Steve Johnson

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  • Don

    Thy should of drawn rails on the can.


  • Cymond

    Does it give you Tactical Jitters? Tactical Twitches? I suppose it could increase alertness and focus … but this reeks of tactical bacon.

  • Seth

    10g more calories. Less energy blend than monster

  • Affe

    0 protein and 27 gr of sugar ? They’ll be cutting through those spiffy new Blackhawk boots to slice off a few tactical diabetic toes.

  • Mount

    Have you tried Tactical Bacon from CMMG? The stuff is delicious!

  • Taliesin

    Very amusing. What is even more amusing is that they make the same mistake the other energy drinks do. They have both caffeine and ginseng for a bit of energy. The problem with that is that caffeine and ginseng neutralize each other!

  • Crabula


    Now I can enjoy extreme tactical dehydration, and an extreme tactical caffene crash whether I am pwn-ing newbs on Call of Duty, or pwn-ing insurgents in Afghanistan!

    While I applaud the marketing savvy, I have to question the practical applications of this “Tactical Energy Drink”

    On the upside, it will probably taste even better if I drink it out of my Hero-Gear Battlemug!


  • Beaumont

    Recipe for tactical beer: select the desired number of containers of your favorite beverage. Spray-paint the containers Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green, or the tacticool color of your choice. Tell your friends it’s so tactical the company doesn’t even put a label on.

  • SpudGun

    After my gruelling shift of protecting the mall from terrorists, there’s nothing I like better then to go back to my parent’s basement, pop open a tactical energy drink and waste noobs on MW2.

    Obviously, there’s nothing better for lining up sights and precise trigger control then a wackload of taruine, sugar and caffiene.

  • JD

    They gotta get at least 10 grams of complete protein in there to get my $.

  • Dick Pilz

    Tactical Nuclear Penguin

    32% Beer

  • Red

    The tactical beer would come with, bottle opener, flash light, tazer, pepper spray, grappling hook, Water proff matches, and least but most important…beer…:)

  • CY

    Dick Pilz, I checked out the tactical beer web site, and I want that.
    The tactical energy drink, no thanks.

    It cant be tactical with that shiny, reflective top and no rail with light,laser and optics. And no vertical grip??

  • Woody

    Another “energy” beverage to ban to the younger soldiers for consumption. Have had significant problems with Monsters (people drinking them, becoming dehydrated, then becoming heat casualties) and now they come out with this stuff…

    • Woody, ha, thats interesting.

  • charles222

    The only real tactical energy drink: