a left handed shooter. Please let me know if you think there is another alternative. Most of the left handed guns I found are way more expensive than the Maverick Hunter Over & Under Shotgun. Thanks for your help.

    • Jack

      I think this is an ambi gun, with the exception of the direction you have to push the barrel release lever. You will have to pull it left handed, not quite as fast and easy as pushing. The safety and barrel selector are on the tang…should be good for you. Just go pick one up and shoulder it, you’ll know in a flash if it will work for you.

      I have had this out many times now and have put more than 300 rounds through it without complaint. I shot 75 rounds on a sporting clay course on the last day of 2011 and this one broke up the clays everybit as well as the guns costing 3-10X as much! I love this gun.

      • TZL

        This is NOT an ambi gun

        It has a significant amount of cast-off built in the stock for a right hander….making it extremely difficult for a lefty to shoot

        I would avoid if you are a lefty, unless you want to undertake bending the stock….

    • Joe burr

      I have the gun and I am a left handed shooter and I love the gun and shoot it great. It is not one hand dominant

  • John

    TZL stated that the Maverick has a definite right hand cast to it…I have the gun and it looks bilaterally symetrical to me. There is no cast. It would be fine for a lefty.

    BTW, still loving my Maverick Hunter. Great gun and with the hundreds saved over the next step up in cost for an over under can be devoted to clays and ammo!

  • dusan

    i bot mosseberg over under and ven puled triger one time his fired bout barels

  • dusan

    i bott mosseberg over under one triger ven i puled one time triger bout barel fired,bran new

    • Brian Green

      That is a very strange post. Please clarify.

    • Jack

      Send the gun back to the manufacturer.

      • IKnowWhearULive

        Are you sure that you are not bump-firing the gun?

  • djis

    I bought my Maverick o/u 12ga a few day a go for $1264,- in Suriname that is 4250Srd in suriname dollars at Tomahawk. .

  • Darryl

    Is the Maverick/Hunter 12 ga. designed to shoot magnum load shells? The barrel is stamped for 2-3/4″ & 3″ shells but the word Magnum is not stamped on the barrel.

  • Darryl

    I’ve a Mossberg Maverick/Hunter 12 ga. O/U. To shoot slugs Mossberg recommends shooting through the ‘improved cylinder choke’. Can I shoot the same slug through the ‘modified cylinder choke’ as well or will it damaged the barrel & m.c. choke?

  • andrew

    I have one of these shotguns shoots great just wondering if the make an ejector kit so the empty shells fling out when opened would be nice for fast duck wing shooting any suggestions????

  • jlglex99

    Can anyone please speak about the durability and longevity of this shotgun? Will it last? Or, fall apart in 2 yrs?

  • ducks and dogs

    Was looking for a reasonable priced shotgun and passed over a few autos for the Maverick Hunter O/U. It was what I wanted in a shotgun, something that you could work through brush or sit in a duck blind in a steady rain. Had hunted daily in my youth until the age of about 25 then didn’t shoot a bird, feather or clay for about 28 years. Took the Maverick to the trap range today after taking it out of the box and lubing it up some. Very nice shooting gun, broke 20 out of 25 after 28 years.